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Random holdover poll #3: What about Ion Fury?

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  • Random holdover poll #3: What about Ion Fury?

    So you all know what happened, a certain group of non-gamers complained, and 3D Realms not just buckled they lay down backwards for them.
    This poll is not about the politics, so please don't discuss that here. I just want to know how this development has changed your stance about Ion Fury.

    UPDATE: I didn't expect so many people to be so out of the loop and ignorant regarding this, so here's the recap:
    No, this is not about apologizing about discord or reddit comments or whatever (BTW there was nothing to apologize as the comments seemed reasonable)

    This is about the fact that they vowed, to patch the game, and remove any "offending" jokes or references from it. And the complaints included things like why is the main character called "Bombshell", and that the main bad guy is a trans person, therefore the whole game is transphobic. Except the main character is not trans, but a transhumanist. Guess the complainers intelligence only makes them capable of recognizing the first 5 letters.

    I'd not stand by while a game is censored out under from me, after I bought it.
    I bought Ion Fury and censorship doesn't matter to me.
    I refunded the game due to this, or would refund it if I could
    It bothers me but I would not refund the game over this
    I will buy Ion Fury because of this
    I will buy Ion fury regardless of this
    I was thinking about buying the game but this made me reconsider
    I wasn't going to buy the game anyway
    Other: explain, but without going into politics!
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    I did refunded it, by pure luck payed for it the same day the news came out.
    If it was later Steam would not accept my refund.
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      Wasn't interested by the game so idgaf, maybe if I have nothing to play I'd buy it cause it looks like some pointless non-issue, that said it brought us Ian Miles Chungus having a mental breakdown over his non-review getting removed by Steam is hilarious. Granted you don't really need that to know he's dumb I mean he's the guy who recommends YIIK to own the SJWs but still it's funny.


      • MadMummy76
        MadMummy76 commented
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        Just to be clear you support censorship of jokes and calling it a non-issue?
        The rest is off topic and completely irrelevant, who the fuck is Miles Chungus anyway?

      • Magvel
        Magvel commented
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        It's more that I don't care rather than support.

        You're better off not knowing who ian miles cheong is, he's a spineless sperg.

    • #4
      I didn't hear, other than the name change, but that happened weeks ago. What else did they change? I was actually considering buying this game at full price which is extremely rare these days for me.


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        Edit: I guess we're talking about this?

        Ok, but what are the *phobic comments that are in the game itself (not discord)?


        • #6
          I bought it, and wouldn't refund such a good game for a reason as stupid as "the devs were forced to apologize to SJWs".
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          • #7
            I won't buy it, despite defending the game here and even being familiar with some of the people behind it's creation. Never apologize to these insane fucking people.


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              I don't care about the game but the whole thing is stupid to begin with and I hope anyone with the minimum of intelligence to ignore it and buy the game if it is to their liking


              • Balta666
                Balta666 commented
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                Well when I mentioned it is stupid to begin with I am referring to the SJW bulshit. Said so I don't see how the gameplay has changed so as far I can see anyone can have the same enjoyment from the game as before
                Would I prefer them not to have done it? Absolutely but I don't think anyone should do a storm in a cup anyway about it

              • Thomas_JCG
                Thomas_JCG commented
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                MadMummy76 - Seriously? The only thing that changed was the text in a bottle of soap, that's not the end of the world.

              • MadMummy76
                MadMummy76 commented
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                I don't know if the patch is even out yet and what did they change, their complaints went far beyond the soapbox. But it is besides the point. You give an inch now, next time they demand a mile. Censorship is a slippery slope, and not because of the soap.

            • #9
              I was interested in getting it but this nonsense made me reconsider right quick. The game look like loads of fun but I refuse to support developers/publishers that give in to the outrage mob. Not like I'm lacking in games to play anyways.


              • #10
                It looked interesting and I've heard good things about the gameplay, but I'm not much of a FPS player so I wasn't going to get it anyway. Nice throwback to the older FPS games in the '90s, but the humor that was censored seemed very '90s typical humor, so I'm still a little confused about that... I do miss the '90s.


                • #11
                  I was interested before. I can live without it. Easy to pass on now. Plenty to play and do, not a necessity. I'm definitely not knowingly going to help pay for brainwashing classes.


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                    It's a good game if you like 90s FPS games like Duke3D, Shadow Warrior, or Blood.
                    The publisher has a history of being spineless, but the developers are good people.

                    If you like these types of games, I'd recommend it, regardless of the less than brave behavior of some guy hiding out in Denmark.

                    I own it. I wouldn't refund it if I were offered to do so. And I'm not changing my positive & recommend review at steam, even if I'm not happy with someone's apology to things unrelated to the actual game itself.
                    So that's my biased opinion, and I hope the ceiling collapses on a resetera convention.
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                      All my typos are intentional
                      I also make videos


                      • Cuzin_Ed
                        Cuzin_Ed commented
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                        It's going to be hard to avoid politics cause it's a major part of life. Some people can pretend it doesn't exist but they are living in denial. Politics has been injected into video games since the PS1 and N64 days.

                    • #14
                      Wasn't going to buy it, but I hate when people apologize for stating FACTS. Such a beta move. It's stupid too, as once you apologize people smell blood in the water and just come after you harder.


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                        It's not my kind of game.
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