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Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, X4 and Space sims, traders, combat games

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  • Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, X4 and Space sims, traders, combat games

    One of my favourite Genres is Space trading,combat, exploration sims.

    There's something to these sort of games that really appeal to me.
    Sure pretty graphics are part of it. But the detail of flying, acquiring ships, trading, fighting, exploring new areas and generally flying around in space is just so fun.

    I've played a lot of them over the years, but I'm mainly interested in discussing the current crop of Space sims.

    I own X4, but have only played a little of it. As usual, the makers of X4 released an X game in a buggy state, so I'm waiting for a bit before immersing myself properly into it.
    From what I've played, the combat is pretty average, but I like walking around bases, the trading and exploration.
    I'm REALLY looking forward to getting a base, setting up trade routes, building my empire and so on.
    So ATM, this is a slow burner for me that'll I'll delve into properly in 6 months maybe.

    Elite Dangerous is a REALLY big game. You can approach this from so many angles.
    Whether it's pure combat and doing bounty hunting.
    Running trade routes.
    Doing lots of various missions.
    Right now I'm really into the scanning of planets in remote areas to make lots of money, so I can buy better ships.

    As to Star Citizen. Well, it's not officially released yet and I don't really know when or even IF this is gonna get a release.
    It does look very nice, but there's no way I'm investing time or money into it until it get a full release.
    It looks super detailed and if it DOES get a release. I can see myself putting 100s of hours into this.

    Any others out there people know, like, play?
    What are your views on the ones I've mentioned?

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    I have Elite Dangerous but haven't played it much. Basically the grind got to me. Even if I do get back into I will have to relearn a lot of stuff cause it's been a few years since I played and even then I didn't have a complete grasp of the game. All I did was deliver stuff and run from enemies.


    • danskmacabre
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      I felt like that some time back. But there's been all sorts of features added to it now and the possibilities for things to do has really opened up.
      There's been some things added to reduce the waiting too, such as Supercruise assist (an autopilot for supercruise)

      Missions seem to pay more too as well as alternative ways to make money. But yeah, you need to do your research to figure out all the new features.
      ED is a deep dive.

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    Rebel Galaxy Dood


    • Necromancerx69
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      I see you are a man of culture as well my Dood.

    • danskmacabre
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      You mean the original Rebel galaxy. Not the new Outlaw game coming out any day?
      I found it hard getting past the 2d plane for combat.
      Still, I might give it another go sometime.

    • Sick243
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      Yeah meant the first one don't rely like the look of new one
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    Star Citizen is not a game, you can remove that from the topic. It's a tech demo to sell an ongoing scam. I've been following it since day one, and it isn't much closer to a functioning game than it was in 2013. A bunch of mechanics thrown into a sandbox, a lot of placeholder stuff with no overarching narrative to tie it all together. It's just a meaningless and boring and mostly broken sandbox still at this point. And instead of trying to tie it together into something gamelike they just keep throwing new mechanics and assets at it to keep the hype and virtual ship purchases rolling.

    I mean they did nail something. The first title to have macrotransactions. Long before a playable version was even out. I'm not sure the current version is even "playable" but you can definitely run it and be disappointed at the lack of meaningful things to do in it.
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    • danskmacabre
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      Yeah I somewhat agree with you. It does look like this will die before it ever gets a release.
      But it's still worth a mention as a possible game and a WIP.
      I think you can actually play the game somewhat. fly about and fight a bit, but I'm not sure.

      When/if they finally throw in the towel, there's gonna be hell to pay...

    • MadMummy76
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      Yeah, you can fly, but that's about the most you can do, walk from a living quarters trough a derelict space station derelict of npcs and anything to interact with to a space sport get in your ship and fly aimlessly into oblivion.

      There is apparently a mining minigame as well, that I didn't try out because I got bored flying in an empty void after 10 minutes.

      And this was the ultrasecret invite only test universe which is supposed to run the latest build.

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    Space Rangers for the win. Oldie but goodie.


    • danskmacabre
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      Heh that looks kinda fun.
      I've played a sort of similar game called "Space pirates and Zombies".

      I think there was sequel too. Don't think I have that tho.

    • Necromancerx69
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      I would like to play Space Pirates and Zombies.
      But my problem with that game it's the tiny text, I can hardly read anything and I haven't found a way to fix the text size.

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    I love Rebel Galaxy and Star Point Gemini 2.
    I tried to get into the X3 games but my problem with them is that they are way 2 sloooow.
    [ You could say other games spoiled me with their speed. ]

    I would play other games like Elite Dangerous, Star Point Gemini Warlords, and others if my toaster could handle them...
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    • danskmacabre
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      Heh. Some people have called the X games "Spreadsheets in space".
      You have to be in the mood for this sort of game. it's a steep learning curve and you need to be into LONG gaming sessions.
      But if you get into it. it's very rewarding.

      X4 is defo more approachable though.

    • Necromancerx69
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      To be honest, I don't mind the spreadsheets, I am talking more of the speed of the space ships. xD
      They are just 2 slow for my taste, still I do have to man up and fully play X3 terran conflict.

      I saw your comment on: "I found it hard getting past the 2d plane for combat on Rebel Galaxy (the original)."
      My recommendation is to do trading runs so you can get enough money for buying better MK weaponry, also having a good mercenary helps a lot on combat.

      I made a small guide on Mercenary ships:

      I also recommend using the mod that fixes prices (on Vanilla you can hardly roleplay as a miner since the prices for ores are crap, but with the mod you can roleplay as a miner and get decent money out of it using the mod and it's not game breaking):

      There is also the issue that I recommend saving money before fully upgrading your ship with the next level of weaponry / systems since enemies can also level with the weapons you have.
      In other words, if you equip a MK4 Weapon on your ship made out of Mk 2 parts. Enemies will have MK4 weaponry, even if your ship is MK2. Better to fully buy a set of MK3 weaponry / systems. Before going for MK4. Silly game flaw design (well that and escort missions, they are not worth it, never do escort missions), but it's still a fun game to relax.

      Hope this helps you and safe flying.

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    For a while, my dad played EVE Online, which is that type of game from what I gathered. I dunno if it's considered to be a good example of that type of game, but I was bored as hell watching my dad play that when we could've been playing I Was An Atomic Mutant or DOOM.
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    • danskmacabre
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      I had a go at Eve online too. It never appealed to me either.
      Not saying it's a bad game, but yeah, it's kinda boring and as far as I remember, you don't exactly fly your ship, but point and click where it flies to.
      Even by my standards liking the X games, but this is too much like "Spreadsheets in space" for me.

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    A few years back when I had a Sega Genesis and tried to get into retro game collecting I had a game called Starflight. It was ok. A little clunky. It was on the PC as well. It was kind of like an early version of these newer space games. It even had aliens in the game. Though they were cartoony. It was like the game was aimed at kids. But I couldn't see many kids getting into it.


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      Has anyone on here tried Starsector?

      I personally only tried FTL and Stellaris, which I am ashamed of becuase I am generally a big fan of space in general.
      I also can't praise StarWars: Empire at War which is an amazingly fun game in the 4X spirit set in the Star Wars Universe.
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        If you want new ships in Elite: Dangerous then what you should really be aiming for is mining.
        Don't listen to the get-rich-quick schemesters that shout "Void Opals" to the heavens on every forum, because those are far more chance based, just outfit your mining ship and hit up one of the known double or triple painite mining spots, fill up your holds with the good stuff, then jump to the nearest station that wants painite.
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        • danskmacabre
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          I defo want to give mining a go sometime. It looks a lot of fun.

          ATM, I like a bit of exploring and scanning planets, using the new FSS scanner.
          You can make quite a bit of money doing that.

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        Elite Dangerous is the be all, end all of the genre, It's just ashame the PC specs are so high.


        • danskmacabre
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          I have a pretty decent gaming rig, so it plays ED at max settings.
          I thought you could set the graphics settings pretty low so older PCs can still play well.

          Yeah it looks awesome, but like you say, it's the one to beat ATM that is actually a playable game.
          There's so many different things you can do in the game.

        • Zoltor
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          Yea, but unless you bult the best PC possible in 2014 or made a still pretty damn beefy PC after 2014, people's PC Isn't running it. The good graphics card makes sense, the problem is the unwarranted Quad core requirement. Nearly all the CPU heavy stuff Isn't even handled locally, and even then It's not a CPU intensive game, like at all(mind you the game came out in 2014, so yea, very insane).

          I don't see any game ever coming close to Elite Dangerous, Elite Dangerous is literally everything people want from a space sim. The ship systems are so customizable, It's as if they were literally real. During a fight, someone managed to survive a pirate attack, however their power supply was nearly destroyed, so he was virtually dead in the water so to speak, far away from a base. He then created a new startup sequence, allowing him to get his drive back on, so he could get back to a base.

          It's crazy

        • danskmacabre
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          TBH, I didn't particularly like ED when it first came out.
          To me, it was clunky and unwieldy. It didn't feel like there was a lot to do and what there WAS to do just seemed too much like actual work than fun.

          So I uninstalled it and left it for a few years, then picked it up again early last year. got into it for a while, got bored and left it again, as I felt it still just wasn't there for me yet.

          I picked it up again a few months ago and yeah, NOW it had all sorts of module s added, functionality, balance issues sorted, rewards improved and so on and it's a real pleasure to play.

          The PC I had wayback in 2014 could play ED with pretty high settings, although not at Max settings.
          Now my PC is better and newer, but not the cutting edge of PCs and it runs fine. It's not a particularly expensive PC either.

          Still, it's about priorities. I'm a Computer programmer by trade, so I use and prioritise PCs tech above other stuff.
          I have a cheap car. An old Ute which does the job and is nothing fancy.

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        I enjoyed the X3 series of games. It was a fun sandbox but it really took a lot of time to get rolling. I really appreciated that npc traders were actually trading and making a difference in the universe.

        If you want a different spin on this, try Star Tradiers: Frontiers. It's not as deep as the games it pulls it's influences from, but you'll see influences from Darkest Dungeon, FTL with trading and combat missions between factions. The developers are actively improving the game and are also responsive in the steam forums.