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Daily Poll 159: Will The Outer Worlds run well on Switch?

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  • Daily Poll 159: Will The Outer Worlds run well on Switch?

    Last Daily Poll was on Fire Emblem Three Houses. Check it out here:

    The Outer Worlds was announced to be coming out for the Switch a day or two again and it's got a lot of people talking. The Switch has been an extremely successful endeavor for Nintendo with almost 40 million consoles sold. A large install base attracts third parties like moths to a flame. It's not the most absurd thing to that The Outer Worlds will be on Switch when you think about it but how well the game will function on Switch will remain to be seen. The Switch is a pretty weak system running off a Tegra X1 that was designed in 2015. A lot of Switch ports have turned out to be low function garbage WWE 2K18 and Ark are some of the best examples. There have been good ports as well: Skyrim, Rocket League, and Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy are some examples that come to mind.

    The Switch version of Outer Worlds will be the worse version graphically but that doesn't mean it won't be able to be a playable experience. What do you guys think?

    Check out the daily poll archive:
    Outer Worlds on Switch will run well
    Outer Worlds on Switch will run poorly
    Outer Worlds on Switch will be unplayable
    There isn't enough information for me to decide
    I don't care about Outer Worlds on Switch
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    I think they'll get it to run decently enough, it's just a question of how much they'll have to cut back on the visuals to make that happen (which will be a lot). Regardless, I'll be getting it for PS4 instead.
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      I believe that virtuos will do a good job and this will be absolutely playable. Switch owners like myself don't care about best graphics or frame rate perfection, we just want convenience.

      I will get this on it if plays well (and if reviews well off course but it's developer is still a trusty one)


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        not enough info. Yet Breath of the wild is running well on switch and it tanks PC for 8k rams. So i think Outerwold will be fine.


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          Although I love my Switch, I won’t be getting any game that’s available on other consoles for it. But I’m sure it’ll run decently enough.
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          • BillionJean
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            I must agree. Even if it initially wasn't supposed to come out on Switch. Developers at Nintendo are good at their job anyway

          • Dub-Z
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            Nintendo doesn't do the porting for 3rd party titles @ BillionJean

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          Depends on what your definition of well is.
          Mine is higher than 60fps at 1440p or more depending on game type. (my monitor is a 1440p 165hz Gsync fyi)
          Granted this is obviously dependent on how graphically intensive the game is. Such as Witcher 3 still looks great to me, but requries some tweaking on my end to hit the minimum 60 at times.
          If it is an FPS I always try to hit closer to the 100s range due to the more twitchy nature of the title.

          Obviously this is a moot point for switch players, so I guess to me it won't run well to my standards (Yes I am a very picky person) but it may for others. I don't think we have actually seen a enough gameplay for the switch version or any version IMO to make a good assessment. I usually just wait tell games are released and watch live gameplay to make my decision.


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            I dunno but it's not impossible.
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              TBH, I lost interest in Outer Worlds and will not buy it so I voted for I don't care. xD
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                "It will run poorly" is my default expectation when it comes to upcoming Switch games and ports, based on personal experience so far.
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