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Name one or more series/franchises and name their best game

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  • Name one or more series/franchises and name their best game


    Symphony of the Night - Honestly, Castlevania wasn't that great before this. Classic Mega Man and the Ninja Gaiden series were much better designed side scrollers. Symphony not only improved on the Castlevania formula, but arguably did more for the popularity of Metroid style games than the Metroid series itself


    Contra Hard Corps - The Japanese version that mercifully gives you a health bar. Great Contra game with multiple playable characters and different routes through the game if I remember correctly. Contra 3 can suck it. Sega Genesis owners won out here. Shattered Soldier is a pretty great Contra game too

    Sly Cooper

    Sly 3 - Basically Sly 2, but more challenging and with more playable characters and some fun new mini-games (like pirate ship battles)

    Final Fight

    Final Fight 3 - The only great game in the series honestly, and it still doesn't measure up to Streets of Rage 2... or the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 3

    Ratchet and Clank

    Tools of Destruction - Everything that makes the series great was here, but on new hardware with awesome graphics. Crack in Time took itself too seriously and was a step backwards for the franchise.

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    The Legend of Zelda
    Ocarina of Time was groundbreaking, and remains to this day as the best game ever made. The sense of adventure in that title is unwavering, and the soundtrack is amazing.

    Mass Effect
    Mass Effect 3 was the best third-person action RPG of all time. The story was equally good, giving some of the most heartfelt moments in gaming story.
    Yes, I said Mass Effect 3,come and fight me.
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      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles on the Sega Genesis- While the recent Sonic Mania was fantastic, I still prefer Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The balance of fun, challenge, and speed in the levels felt perfect. It had a great soundtrack and nice colorful graphics too.

      Phantasy Star
      Phantasy Star 4 on the Sega Genesis- In my opinion, it's one of the greatest turn based RPGs out there, right along with the greats of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The challenge here feels just right; much more forgiving than Phantasy Star 2. The battle system is similar to PS2, but much improved and a bit more deep. It's got a great cast of characters with their own unique styles, a fantastic soundtrack, and some beautiful graphics. One thing I really liked about this game was the cutscenes. As they play out, the scenes appear on the screen as comic panels. Again, these comic panels help show off the games impressive graphics.

      Mega Man (Classic series)
      Mega Man 3 on the NES - This was always my favorite Mega Man game. I loved the robot masters, the music, and even the power ups (even Top Spin!). I also love the fact that once you defeat the eight robot masters, the eight from Mega Man 2 come back as Dr. Wily's Dark Robots to get revenge!


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        Grand Theft Auto. Vice City is the best. The game was just dripping with 80's style and it was a really cool game with some damned good music. VRock was my favorite station in the game. While the others weren't bad Vice City is still way above the others.

        Fallout. Fallout 1 is the best. It's short and bug free unlike Fallout 2. Fallout 2 had a ton of bugs. But with fan made unofficial patches Fallout 2 is almost right up there with Fallout 1.

        Call of Duty Modern warfare. The first Modern warfare game is the best. I only played 1 and some of 2 and 2 was 90% Multiplayer for me. I barely touched the campaign. But I played the campaign in MW1 and really enjoyed it. But from what I have seen of the games after MW 1 and 2 they all looked like garbage to me.


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          sonic 3 and knuckles as it has the best artstyle, level design and has freaking knuckles!!!

          Super Mario 64 because it is to this date the best 3d platformer, it was the first perfect game I ever played (and because I never liked 2d ones)

          Link to the past because it was the first I played and I am as happy playing now for the 20th time as I was on the first run

          I have not played GTA V but I will go with ugly duck of the franchise to many. GTA IV awesome as it has great gun play, the story is cool and the city felt for the first time real

          Final fantasy:
          FF X as it delivers a good linear story and because it has the best gameplay in the series (and the best turn based in JRPGs)


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            Hard to tell the best, as objectively, newer are better, but my personal liking is with Civ 1

            Warlords Battle Cry
            Here is clearly WBC 3 the best (and the mods even better)

            Heroes of Might and Magic
            HOMM 3 (optimally WoG)

            Disciples II - Rise of the Elves (But Disciples III is also cool, just if it would be properly patched... and for that it should not have been abandoned)

            Wizardry 8


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              Yep, I also consider Call to Power as part of the Civ frenchise. I am even more liberal, I counted in even Alpha Centauri (especially after considering the victory ending in CIV 1, when your civilization built a space ship, so it was like a clear follow-up)

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            Donkey Kong
            Back in the day I bought a ColecoVision because DK was the packin game.
            I liked the Donkey Kong Country games but I thought Donkey Kong 64 is the best of the bunch.

            LoZ:LttP has been my favorite Zelda game since I first played it.
            Ocarina was great and is my second choice.

            Super Metroid is the quintessential Metroid game.
            It put the metroid in metroidvania.

            Final Fantasy
            VI was always my favorite over VII.

            Knights of the Old Republic

            Serious Sam
            I look forward to Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass.
            Maybe it'll take primacy from Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter.

            Elder Scrolls
            TES III: Morrowind, with all it's warts, is superior to any of the others Elder Scrolls game.
            I have a play through going on, again, with Tamriel Rebuilt, v18.09, installed for the first time.
            I look forward to the Skywind mod and will sooner or later play through using OpenMW.
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              Mass Effect

              Mass Effect 2 - Second is the best, I loved the feeling of independence of the game, and the fact that the story focused more on character building than the main storyline. Plus the combat is the best in this game, yes better than in ME3, that went too ARPG for me, enemies are too bullet spongy no more pause.

              Elder Scrolls

              Oblivion - Yes I've said it, the setting makes this game the best of all, morrowind was never to my liking, and the rest of the games were before my time as an RPG player.
              Plus the best mods are for oblivion, skyrim is just a winter wasteland no matter what community mod I install. And the story is completely forgettable, in fact I already forgot it.

              Star Wars Dark Forces

              Jedi Knight - This game was such a leap forward for it's time that it made every other FPS look like a joke. The complexity of the levels was beyond anything previously seen, and I loved the ultra-hard lightsaber bossfights. Plus I was always a fan of cinematic cutscenes. The expansion Mysteries of the Sith, is one of the most difficult games I played and enjoyed.


              Doom II - It is basically the same game as the first, but the level design evolved tenfold, it is a legend to this day. A 2D game that makes you believe it is 3D effortlessly.

              Splinter Cell

              Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - third time is the charm for this series, this game fixes the most annoying issues of the first two, while adding some interesting new mechanics, and allowing more freedom in missions. Sadly the series went downhill after this, Double Agent was a buggy unfinished mess with lots of wasted potential, and Conviction / Blacklist weren't much better either. Although they are still worth a play imo.

              Dragon Age

              Dragon Age 2 - Yes, you read that right. The first introductory fight that allegedly EA forced in does feel out of place, but otherwise the game is brilliant. Again similar to ME2 mostly character building, but that's what I love. I never liked DA:O that much, the combat was clunky and mostly luck based, here it is much more fluid and enjoyable, and the story in DA:O was so boring I could claw my face off listening to characters drivel on about irrelevant things.

              Need For Speed

              Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed - No explanation needed, this is what a street racing game should be about, the pure love of cars and driving fast on public roads, with realistic enough but not hardcore sim physics.

              Test Drive

              Test Drive Unlimited - Developed by the same company that did NFS: Porsche, this game represents everything I ever wanted from a racing game. Great physics, great graphics (for the time). Avatar customization, challenges, long 100+ mile races. It is the best street racing game of all time, and no you can't change my mind on that.

              Max Payne

              Max Payne 2 - It grown up for the second part, the story is more gritty, the first one comparatively seemed like a big joke. And you get to play as Mona Sax, who should be more famous than Lara Croft imo. Don't say the name of Max Payne 3 in front of me. MP3 to Max Payne is what the Last Jedi is to Luke Skywalker.

              Gran Turismo

              Gran Turismo 4 - If TDU is the best road racing game, Gran Turismo is the best track racing game that is not a simulator. With 1000 cars and dozens of tracks 4 was by far the biggest game in the franchise, and the one that most feels like an homage to the love of cars. 5 was two steps back, while 6 was one step forward one step back in other areas. And Sport that's a bad joke.

              Tomb Raider (reboot series)

              Rise of the Tomb Raider - They ditched annoying QTEs and made better levels, that's all it took to make this the best game of the new series. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was meh.

              Command & Conquer

              C&C Generals Zero Hour - The best RTS game ever. Sure the campaign was forgettable, but I could play skirmishes forever and never get bored or have a repeat outcome. The factions made switching sides interesting with various strengths and weaknesses. They weren't equally difficult, which is a good thing imo.
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                "C&C Generals Zero Hour - The best RTS game ever."
                I see you are a man of culture as well. I love Zero Hour and I still play it to this day with the Shockwave mod or Contra 009 mod.

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              Suikoden - Suikoden 2
              Dragona Age - Dragon Age 1
              Fallout - Fallout 2
              Red Alert - Red Alert 2
              Breath of Fire - Breath of Fire 4
              Digimon - Digimon Cybersleuth Hackers Memory
              Shin Megami Tensei - SMT 2
              SMT Persona - Persona 3
              Disgaea - Disgaea 1

              Thats it for now Dood


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                Persona : 3
                Trails/kiseki : azure
                DMC : 5
                Soulcalibur : 2
                Pokemon : BW2
                Final fantasy : VI
                Valkyrie Chronicles : 3


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                  Max Payne: 3

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                    General Chaos. Mad game.


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                      Agreed on Castlevania: SotN and Contra Hard Corps. I'd like to split Metroidvania and Classicvania so I could also say Rondo of Blood. Rondo's item crash and backflip are in perfect harmony with the weight and commitment of NES style vania instead of breaking it like IV did. The art style and visuals have the most personality and artistry, the multipathing alternate levels and bosses is everything Castlevania III tried to be on steroids.

                      Dark Souls III... even counting Demon's, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. Looks the best, nicest visual design, weapon/armor sets, amazing PvP and area maps, sickest bosses, and it's like a greatest hits medley of series ideas.

                      Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain... perfect controls, feel and my favorite aspect of the series has always been screwing around with guards, weapons, gadgets and trying different infiltration styles in open areas.

                      Final Fantasy VI... then XII

                      Street Fighter V... got me back into fighting games, and I love how it feels, flows. All the characters, even the classics, feel so unique and rich now. V Triggers are great. I like that it pushed people into competitive play, me included. Third Strike is probably the closest to a perfect game, in the Tetris, Quake III sense, but V does it for me.

                      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan... best it's ever felt to control the turtles thanks to Platinum, and the IDW TMNT are better than the 80's cartoon. Best Shredder. Turtles In Time just really doesn't have much to it, even though I love it.


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                        Total War - mods tend to be better for this series than any of the base games...! But on the whole, Medieval 2 gets my vote.

                        Assassin's Creed - I've got more hours in Odyssey than any other title, but AC:2 is still the best in the series IMO (followed pretty closely by ACIV:BF).


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                          Spyro the Dragon
                          • Spyro: Ripto's Rage: Awesome characters, great levels, and tons to collect!

                          • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse: Peak Shantae in my opinion. It has tons of upgrades and items to get that affect both combat and platforming. The bosses were great, and the game was perfectly difficult.

                          Resident Evil
                          • Resident Evil 4: It's Resident Evil 4, do I have to say anything else?

                          Serious Sam
                          • Serious Sam: The Second Encounter: Tons of level variety, great music, and amazingly funny secrets scattered throughout. Look up the Grand Cathedral level and tell me that's not badass.

                          • Halo 3?????: Great multiplayer, FORGE MODE, and an amazing story to end one of the greatest trilogies in gaming history.

                          • Thief 2: Took everything about the original and made it better. No more combat focused levels, more focus on actual thieving, amazingly vast levels, and one hell of a finale!