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The scariest enemies in videogames

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    Some of the stuff in Soma is really unsettling and the odd way the game is designed makes it hard to figure out how to avoid certain enemies, which amps up the tension when playing the game

    Everything about that game is unsettling, particularly the narrative, which tears away at our ideas about identity


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      Twin Victim from Silent Hill 4.
      Regenerators from Resident Evil 4.
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        I can't really say I get scared playing video games, at least not in the sense the question is implying. But any enemy in a side-scroller that takes that Medusa Head pattern is instantly my least-favorite in the game.
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          Thats really it


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            This is sounds utterly ridiculous, but it's mostly down to childhood trauma......
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            The fucking ghosts in the pyramid level from Sonic 3. Yeah, go ahead and laugh you bastard- see if I care.....
            But the way the lights slowly got darker and the ghosts went from shy little things to big, evil-eyed white sheet-wearing demons just scared the piss out of me as a kid. -_-


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              Those ghosts where really annoying but not spooky, at least for me. xD

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            Originally posted by Cuzin_Ed View Post
            I never found Doom to be scary. The enemies never scared me. They might have pissed me off and caused high levels of frustration but I never got scared.

            The first time I felt that way was in Raven Holm in Half Life 2. Eventually I got over it though.
            Doom isn't scary. It's too primitive in it's form to be scary. That would be like people finding a drawing of an angry stick figure scary lol.


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              Originally posted by MadMummy76 View Post
              Which are the monsters / NPC enemies that put the fear of god into you? That literally makes your skin crawl and jump when they appear.

              I think the best games are the ones where the enemies are forces to be reckoned with. Partly this is why I find the 2016 Doom so boring, because the enemies are just cannon fodder, I never dreaded encountering them.

              Here are my top 5

              Number 5: The Arch Vile from Doom II
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              It can resurrect enemies, and it's attacks are unavoidable unless you hide. We dreaded encountering this enemy. But then again Doom is so cleverly designed that even lower level enemies can give you trouble. For example the shotgun zombie can simply one hit kill you from point blank range unless you have lots of health and ammo.

              Number 4: Trigens from Far Cry
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              They might be mindless mutants, but their attacks are lethal, and they jump. One of the scariest levels in a videogame is when you have to fight your way trough a jungle infested with these things without weapons.

              Number 3: Banshee from Mass Effect 3
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              They are the most dreaded enemies in the game, usually never walk alone, a particularly nasty enemy that is hard to defeat.

              Number 2: Cyborg midwife System Shock II
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              Might not be that dangerous of an enemy, but what makes them especially scary is the sound and visual design. System Shock 2 is as much a horror game as an RPG, but by far these enemies were the creepiest, it made my skin crawl whenever I heard the sounds they were making, from the clattering sound of their feet, trough hydraulic sounds, to creepy nursing rhymes.

              Number 1: The Alien in Alien Isolation
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              There is no doubt about it that this is the scariest enemy of all time in any videogame. This is the only game that kept me up at night if I played it in the evening. The Alien is death walking. Some say the game becomes boring after you get the flamethrower, but that's the biggest nonsense I've ever heard. It is part of the natural evolution in the game. From prey you turn into a force to be reckoned with. It was amazing to see how the alien changed it's behaviour over time. When you first spray it with the flamethrower it goes running tail between its legs, but it becomes more and more aggressive towards the end of the game, gradually taking longer and longer bursts from the flamethrower to make it retreat. And of course just because you have the flamethrower it can still jump you when you don't expect it. Splicing wires at a panel and suddenly you're impaled.

              I agree with #! wholeheartedly. I think Alien Isolation was the first game that legitimately terrified me.


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                Originally posted by WickedWolf View Post
                Twin Victim from Silent Hill 4.
                Regenerators from Resident Evil 4.
                OH! Yes the regenerators were so unsettling and scary. I remember being backed into a corner shooting all my ammo into one not knowing why it wouldn't die.

                I probably should have read more files..heh.


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                  Regenerators (Resident Evil 4): The sounds they made were so damn unsettling. Even knowing they were there, they still made me nervous.

                  Faro Khopesh (Horizon: Zero Dawn): These are scary due to the pure intimidation factor. You're a tribal warrior with basically stone-age weapons, and the Khopesh are 20-foot-tall, hexipedal, intelligent weapons platforms equipped with dual heavy machine guns and missiles. As if that wasn't enough, they also produce swarms of flesh-eating nanomachines and once succeeded in nom-noming all life on earth. Their red-eyed glare doesn't do anything to make them seem more pleasant either.

                  The Fury (Metal Gear Solid 3): Fighting a flamethrower-wielding cosmonaut in a dimly-lit maze of underground hallways doesn't sound scary at first... until you actually do it. It's an unsettling gem of a boss fight where lighting and music come together to create an overwhelming sense of dread and paranoia as you're stalked by a human incinerator.

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                    First enemy that scared me was the Fiend from Quake. Both freaky looking back then and very tough to kill.


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                      Hm... I am going to have to dig a little deeper on this one. I am usually okay even from early on in my gaming career, but for enemies that actually gave me actual anxiety I would have to go back to my childhood. Probably the worst was the Reaper from Grabbed by the Ghoulies. I was so young that I barely played games anyway, but even watching my family play put me on edge. Maybe it developed my hatred of timed levels. Great game and would love more, but it really stuck with me.


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                        The Ash Vampires from Morrowind freaked me out a little bit the first time I saw them. The way they run after you with their tall, intimidating figure after casting really powerful spells that curse your attributes (and some of them can lower your strength, which can immobilize you if it gets low enough) looks bizarre and is quite unnerving the first time you encounter one, as they are really rare and only appear in specific dangerous areas. I remember seeing one run towards me the first time and I decided to run away out of fear of the unknown instead of fight it.

                        Then like a little bitch, I save scummed and went back in to fight it and died in like 3 hits. Don't remember what I did after that.
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                          I would probably have to go with Ghasts and Creepers from Minecraft.
                          The Ghasts aren't so bad once they actually start attacking you, but those slowed down cat noises they make when they're just flying around...
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                            I just looked it up so I'd have the year correct, 1992, Alone in the Dark, scared the sh1t out of me. I remember leaping out of my chair screaming. It was an early 3d game where you're in a haunted mansion. It was done very dark and quiet, and then some crazy looking ghost would pop out of nowhere and fly straight at you, going right through objects, walls, etc.


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                              I will go with the Skaarj in unreal. The Skaarj roaming the vortex rikers was pretty scary. However there was one enemy that scared me the most, the first grunt you have to fight after you exit the ship and enter the cave. I was scared to go and face him. I was 9.