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  • Positive Game Experience

    As others have pointed out, gaming lately can be very negatively viewed. From reporting to player rights etc etc.
    So how about we change that, post a positive story from your gaming days.

    Many years ago I played Star Wars Galaxies for afew years before it was shutdown.
    During my first year I didn't get much help from the other Darkside Jedi on my server. I'd ask and just get told "respec to mando/medic etc" or "you suck"
    Obviously this got old very very quickly, but I'm some what stubborn so stuck with it. And also decided I'd never be 1 of them in any shape or form.
    Fast forward 2-3 years and I'd built up a good reputation for helping pretty much anyone, in whatever way I could. From spare gear, quest help, character setup and so on.
    1day I got chatting to another player who had been playing longer than I had, but had never had a single person help them in any aspect of the game at all. So we spent an afternoon/evening hanging out, doing his quests and detailing the mechanics of game.
    Almost 8 years since game closed and we're still friends. Regularly have a few beers during his UK holidays, and he's even immortalised me in his books as characters using all my names from games and life lol

    Tell us, what's your story?

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    SMT Imagine similar story to yours to a degree made guild whit few people I meet in game we did raids helped new players teaching them where to farm stuff like that but most positive from that was when we had our first real world talk (we had a rule in guild not to talk about real world) and hearing every ones backgrounds, age, jobs and so on and thinking this is great this is power of games bunch of people who wold never interact in world become friend because they play and love same game. Kind of hard to imagine it happening in current gaming climate. Also Nice thread Dood


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      We had similar rules in our guild, no politics etc. Although we did know about each others lives and jobs. Most of us are still in contact today through FB. 1of the few reasons I've still got FB lol.
      Thank you, just tired of reading negative stuff about gaming


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        Man, Star Wars Galaxies... To me, the game itself was a positive and memorable experience since it was my first MMO. Even the bad instances, or the boring time-wasting walks from waypoint to waypoint are now nostalgically bittersweet.

        I never managed to get in touch with anyone outside of the game though. Then again, I was a very sporadic player.


        • Voorhees
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          Yeah definitely positive for me aswel, and my first MMO aswel.
          I got quite luckily with the Instances, git to run through them regularly with a core group just after EK, and they explained how/why of doing certain tactics etc. Then I was able to lead my own groups and got all the Jedi in my guild there cloak collections, ORH from Sher Kar and so on lol.
          I have afew friends playing the EMU's now, but haven't got a pc anymore

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        I sat alone in my room while I played single player stuff without anyone bothering me. Good times.
        Check out my YouTube channel with silly Smash Bros. content:


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          Ya, good times.

        • Sick243
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          Those are always great but every now and then its good to do raid in middle of the night and in all that chaos argue whit people about best way to prepare and eat bacon Dood

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        Unfortunately, I've never had any good experiences with online games. That's the main reason why I dislike them. I really wanted to have a good online experience like you listed, but it never happened for me.

        Well, I guess that isn't all that true. I did have a lot of fun playing Mario Kart Wii and Splatoon 2 online, but it's not the same open experience that you'd have on a typical online game.


        • Voorhees
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          Doesn't have to be online, can be mates round to play Mario kart 64 or Goldeneye ?

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        I used to play MMORPGs a LOT many years ago in the days of Dark age of Camelot, Early WoW, various other MMORPGs.
        When I started in these games, I was often helped out by more experienced players on a regular basis until I got my head around how the game worked. The areas, character builds etc.

        I found the MMORPG community in game VERY friendly, helpful and I remember had long chats with people whilst camping areas for mobs and pulling mobs we'd kill off as a group, doing quests and so on.

        So yeah, that's a positive story. For the most part, in those days (and perhaps now, I dunno, I don't play MMORPGs anymore) people very very social and helpful.