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Daily Poll 161: How many consoles do you own?

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  • Daily Poll 161: How many consoles do you own?

    Last Daily Poll was on EA porting games to Switch. Check it out here:

    Consoles! Love them or hate them they have been and are a massive part of gaming. A lot of gamers myself included played their first game on a console. Many consoles have come and gone and a lot of the companies that made consoles in the 90s and 80s have either gone out of business or decided to leave console manufacturing to other companies Sega being the most well known example of that. A lot of people are quite fond of their consoles I sure am. I own a Switch, Wii, Wii U, and a PS4. What about you guys?

    Check out the daily poll archive:
    I don't own any consoles
    I used to own consoles
    I own 1 console
    I own 2 consoles
    I own 3 or more consoles
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    Of the ones I still have; Atari 2600 (somewhere packed away), N64, Dreamcast, 360, Wii (softmodded to run emulators and watch netflix on an old tv in my room), Gameboy Color, Nintendo DS, 3DS, and PC.
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    • #3
      I'm a peasant.
      SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox (original)
      If we include handhelds, GB Pocket, GB Color, GBA, 3DS, PSP
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      • #4
        I have a mega drive (since kid) and bought a switch day one, this year I bought a Wii (with GameCube backward compatibility).
        if we are to include handhelds I also never owned one growing up but I have recently bought 3ds and a GBA SP and started collecting for these systems (including DS)


        • #5
          PS4, Switch and 3DS are enough to satisfy my current gaming needs outside PC.
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          • #6
            Current and last few generations: None.

            I have an Atari 2600 that I picked up cheap at an antique shop (not kidding) but I haven't tried it yet to see if it works. I believe there's only one game with it, Q Bert.

            I have owned in the past: Coleco Vision, NES, PS1.

            P.S. I don't know if the suggestion thread is still alive or not, but how about a similar poll about how many computers (or devices, if you include phones, tablets, etc.) do you own?
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              NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS4 Pro, PSP, and Switch


              • Trout
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                So your an Xbox loyalist, eh?

              • LordBanagar
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                lol, I own an Xbox 360 controller for my PC, does that count?

                If they maintain retro compatibility in the next-gen I don't discard getting one

            • #8
              I only have a PS4 Pro, that hasn't been turned on in over 6 months.
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              • #9
                I own every PAL console by Sega, Nintendo, Sony and MS minus the Master System, PS1 and the XB1.
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                • #10
                  PC's rule, consoles drool...

                  PC MASTER RACE!!!


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                    Nice hat!..

                • #11
                  Colecovision (amazingly still works), NES, Grey Gameboy, SEGA Genesis, Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube, PS1, XBox (modded), PS2, PS3, Wii, PS4

                  Most of it is in storage. But I've been using my Grey Gameboy and NES consistently for almost 30yrs.
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                  • aileron
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                    Hang onto that Coleco. They're flipping expensive now. I had the Coleco, the Atari add on, about 20 Coleco games, 30 Atari games, steering wheel, roller ball, sold it all for a couple hundred bucks at a garage sale when I was a kid. If that kid kept it, probably a few thousand bucks now, if not more.

                • #12
                  a few years ago i used to have every console plugged-in and ready to go at a moments notice, but, i realized i wasn't playing on them mainly because i'd played the games on the older systems and wanted new experiences.
                  so i gave them all away to people who would use them as intended
                  how i just have a Xbox and PS i would like just one system but i can't play every game i love on only one. plus a Vita / Switch for mobile gaming
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                  • #13
                    "Consoles! Love them or hate them they have been and are a massive part of gaming."

                    Gaming was built on the backs of console gaming. PC elitists hate it when you point that out though. PC gaming has never had the same level of cultural influence as console gaming, and to a certain extent, arcade gaming.

                    Anyway, I own most consoles except for a few old school ones like Colecovision, Master System, Neo Geo, and Turbografx 16
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                    • LordBanagar
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                      lol, cultural influence? like pretty much-creating MMORPG, being the place to really play FPS or having 90%+ of the market of 4x games or RTS. Should I continue?

                    • Thomas_JCG
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                      ^ This. Nobody denies that consoles were instrumental to make video games popular, saying that PC didn't played a role in shaping the game industry is equally preposterous.

                  • #14
                    I personally own 1 Console ATM, which is a PS4 Pro.
                    I also have a 3DS XL, but that's more of a handheld.

                    I have owned many consoles over the years though. But I don't hang onto things when I'm done with them.
                    Some people hoard these sorts of things, I just sell them, give them away or just not replace them when they die.


                    • #15
                      As far as the consoles I own personally. Gamecube, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, 2Ds,and Xbox 360. Thinking of getting a Dreamcast at some point, just for the sake of it. Also I find it to be one of the most interesting retro console in terms of hardware.
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