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Random holdover poll #2: The end is nigh for Bioware?

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  • Random holdover poll #2: The end is nigh for Bioware?

    As you must have learned by now Bioware has lost a major member of their team, a senior producer who worked for them for 12 years, also lead producer for Anthem.

    I don't think he would've left if things were looking up for Bioware. Anthem now is an official failure with EA completely ignoring the game in their latest earnings call. They expected it to be the next mass effect, but it's just the next Andromeda : A giant flop. The rumors about DA4 being what they are, I don't think there is much of a future for bioware. What do you think?
    Everything is fine at Bioware, they will continue unchanged for the forseable future
    This is just a small hickup they'll recover and go back to making great games
    It's bad but they will redeem themselves with Dragon Age 4 critically and sales wise
    It's bad and Dragon Age 4 will flop as well
    EA won't even wait for them to release DA:4 They'll seize to exist as bioware before long.
    Other: Explain your take in comments
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    I choose other.

    Cause Bioware was already dead.

    Dragon Age 2 or even Mass Effect 3 ending just showed us the early stages of being at deaths door.

    Mass Effect Andromeda only showed the corpse of Bioware wearing sunglasses and EA saying everything is fine, it's still alive.
    So I am not surprised Anthem failed, all signs pointed to this happening and the next Dragon Age will be nothing more than the same rushed work and maybe worse with the micro transactions.

    Again, Bioware was already dead.
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    • MadMummy76
      MadMummy76 commented
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      Everyone shits on Dragon Age 2, I liked it much more than Origins.

    • Necromancerx69
      Necromancerx69 commented
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      Trout and @MadMummy76
      Everyone shits on pineapple pizza. I love it. xD

    • Trout
      Trout commented
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      Havent played DA, its on my steam "to play" list. Picked up Origins GOTY afew years back.

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    I wish I could love anything as much as I hate everything
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      I expect DA4 will still happen. It'll probably be a disaster of PC crap and that will probably be the final death knell of Bioware and good riddance.


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        I cannot say I have ever been a die hard Bioware fan and most of my experience with the company is through friends, video game coverage, and through other EA games, but I cannot be too optimistic here. Not with all the recent flops, underhanded moves, and predatory monetization going on with Bioware and EA in general. Do I think there will be more games? Of course, they make money. Do I think they will be good? I suppose there is always potential. Do I think they will ever be like before? It certainly does not seem like it. All I know is that I doubt one person, no matter how great or horrible, could really affect the path Bioware is on right now.


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          Bioware is just a name now, all the talent is gone and with them the chance DA4 would be any good.
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            Other: Bioware is already dead, EA is siphoning off the Bioware Magic and using it to reanimate the studio as a zombie.
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              Its fine, we're fine. Everything is fine. How are you?
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              • twidget
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                We're sending a squad up.

              • WickedWolf
                WickedWolf commented
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                Oh... fine.

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              This is just a guess, but there are probably a lot of Dragon Age fans that will get the game who don't really know about or follow all the drama surrounding the past few games. I still see people saying good things about Dragon Age Inquisition every now and then. Maybe DA4 will sell well at first, but be critically panned, or hated by the community. Or who knows, maybe it'll be fine (it's rare for a "AAA" game to be better than just "fine", just sayin').
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              • Zagreus_Veritas
                Zagreus_Veritas commented
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                Inquisition was actually pretty good, it just had a cancerous swollen open World content area stapled to its core gameplay like a botched transplant job and it was obvious work had gone from the main story to fill out its bloated form.

              • WickedWolf
                WickedWolf commented
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              • Zagreus_Veritas
                Zagreus_Veritas commented
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                No game has lived up to Origins so far, the story, the character customization options... The cold, refreshing assassin and the most gallows humor spouting tank I've seen outside of Eorzea...
                It did have some flaws though, most notably how thanks to their party composition I never played through the game on any class other than mage, Morrigan may be one of the most overhyped characters but a good starting mage she is not...

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              I don't think EA will even allow it to finish dragon age. Most likely they are still in pre-production of all the stories that came to life a while ago about mismanagement are true...


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                Other Bioware will survive if DA4 is absolute hit don't think EA will kill them b4 that sense its in making Dood


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                  Bioware died after Mass Effect 2, their last great game

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                    All the people who used to make Bioware good and made good games are now gone. The same thing with Blizzard. All the old talent left retired or got let go. The only thing that remains of Bioware is the name. All they have now is the current crop of Millennial SJW garbage out of brainwashing centers known as colleges.


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                      I don't even know why EA even keeps them around anymore when they've shut down equally good studios for less.


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                        I liked Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. Those were amazing. Most of the people who made those great are probably long gone and I've never had any interest in anything else they've produced. Star Wars is for normies, all I know about Dragon Age is the QTE mockery for DA2, and the Mass Effect series seemed like it helped ushered in the generation of relationship/sexuality/create-a-character gamers.

                        The trainwreck of hype and mockery is kinda fun to watch youtube videos about, to an extent, but hopefully they just get it over with soon.