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Daily Poll 153: Are exclusives good for the industry?

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  • Daily Poll 153: Are exclusives good for the industry?

    Last Daily Poll was on Nintendo censoring Three Houses. Check it out here:

    Exclusives are a common tactic in the gaming industry. Millions of console purchasing have fallen to comparing one set of exclusives to another. Back in the day a console having exclusives was expected and most people thought nothing of it. These days exclusives have received heavy criticism from the PC crowd for hurting the industry by making less games availible for more people and for propping up under powered consoles when they otherwise wouldn't sell. This could be wrong so I'm asking you guys what do you think about exclusives? Are the good, bad or do you not care?

    Check out the daily poll archive:
    Exclusives help the industry
    Exclusives hurt the industry
    Exclusives neither help or hurt the industry
    Exclusives hurt and help the industry
    I can't decide
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    I see exclusives as causing more harm than good. It's pretty frustrating when one company has their claws gripped onto a certain game and won't let it go.


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      First-party exclusives are a good thing. They entice people to buy your console. Third-party exclusives that happen because the developer just doesn't want to bother with porting to multiple systems, are also a positive selling point.

      Paid exclusives, as well as buying third-party devs and forcing them to make exclusives for you, are very bad because they generate mistrust and ill will towards your company.
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        Exclusives never helped the industry, They only ever did one thing: help platform owners sell more of their otherwise unmarketable platform.

        It is inherently anti-consumer, if you're forced to buy into an inferior platform for the sake of exclusives. It never helped anyone, and whoever tells you otherwise is full of it.

        As with the Epic store vs others case people should be left to choose a platform on the platform's own merits, and not steered one way or another by force.
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        • Irritablesquid
          Irritablesquid commented
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          How is anyone "forced" to buy a game console?
          There have been pc exclusives for a long time but people rarely talk about that.

        • MadMummy76
          MadMummy76 commented
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          An exclusive is when the developer / game is tied to a specific platform under contract. That never happened on PC, that a developer couldn't release their game on other platforms even if they wanted because there is no platform owner for PC, that's why it is an open platform. Or at least was until MS tried to ruin it with the Windows store and UWP, but failed, and now Epic tries to pull the same shit.

        • Irritablesquid
          Irritablesquid commented
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          There are plenty of pc exclusives, so why don't the developers want to make more money by selling them on consoles?

          But again nobody is forced to buy it.

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        Exclusives harm the industry and help it in different ways depending on the circumstances. There are consoles that are little more than exclusive only platforms, such as Wii/Wii U; but had Nintendo not persisted through muddling along with almost nothing more than their properties the Switch wouldn't exist, which objectively is a good contender in the current market. I'd even point out that during the PS2/Xbox era that one exclusive franchise made it popular enough to make Xbox 360 the power house it was in the next generation, enough so that it even survived the HD DVD/Bluray war (mostly because in the beginning though, PS3 was largely advertised as being cheaper than a blueray player in the beginning with its weak catalog of games).

        Now though, I don't see exclusives being as necessary as they were in the past. Consoles are more than just the video game machine, its your home entertainment system as well. The Switch effectively is bringing about the end of handheld consoles being its own category. There are more reasons to buy Nintendo now than before. The only decision now is Xbox or PS after you have your pc squared away. To that degree I wish one will just disappear and the other gets all the big boy games. Id rather see the winning console be Xbox due to it porting more exclusives to PC, it has an advantage. Yet I'd rather avoid the petty conflict and stick to pc and nintendo and play whatever gets a pc port from those two.

        tl;dr, the console wars arent the same anymore, its mostly a fight between Sony and Microsoft and the losers are the ones who buy their consoles. Exclusives just sway the people like me with expendable income but only have interest in 2-4 games so may pick up a used console just to play them, but for the primarily console gaming crowd its shitty to you.
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        • Jokerthefoolio
          Jokerthefoolio commented
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          Wii U had some unique features like miiverse and the gamepad. It wasn't really an alternative but it's fun to have regardless. A lot of console gamers are casual for the people playing madden and cod a PS4 is enough for them. I do think it's good to have as many choices as possible. More choices is good for the consumer.

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        I see no positive effect from exclusives in the current year.
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          games that get funded by companies like sony and microsoft possibly wouldn't exist but it does suck for people who can't afford to have every console, so its a double edged sword, but one that is to some extent required
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            Exclusives are neither good or bad, people seem to dislike console exclusives but when it comes to pc exclusives they don't seem too bothered.

            ??????Companies want to sell their stuff so exclusives are a good way to do it.


            • Thomas_JCG
              Thomas_JCG commented
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              "when it comes to pc exclusives they don't seem too bothered"
              Are you new in this forum or something?

            • Trout
              Trout commented
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              PC exclusives? Oh you mean the shit loads of games that require 5x the amount of buttons a controller can muster? I love my PC exclusive of Civilization 5 or the 3 peripherals it takes to play Elite Dangerous.

            • Irritablesquid
              Irritablesquid commented
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              So why don't companies make peripherals for consoles?
              Surely if Sony made a mouse and keyboard that would completely stop that.
              Same goes for Nintendo and microsoft.

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            If it were up to me, ALL games would be exclusives. Would make the industry so much more interesting, every console would be defined by its library. Every game would be made to take full advantage of a console's hardware too

            That was the fun thing about the 16-bit console wars, everyone would point to their favorite exclusives to justify which console they liked more


            • Dub-Z
              Dub-Z commented
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              Even just comparing Castlevania and Contra on SNES and Genesis is still a good time to this day.

            • The Messenger
              The Messenger commented
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              Yeah, and many licensed games would have two completely different versions on each console too. The Adventures of Batman and Robin was literally two different games if you compare the Genesis and SNES versions. I miss those days.

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            They help no one but their respective platforms. PC is guilty of this too.
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                Originally posted by WickedWolf View Post
                They help no one but their respective platforms. PC is guilty of this too.
                I never saw anyone sign a deal that they'd release their game exclusively on PC, who would you sign that deal with anyway? There is no owner on the PC platform, hence it is free and open. Everyone did what they wanted on it, until MS came along and tried pushing the windows store, that effort failed miserably as now they will release games like halo outside their walled garden. And now epic is trying the exact same shit throwing more money at it.It is in everyone's best interest that they fail, even if not everyone realizes.
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                  Exclusives are bad in any shape or form. When it comes to consoles, they are used only to drive hardware sales. Every franchise that became multiplatform (Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, etc.) became vastly more profitable than limiting their market to people who are willing to throw hundreds of dollars for a brick.

                  On PC, exclusivity is even worse because there is no difference in the quality of the game itself. It's the most artificial form of exclusivity because the game format is the same, unlike consoles where you can't put a PS4 disc on a X1. It's just a different store, forcing people to buy things from one place is a terrible anti-consumer practice that incentives monopolies.

                  Bottom line, nobody but the exclusivity holder benefits from it.
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                    Okay lets get one thing out of the way. Gaming industry is not one entity it is shardded. What i mean? No games got any benefits from being exclusive only companies got benefits from it. And be companies i dont mean developers, designers, artists, programmers... I talk about CO's and shareholders, developers are disposable in that companies. And only console distributors got use of exclusiveness. CO's sign papers to any one who will give loads of cash while devs work as slaves and are restricted to make games work only on that one console...


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                      Exclusives sell consoles. Consoles are a marketplace that wouldn't viably exist without them. Makes money.