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Daily Poll 168: Will Sony announce the PS5 at PSX or Gamescom?

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  • Daily Poll 168: Will Sony announce the PS5 at PSX or Gamescom?

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    I've heard some speculation that Sony will announce the PS5 at gamescom. Don't think it makes sense since a lot of games are being shown at gamescom this year. A lot of hype is going to be around the CyberPunk 2077 demo with Keanu Silverhandwick. PSX makes sense since they can make the whole event about the console and hopefully show some good exclusives that might make it worth buying. That's just my take what's yours.

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    It will be revealed at gamescom
    it will be revealed at PSX
    It will be revealed at neither PSX or Gamescom
    I can't decide
    I don't care
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    I don't think they'll reveal it until next year. Since a fall 2020 launch is likely, I doubt they'd want to spill the beans a full year ahead of the launch. IIRC, the PS4 didn't get its full reveal until only 3-4 months before launch.

    Personally, I'm far more interested in finding out what SNK is planning with their recently announced "next-gen Neo Geo hardware" than I am in what Sony and Microsoft are doing with their next-gen systems. If the new SNK console does indeed turn out to be a true next-gen console, that's probably the one I'll be getting.
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      While I’ll probably buy it, I learned never to buy consoles at launch anymore. I still have plenty left to get through, so I’m just going to wait until they have a decent library (assuming backwards compatibility won’t be a thing.)
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        If I ever get one, it will be long after release when they are cheap and used. Right now, don't care.
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          If they reveal at all, it will be at PSX, but in likelihood, they will do something similar to last generation, and just have a press event about a month and half before E3 2020.


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            Neither. I don't expect its official announcement this year at all, in fact. But when they do, it will be a separate occasion.


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              I'm not interested in any future sony products.
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                Microsoft will reveal the PS5 at Xbox FanFest.


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                  I don't care where they'll announce the PS5, I feel I've been majorly screwed with the ps4, as there are hardly any exclusives worth playing. And there hasn't even been a proper Gran Turismo for the PS4 yet. And I'm starting to doubt that there ever will be, they seem to be committed to that garbage 'sport'.

                  So the chances of me getting a ps5, or even showing minor interest in it is zero.
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                    Don't relay care about next generation whit all streaming bs censorship bs and don't get me started on season pass,dlc,microtransasscions might be time to find new hobby Dood