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The scariest enemies in videogames

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  • The scariest enemies in videogames

    Which are the monsters / NPC enemies that put the fear of god into you? That literally makes your skin crawl and jump when they appear.

    I think the best games are the ones where the enemies are forces to be reckoned with. Partly this is why I find the 2016 Doom so boring, because the enemies are just cannon fodder, I never dreaded encountering them.

    Here are my top 5

    Number 5: The Arch Vile from Doom II
    Click image for larger version

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    It can resurrect enemies, and it's attacks are unavoidable unless you hide. We dreaded encountering this enemy. But then again Doom is so cleverly designed that even lower level enemies can give you trouble. For example the shotgun zombie can simply one hit kill you from point blank range unless you have lots of health and ammo.

    Number 4: Trigens from Far Cry
    Click image for larger version

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    They might be mindless mutants, but their attacks are lethal, and they jump. One of the scariest levels in a videogame is when you have to fight your way trough a jungle infested with these things without weapons.

    Number 3: Banshee from Mass Effect 3
    Click image for larger version

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    They are the most dreaded enemies in the game, usually never walk alone, a particularly nasty enemy that is hard to defeat.

    Number 2: Cyborg midwife System Shock II
    Click image for larger version

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    Might not be that dangerous of an enemy, but what makes them especially scary is the sound and visual design. System Shock 2 is as much a horror game as an RPG, but by far these enemies were the creepiest, it made my skin crawl whenever I heard the sounds they were making, from the clattering sound of their feet, trough hydraulic sounds, to creepy nursing rhymes.

    Number 1: The Alien in Alien Isolation
    Click image for larger version

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    There is no doubt about it that this is the scariest enemy of all time in any videogame. This is the only game that kept me up at night if I played it in the evening. The Alien is death walking. Some say the game becomes boring after you get the flamethrower, but that's the biggest nonsense I've ever heard. It is part of the natural evolution in the game. From prey you turn into a force to be reckoned with. It was amazing to see how the alien changed it's behaviour over time. When you first spray it with the flamethrower it goes running tail between its legs, but it becomes more and more aggressive towards the end of the game, gradually taking longer and longer bursts from the flamethrower to make it retreat. And of course just because you have the flamethrower it can still jump you when you don't expect it. Splicing wires at a panel and suddenly you're impaled.
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    I personally think creepers in Minecraft are the scariest just because they appear out of nowhere and explode.
    All you hear is the hiss, then comes the explosion. It's one of the very few things that have made me rage quit.


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      Creeper, Aw Man... xD

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      "Oh, you son of a..."

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    The Alien from Isolation is 1 of the best Villains I've fought in games. Loved the cat and mouse game with it. Also found the droids could be very creepy aswel. Going from polite and customer service mode to killbot in a second first time had me jumping lol.

    Old xbox/ps2 game "The Thing" was good for shock moments to, never knowing who in your party was a Thing. Or unfortunately finding out that your whole party is a thing lol


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      "You are becoming hysterical."

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      Lol you know ??

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    Enemies that I still fear to some extent to this day (be it real fear or just "oh shit not you again").

    )> Fume Knight from Dark Souls 2
    This guy just ain't messing around and I still have trouble against him to this day even if I have over 750 hours of gameplay.
    Also I love his music. Not to mention this is the only guy I fear in Dark Souls 2.

    )> Kevin Clamely aka The Patriarch from Killing Floor
    I fear the original patriarch, specially on hell on earth difficulty. I don't like much the new design of the Patriarch for Killing Floor 2.
    Still damn the original did make me almost cry for my mother multiple times when I had to 1v1 him after all my team mates got wiped out.

    )> Karma Charger from Left 4 Dead 2
    Karma shows no mercy so better never go alone and watch out for death spots.
    Even worse, avoid the smoker + charger combo of doom! My brother and I still fear good Charger players.

    )> Thin Men from XCOM:EU / EW [ And Old Chrysalis from the old XCOM as honorable mention ]
    These guys are the Bain of my existence on higher difficulties cause they can one shot your rookies early game, their aim is deadly and they dodge bullets like a bitch.
    I hate them and I always get scared when I find them on the battlefield cause I know some one won't come back alive.

    )> Every single Ghost in Fatal Frame
    Take a picture and run for your life, damn I love this game.

    )> Lurkers from Dead Space series
    Mother duckers keep jumping on me when I least expect them. Not to mention they look freaky as duck.

    )> Centipedes from Darkwood
    Just for the simple fact they can get inside your secured base from the floor at night.
    The night that you need to also deal with other enemies trying to get inside your base.
    I hate these centipedes. But damn I love Darkwood horror.

    )> Zombie Dogs from Resident Evil series
    Well, I love dogs, so having to run away from dogs that want to eat my insides and having to kill them does scares me a lot.
    Mostly cause I don't have the heart to harm doggos and they do scare me with their looks.
    My very first Resident Evil game was: Code Veronica. Those dogs didn't let me sleep for days.

    )> White Night from Lobotomy Corporation
    THIS GUY, THIS MY GREATEST ENEMY AND MY GREATEST FEAR (I have goosebumps just thinking about him).
    Op as fuck, deals massive amounts of damage and can revive his apostles that can one shot employees level 5 with Aleph gear (as in the best gear / weapons you can get).
    You have a better time restarting the game if White Night shows up, not easy to kill, but if you manage to kill him it will reward you a super OP weapon (as long you don't pray to Skull).

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      Of the top of my head Mr.X from Resident evil 2 remake Leon arc just hearing that thing put me on edge especially knowing I cant kill it or make noise Dood


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        )>The Shade - First Encounter Assault Recon: Extraction Point
        There's a rare enemy in the expansion of F.E.A.R that is just a barely visible outline of a sharp-clawed gangly creature with red glowing eyes. And because the AI in F.E.A.R is amazing the enemy acts much more terrifying than the sum of its aesthetic parts. It makes no noise. It sits waiting for you in the dark in order to silently run behind you and attack from beyond your field of vision, and when you turn around and start blasting the walls away with the shotgun it will run away at lightning speed and hide once again. Then when you bring a minigun with you just in case and park yourself in a corner to wait, they won't come because they know they can't sneak up on you. You have to go to them and they'll always have the advantage despite your heavy firepower, and at one point you'll have to go into a dark complex full of rooms with multiple exits each while facing five of those things at once. There is nowhere you can hide and your gun only points forwards.

        Click image for larger version

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          The first F.E.A.R. is an excellent game. The best in the genre.

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        Zombies in Half-Life

        Half-Life was probably the first game that scared. The first person perspective and those bloody things really left an impression on my young self. Years later, I learned that their blood-curling screams are reversed cries for help, and the fear factor rose by at least ten billion.

        Shadow Enemies in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

        *Photo not available because this game is way underrated*

        Spatial awareness is key to any good dungeon crawler. If you don't pay attention where you are going, you will walk straight into enemies or traps. Near the end of the game, Zanki Zero decides to test your nerves with the shadow enemies (I don't remember their actual names). Unlike other enemies, Shadows are completely silent and don't make any noise while moving, and they only move (read: teleport right next to you) when you are not looking. Creepy.

        Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2

        Do I even need to explain?
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          What was it, I think they are called the Gold Dragons in Lufia 2. They're only found near the bottom of the Ancient cave, and love this party wide special ability, that can easily whipe your entire party out.

          The magic/elemental genies from that same game are also scarry, because they'll chase you, and come in packs of 3, that will rampage you with powerful magic.

          There's always the axe throwing knights in Link, those are quite scary as well.


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            Anything that makes me feel like I'm being chased and need to get away but it has to move fast too so something like nemesis didn't do it. So basically the angry sun from Super Mario 3.


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              Originally posted by Eldarion View Post
              Anything that makes me feel like I'm being chased and need to get away but it has to move fast too so something like nemesis didn't do it. So basically the angry sun from Super Mario 3.
              Then the Genies or more so the Assassins/eyeballs from Lufia 2 would scare you to death lol. The Assassins, and Eyeballs especially move like 8 spaces for ever 1 space the player moves, plus the animation is so super fast as well.


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                Originally posted by Hyperweasle
                The Redead from the Ocarina of time, the first time encountering their shrieks was absolutely chilling. Especally from a game directed towards a younger audience, it was made it even more shocking.


                As kid playing Ocarina of Time, these weird hands in the Forest-Temple were scary af for me.


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                  Gotta go with Resident Evil's Mr. X. Especially when you enter a room and the music suddenly picks up and you're like "oh crap, run! Move faster, legs!


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                    Hmm. The closest I ever ghost to feeling slightly unnerved would have been wayback with the game "Clive Barker's Undying."

                    The ghosts I'm referring to is not the clearly defined ghosts that are characters int eh story, but the barely defined wispy ghosts that flit about and injure you sometimes.
                    You can hardly see them, but I found it somewhat unnerving.

                    A bit like the ghostly figures that appear on distant cliffs etc in Dear Esther.

                    I guess for me, less is more when it comes to creeping me out.


                    • Necromancerx69
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                      LMAO, there are ghostly figures in Dear Esther?????
                      Wow, I never noticed them when I played that game and I play it from start to end.
                      You could say I was distracted with everything else, if it was a real horror setting I would be the guy that dies first for never noticing the killer. xD xD xD xD xD xD

                    • danskmacabre
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                      Lol yeah. Right at the beginning in the first building by the dock, a ghost briefly appears as you enter the building and look up a few floors.
                      After that, there's several occasions where it appears, such as in the distance at the end of a rocky promontory, at the top of a cliff and various other places.

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                    I never found Doom to be scary. The enemies never scared me. They might have pissed me off and caused high levels of frustration but I never got scared.

                    The first time I felt that way was in Raven Holm in Half Life 2. Eventually I got over it though.


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                      Garrett I was a teenager when I played Doom. So yeah I was a lot older.

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                      We don't go there anymore...

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                      Strangely, I was not scared by doom when I was a kid.

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                    Some of the stuff in Soma is really unsettling and the odd way the game is designed makes it hard to figure out how to avoid certain enemies, which amps up the tension when playing the game

                    Everything about that game is unsettling, particularly the narrative, which tears away at our ideas about identity