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Creeper AWWW MAN. [ Minecraft is back 2019 ]

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  • Creeper AWWW MAN. [ Minecraft is back 2019 ]

    Ok, I haven't been around a lot as in late cause I can't stop playing Minecraft.
    Sounds like a joke but it's not, I even remember the times when I used to hate this game just because I consider it childish.

    Now, I can't stop playing it. Well on the plus side, it's not a Battle Royal.
    Anyway, the point of this post it's Minecraft coming back into the spotlight, at first I was confused as to why most of the Youtubers I like started playing Minecraft, so I dig a little deeper to find information (pun intended), it could be for 3 things:

    1.- Youtube bringing Minecraft back because it's bored and needs to post something on his highlights.
    2.- The latest good updates that bring a lot of content to Minecraft from the oceans to the raid update.
    3.- Players never quitted Minecraft, they just took a break.

    Not to mention Pewdiepie it's playing Minecraft will bring back a lot of players.
    For me Prod (my favorite Darksouls youtuber) was the trigger for me to download Minecraft again and replay it.
    Well, that's it, back to mining some diamonds.

    Anyway, what do you guys think of Minecraft popularity 2019?
    Will you replay Minecraft or buy it if you never play it before?

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      It'll be more popular for a while and then drop down again.


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        Never got why people play it in the first place so basically I really don't care but one of my favourite Mario's player has done a Minecraft video this week so yeah it appears to be a thing now


        • Necromancerx69
          Necromancerx69 commented
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          I think people love the game cause they just like building things. I could be wrong.
          [ To be honest the only reason I like minecraft it's because it reminds me a lot of Lego's when I play with them as a kid. ]

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        I dunno really. Well, I'm sure it will still do good, but I don't think that the new Minecraft Pokemon-Go type game will make it more popular.

        Personally, I prefer Dragon Quest Builders.


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          tfw you never uninstalled Minecraft

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            Never played it, always thought of it as a kid game with great potential; as a Imgurian and Reddit user I have seen the crazy 16 bit pc builds and the gameboy with a ground up emulator and reconstruction of pokemon kind of crazy builds.

            But with Pewds content having gotten good again and then him switching to Minecraft now, fuck I need to buy it.
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            • Necromancerx69
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              $27 dollars on wallmart, id say it's still very cheap (I don't know the price for consoles at the moment).
              Still Pc is better because of the mods and texture packs.
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            MineCraft has overtaken Fortnight in views on YouTube and searches on Google.
            Folks will eventually get board, again, move on to something else, again, and the kids who were too young to play before will take over. It appears to be a 6 year cycle ... popularity > decline > stagnation > resurgence > popularity ...

            According to Google, the base demographic is age 8 to 14 .
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              Where do I pick up my Vodka Dood


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                I have always had minecraft on my computer. If you like the gameplay loop it is perfect game design. Not to mention all of the new fun stuff they continue to update. I think pewdiepie has a little to do with but I picked it up and saw one of my favourite youtuber's playing it before pewdiepie's lets play. Personally I have been a fan of pewdiepie since I was little and played minecraft so I am really enjoying pewdiepie playing it.
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                  I started the game up yesterday and built the foundations of my alchemist Tower on the highest mountaintop of the biome, overlooking my andesite quarry and the Emerald Bay, with some lava to the North that I relocated as soon as I reached iron.
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                  • Necromancerx69
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                    Currently I am making a huge mine railway covering as much as I can.

                    Once it's done, I will explore the caves / mines / waterfalls / lava pits next to the railway.

                    But first I will make my own house, cause I have only build a village before doing the railway work. xD

                  • Zagreus_Veritas
                    Zagreus_Veritas commented
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                    I am actually thinking of having a Railway spiraling around the mountain and then connecting to the quarry. But I want to explore the local area of the Nether first since I usually do exploration by building a road some hundred blocks in one direction in the Nether and then opening a random portal, if there's nothing cool where it exits I just mark the spot on my map and then demolish both frames for free obsidian.
                    I need to get a Diamond mine started first though...