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Daily Poll 166: Do you think the game industry will crash?

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  • Daily Poll 166: Do you think the game industry will crash?

    Last Daily Poll was on Mixer vs Twitch. Check it out here:

    Gaming has been an industry for decades and that industry at least in the US crashed in the 80s. Crappy Atari games made people lose faith that games and video game consoles were any good at all. Many people thought that video would never be popular in the US again until the NES came along and revived the industry. Things are a lot different now business wise for games but I think the industry is do for another crash. AAA games make up the majority of the money in the games industry excluding mobile games. Big budget games for the most part have become shallow experiences that exist primarily to turn you from a player into a payer. Microtransactions in games have gotten so bad governments of several companies are banning lootboxes or are looking to regulate the industry in some way. When sales decline and the best microtransactions dry up investors will flock from EA, Activison, Take 2 and Ubisoft and they will become massively smaller companies or go out of business. This is all very opinionated and I could be wrong so we'll see as time goes on.

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    The gaming industry will crash
    The gaming industry won't crash
    There is a possibility that the gaming industry could crash
    It's unlikely that the gaming industry will crash
    I can't decide
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    I sure hope we have airbags installed

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      The problem with the US gaming industry in general is that way too many companies are invested (literally) in the "Infinite exponential growth" business model (I would personally call it a fallacy, but hey, these people make WAY more money than me so obviously they're right.)

      In other words, their definition of business as usual is to make an amount of Money, and then tell their Investors that they'll be guaranteed to make MORE than that amount next year, repeat ad nauseum.
      This means that once the shit hits the fan, these companies will lie, cheat and steal to make that next yearly quota, and then deliver the same jolly speech to the Investors who should know by now that anyone they invest in will lie to their face but still continue to fund these snakes (Again, they make loads of money so obviously they are doing it right.)

      So if the game industry crashes it will likely be because reality catches up to them and a lot of Investors pull their funding, otherwise they will continue just like they have and nothing will change except that more scummy monetization options will keep popping up year after year. After all they just GOTTA make their next downpayment on those infinity dollars that they've promised all the nice people who invested in them.
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      • skywalker0957
        skywalker0957 commented
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        This basically sums it up quite well. So much of the gain these major publishers have is from the insane growth of video games over the last decade and many investors jumped on that. Reality now is market saturation and maturity. I would say that with gaming being mainstream the amount of new users is the same as the amount of users leaving therefore growth isn't really happening and if it is its not that crazy growth from before. Hence we see so much monetization so major companies can continue to try and show that they are having insane revenue growth. Its gonna catch up and the investors that went in for that growth will leave. It could cause a crash though it may be more of a dramatic value loss than a full on crash as long term investment takes over.

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        Most likely won't happen. Too many zombie customers.
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        • Zagreus_Veritas
          Zagreus_Veritas commented
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          Not even when their favorite games get shoved through the Chinese censorship machine and comes out sans 25% of graphical assets?
          I'm pretty sure even the COD fanboys are going to complain, just look at what happened with Siege.

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        My magic crystal ball says there it's a possibility it could happen so I will go with that.

        Still, even if it happens I would be happy in my bunker filled with old (actually good) videogames to replay till the day I am forced to join another server.
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          No, there are too many who buys anything. Like the next NFL / FIFA / NBA / WWE game every damn year.
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          • Zagreus_Veritas
            Zagreus_Veritas commented
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            I honestly don't know why though... The Madden series alone is such a big cash cow for EA, and they never innovate in any way whatsoever.
            At least half of those games could just as easily have been DLC for the previous year's version.

          • Hyperweasle
            Hyperweasle commented
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            Madden games haven't been good nice like 2010, after that they started just removing features. Before that, you could buy a new madden release and something would have changed to make it better, also they lost there value so quickly that you could literally buy last years release with almost pocket change. So not a huge loss, however now you are in danger of losing your house if you are a gambling man.

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          I believe it will happen, not any time soon though.
          everything falls eventually and with the way the industry is acting and if the government does intervene then I can see a crash coming eventually.
          It'll recover quickly at the expense of the workers.


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            Gaming is overall the biggest medium of entertainment in the world, and will probably make the most money of any medium in history in our lifetimes. I don't see it going anywhere.
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              Very unlikely IMO. Back in the 90's and early 2000's it was still for geeks and nerds but now it's more mainstream than ever and continues to grow. Even if companies like 2K, Activision, EA fall, even if the US "bans" aggressive games with guns in them or puts censors on them like Germany or China, I think the industry will be fine. You'll still have platformers, racing games, puzzle games, maybe RPGs etc.


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                Indie games are not what they use to be, unlike back when consoles dominated the Video game market. Now anyone with half a brain could make a game with more soul than a majority of modern AAA games. Even if alot of the major AAA publishers went out of business, the only industry that it might hurt is the home console industry side. The PC gaming industry is made of mostly indie titles or smaller publishers. If anything it would give those smaller developers an opportunity to expand with less competition.
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                  Very likely. A lot of major companies are putting their stocks into microtransactions, which will get inevitably regulated. Cut from their source of income and lacking the ability to make decent games, a lot of companies will crash in value but not necessarily go bankrupt.

                  And much like Nintendo emerged as a shining beacon of light in the last crash, lots of indie companies and respected studios will flourish, and everything will be fine for a couple of decades.
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                  • Magvel
                    Magvel commented
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                    That looks more than what you want to happen rather than what will happen tbh

                  • Thomas_JCG
                    Thomas_JCG commented
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                    Magvel - I don't see how those are mutually exclusive.

                  • Magvel
                    Magvel commented
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                    Thomas_JCG Regulations won't hit microtransactions, lootboxes enter in conflict with gambling laws due to their random element but mtx aren't random since you know beforehand what you're buying, even if you're buying 9000 jewels for 5000 thousand united states dollars in mokedon totally not shovelware ripoff. And that's even implying regulation on lootboxes ever reaches the point of them not being worth including in games (which is quite unlikely until at least several years as the UK already doesn't seem very down to go along due to gambling being part of their culture, the US is full of lobbying and Japan doesn't even care, and even in the EU there are only a handful of countries who banned lootboxes, and add the fact laws take months if not years to be voted and applied).

                    Regulating microtransactions opens cans of worms most legislators don't want to open (what is the value of a digital good ? How do you evaluate it ? Is the value different if it comes from a F2P game versus a premium one ? Does the law include DLC ?) and they don't really have that krutch of "think of the children" (how do you differenciate "I gave my credit card to my kid and he spent 300$ on 8 games in the store" and "I gave my kid my credit card and he spent 300$ on mokedon totally not shovelware ripoff" ?), unless there is a HUGE outcry (we're talking battlefront 2 level of outcry) against the practice itself and politicians see a way to get good PR (seriously who heard of Chris Lee before battlefront 2 and who cared about him after it wasn't trendy to talk about battlefront 2 and even legacykillahd moved on) it's not gonna happen, Hell I'd even say it isn't that popular since the average person mostly only play mobile stuff in the train (ye it's cliche but it's still true) or big AAA releases and don't really care about the monetisation, usually going along or not using it. Point being 1. there's less ground to stand on and 2. it's far less popular than regulating lootboxes and by the time it happens (if it happens) mtx are gonna be kinda accepted (like prank videos on youtube or DLCs in games, they were hated when they came out, they're still mostly disliked by the people who are invested in the media but the rest of the people aka the majority are just whatever when it pops just like the average person doesn't know or care about 90% of what is discueed in gaming forums/twitter/reddit)

                    I see mtx more like DLCs, stuff that can and will be criticized if abused (or if not lol hello DMCV) but won't get touched by legislations in the slightest due to the questions asked beforehand and mostly the fact regulation wasn't even discussed even when shit like the horse armor or the alt ending in asura wrath came out (and in all cold honesty had battlefront 2 not happened lootboxes would be there as much it not more than before, point being if) just like regulation for microtransactions has never been a subject of discussion

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                  It could happen. While in the past this was something I'd worry about, but not so much anymore (I'm just sick of the way it's turning out these days).



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                    I don't see a crash happen anytime soon. Gaming is mainstream nowadays, there are several huge companies as opposed to the almost monopoly atari had back in the day and there's so much information that in most cases you know how a game is like before buying it beforehand. Like even if a big dog fucks up to the point of complete lost of trust (already quite unlikely as EA is still raking money, hell want more cold hard truth ? If lootboxes are banned their sports games will just revert to regular microtransactions) it's not like every single big publisher will lose complete trust from consumers.


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                      Crash? Probably not, but it might face a restructuring as people turn away from popular AAA producers and focus more on companies which actually care about their players.