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Random holdover poll #1: How important is realism?

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    I don't care about stuff like physics. It bothers more the lack of realism in things like human characters in shooters somehow being able to absorb bullets like the T-1000.

    You know some people complain about games like Contra being one-hit kill games, and I understand because it makes them very hard. At least it's realistic though

    I do love that Blazing Chrome lets you acquire an energy shield though, let's you make the game easier without turning your character into an unrealistic bullet sponge

    This is what I like about sci fi shooters. You can soak up bullets in Mass Effect because you are wearing futuristic armor with a personal shield system installed. I also like how The Order 1886 narratively explains that your characters use an elixir to live forever, and it also can heal wounds in a pinch, like a mortal bullet wound. Great way to establish why these people can unrealistically survive massive shoot outs

    So yeah, if this post didn't make it clear, I hate when games make characters able to survive all manner of life ending injuries without providing an explanation as to why. Is Nathan Drake impervious to bullet wounds? I've also seen games where Lara Croft survives fatal experience after fatal experience within the story. It's ridiculous
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      I would this is up to the creative vision of the game. If you are designing a sim, obviously the closest depiction to real life physics is what you want but if you are going for something more arcadey than changing physics is fine. The end goal of the game should determine how the physics model should work.


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        as a fan on the EDF games i'm very into realism :-)
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