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Daily Poll 153: Are exclusives good for the industry?

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    By itself it sucks but some games benefit from it, best example being Bayonetta 2 which straight up wouldn't exist if it wasn't an exclusive.

    Originally posted by WickedWolf View Post
    They help no one but their respective platforms. PC is guilty of this too.
    There are more games only on PC than only on any console but don't worry the business experts in this forum will find a way to make ya swallow that it's a-ok.


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      Originally posted by Magvel View Post
      There are more games only on PC than only on any console but don't worry the business experts in this forum will find a way to make ya swallow that it's a-ok.
      The difference, dear Magvel, is that nobody forces PC-only exclusivity as a way to profit from people buying PCs, since game companies and PC manufacturers are two distinct entities. If someone releases a game only on PC, it's usually because they either can't afford a port, as is the case with most indies, or consoles simply refused or weren't fit to play the game, as was the case with RTS in the past.
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      Exclusives help the industry a great deal, so much so infact, there wouldn't be a industry without exclusives. Designing games around a specific set of specs, is what creates innovations. Not only does knowing one's limitations help a great deal, but working on one specific set opf paramaters allows you to make the most of it.

      Futhermore not only are exclusives notorious for being higher quality then multiplats, but news flash, exclusives give people a focus point of a reason to buy a system, without exclusives there would be nothing but confussion.
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        The hard truth is that exclusives DO help the industry. Do you have to like exclusives because of this? No. However you have to realise that the gaming industry, hell the technological industry, would suffer if games were forced to release on every platform, mainly due to how much money and competition exclusivity creates.

        For example as Magvel states, Bayonetta wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Nintendo. Demon Souls would be a much worse game if it wasn't for Sony, which could've killed the entire souls series before it began. Mario would be dead. Sonic would be dead. Fuck, many games wouldn't exist at all.

        I know that many people are pissed about Epic being scummy buying near completed games for 1+ years of exclusivity (especially the kickstarter ones), but probably around 75% of exclusives are built/invested in from scratch. Even then, unless they are 100% first party those games end up on other systems anyway, on top of the initial cash injection which is highly likely why the game was actually finished in the first place.

        Also I know people are bringing up PC, and how it was so open before Epic reared its head, but here's the thing, 70%~ of the PC library only exists in it's current state because of the console market. If it wasn't for the console market many games would be wiped from existence or be significantly worse (money doesn't grow on trees), and the console market invests in exclusives to keep itself alive.

        Again you don't have to like this situation, nor does that now mean that you have to go out and buy all of Epic's exclusives. Though I implore you to think about the entire situation of exclusivity in terms of the industry, rather than just "the game I like is on something I don't own", because it's incredibly likely the game either wouldn't exist, or exist in a state where you wouldn't like it.
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          The industry survives by console exclusivity. Nintendo would have failed by now without it, and Sony would be battling Xbox for last place without it. In fact the lack of exclusives for Xbox has been nothing but hurtful to it's brand as a whole. I mean why bother with the system when it doesn't even have anything worth getting on it that is only on it. PC also benefits from exclusives now and again.


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            Would games still exist without exclusivity? Yes, they would.

            As I mentioned, franchises like Resident Evil flourished once they became multiplatform. Most of the big name franchises would have no problem whatsoever without the backing of a single company and would greatly benefit with larger playerbase, better hardware or portability options.

            Truly, some games like Bayonetta 2 only happened because of a exclusivity deal, but overall, no exclusivity is still a better option.

            Even in a world where all games are multiplatform, consoles would still exist. Consoles are still cheaper than gaming PCs, good for local multiplayer, comfortable to play in and may even be portable. Each console has its own merits besides games and some people wouldn't trade it for anything.
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              Exclusive games help company's not consumer. Make no mistake they don't make them to help us or games they make them to get us to buy their consoles get us in their subscription and ensure we stay their costumer. Not to mention to get us to buy DLC through their store and not to forget those lovely micro-transactions. That is why they make them exclusive. Dood
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                Console wise absolutely, exclusive games are usually build for a certain system and usually show its capabilities, something 3rd party multiplat games can't really do. It also kinda forces developers to put more effort into their games as they are supposed to sell a system, I mean who would really want Nintendo, Sony and MS to become soulless 3rd party companies like EA or Activision? Do you honestly believe they would continue to produce the quality games if they would be 3rd parties and don't have to worry about hardware sales anymore? Do you honestly believe Nintendo would continue to fund Platinum Games's projects, or MS and Sony funding whatever they fund right now? Why should they if they don't need to sell their hardware anymore and could just shit out sequels after sequels of their top 5 most popular IPs? Not to forget the loss of money for the big 3 of their only income would become gamesales, y'all forgetting that every 3rd party game sold on a console also makes the console owners money. Without exclusivity many IPs we know and love today would probably not exist

                This is also why this concept doesn't really work on PC.
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                  All they do is divide people. I'm sure that is what is intended. All exclusives do is hurt the "other". They punish gamers for no reason.

                  I will say i personally have never fallen for it, but i suspect i am not the norm. If a game is on a platform i do not own, then i will never play that game - simple as that. But as i said, i don't think people like me are the target.


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                    I honestly wish third party games didn't exist. Imagine how exciting it would be to buy a new console and have a whole world of games open up to you that you didn't have access to before?

                    Back in the 16-bit days, third party games existed, but there were a lot more exclusives and when people think back fondly on the Genesis, SNES, Turbografx 16 and the Neo Geo, it's mostly the exclusives that they remember. Consoles actually had an identity back then and exclusives were a big part of it.

                    I think it's telling that the primary selling point people bring up for the PS 4's dominance these days is, not surprisingly, exclusives. They are the things that really give you a reason to own a particular console. It's what kept Nintendo afloat for years now. Their consoles generally suck, but people buy them for those first party exclusives. People never get tired of Zelda and Mario getting recycled over and over again