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Random holdover poll #4: From Bullet sponge to one shot

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  • Random holdover poll #4: From Bullet sponge to one shot

    I always loathed bullet sponge enemies in games, especially when they were human. One of the worst things that can break immersion is when a boss enemy takes 2000 bullets to kill.
    If it's a human one headshot ought to do it, no matter what kind of uberboss it is, unless it is explained by some space magical energy shield.
    I don't mind bullet sponge enemies, even if it takes half an hour to kill just one enemy
    I don't mind if flesh and blood enemies take 50 high caliber bullets to die.
    They shouldn't take 50 shots, but should be more tough than realistically possible
    They should be defeatable with a realistic amount of hits depending on their armor
    None of the above
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    Gonna give my thoughts on this. For me, the amount of bullets an enemy can take before it breaks my immersion in the game depends on the game's setting and what its trying to depict. For example when I play Destiny when a lumbering massive robot boss takes a few rockets and a super before it goes down (or more) it doesn't break my immersion because of the games setting. You are fighting non human enemies that are massive in scale and have space tech and what not. Makes it easy to believe it could take a lot to take this boss down. Contrary to this, when I played the first division game I could not get immersed in it at all primarily to how combat worked with damage to enemies. When my character is using an ak-47 and I fire a few round into the chest and head of a enemy who is only wearing street clothes and is still alive and doesn't react to being hit, it really pulls me out of the game. For me I am so accustomed to an assault rifle dropping a human target in a few hits that when games break this convention I have a hard to time being immersed in it. Now this may not be the case for everyone but this is how I look at bullet sponge enemies and its effect on my immersion.


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      I might be the only guy here that doesn't mind bullet sponge enemies.

      The actual enemies or bosses I hate are those with invulnerable phases or you need to shoot a tiny hit-box to actually damage them or worse have another weapon with a different damage element that can actually damage them cause now they are immune to the weapon damage element you last used.

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      Sorry for that [ Warframe bosses and some enemies give me ptsd ].

      But yeah, I don't mind bullet sponge enemies. I seriously prefer them over invulnerable enemies, as long the bullet sponge is within reason (enough ammo around to take down the target).
      If the bullet sponge enemy is not dead by the time there is no ammo around left, I call it laziness from part of the developers and bad design.
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        When you have a game with a realistic setting, then you must be equally realistic, and enemies should die from a single well placed shot. In fantasy or futuristic settings, having a HP bar or shields and armor that soak the damage make sense.
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          This is a bit outside of my genre preferences, but I take the middle ground here. If I play an FPS, it is going to be the wild '90s kind like Doom. First time I played a realistic FPS, it ended badly for me because I kept that Doom mindset.


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            I chose none of the above, as it's pretty dependent on the game itself and how it's portrayed, designed.
            I really enjoy Ghost Recon: Wildlands. where one shot one kill is pretty common. There aren't really any "Bullet sponge" enemies.
            That's fine for the game it is and TBH, I generally prefer that.

            Still, take a game like say Doom (2016 one). Some enemies/bosses are very bullet Spongey and that's fine, as it's part of the game to run around, dodge, go crazy with big guns.

            An extreme I don't like is gameplay videos I've seen of Wolfenstein:Youngblood where many of the enemies are Bullet sponges and it looks boring, repetitive etc..


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              Headshot HAS to be an one hit kill no matter the settings


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                Originally posted by Hyperweasle

                One thing I always hated was the "realistic juggernaut suits." You can light them up with bullets and they don't even flinch, as if the guns have no stopping power. Even if you had a suit that could take a 50 caliber or a close up 12 gauge, you would be knocked on the ground instantly and if you got hit in the head with a ballistic mask, you would unconscious. I would be fine with realistic bullet sponges if they actually reacted to your bullets, but they usually don't, and are like moving walls.
                I absolutely hate that too. Body armor doesn't make you immune to bullets, just gives you a chance to survive. A direct hit should at least disable the enemy for a few seconds until he can get air in his lungs again.
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                  I don't mind it if certain enemies are a little bullet spongey. You would expect a boss enemy to be tough to take down. Being able to one shot a boss enemy would be ridiculously easy. But this is why games should have options when it comes to difficulty levels. If you want that level of power fantasy then you should be able to get it.

                  As far as body armor goes, in real life getting shot while wearing a Kevlar vest does not mean you won't feel the effect of the round that hits you. It will still knock you over and it could even break ribs if it hits your chest. You will also have some serious bruising. All body armor does is prevent the rounds from enter the body and causing damage to internal organs. It does not make you invincible.

                  How this can be accurately portrayed in a video game is beyond me. But body armor will not make you some kind of damage tanking hulk.

                  I wouldn't want to spend an hour to kill some low level enemy.
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                    Game Dev- Bullet sponge = Difficult
                    Gamer - Bullet sponge = Most cases just annoying
                    There is time and a place but these days Devs go lets just do whats easy Dood


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                      Originally posted by Cuzin_Ed View Post

                      How this can be accurately portrayed in a video game is beyond me. But body armor will not make you some kind of damage tanking hulk.
                      It's pretty easy. They should take a knee and be disabled for about 10-20 seconds depending on the pace of the game.
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                        If an enemy takes half an hour to kill (with just bullets/weapons) isn't that just a lazy way for the devs to make the game feel longer and tougher than it actually is? Instead of having to design more levels or create a bigger variety of enemies.
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                          Don't have a preference. I play some games that skew more realistic, some that eat up shots and have different parameters for damage scaling or headshots etc, some that skew more to RPG numbers, some that have freaks and creatures + monster bosses.

                          Whatever the game is trying to do, if I'm enjoying it, I'm enjoying it.


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                            It depends on the enemy, if it's just a normal human then it shouldn't be a bullet sponge.
                            If there is a good valid reason why an enemy is a bullet sponge then I can understand to a point. I see bullet sponges as a lazy way to add difficulty to a game,


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                              Depends on the game, really. I personally think bullet sponges are lazy programming my self, but what do i know? I just play games.