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Daily Poll 174: Will Kerbal Space program 2 be early access?

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  • Daily Poll 174: Will Kerbal Space program 2 be early access?

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    Kerbal Space Program 2 was announced at gamescom a few days ago. I played the first one years ago and remembered liking it. I'm pretty excited to check out the sequel when it comes out in 2020. I also remember Kerbal Space Program launching as an early access game. Do you think KSP 2 will be an early access game?

    Check out the daily poll archive:
    KSP 2 will be early access
    KSP 2 won't be early access
    There isn't enough information for me to decide
    I don't care about KSP 2
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    I don't care if any game is or isn't placed in early access.
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      They will not miss the opportunity to sell the game before the game is ready, now that they acquired a taste for it.

      In my opinion early access games are bad for the industry. Nobody is happy at the end. The game can never be called truly complete, the players who started playing it in early access always complain when major change happens. And when the game is finally pushed as an actual release nobody really wants to buy it any more, hell most people who bought it are already bored with it. So the devs have no capital for their next project. Meaning they have no choice but make that early access too. It's a catch 22, that ultimately degrades quality of games.
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        I don't care in the slightest about this game.
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          Games focused on user creation like this pretty much should be an ongoing development, because there's no ceiling and it's not until people start pushing it that you see where things can or need to go.

          Early access can be fine. Better than a pre-order where you get nothing for months or years when you put money down. You can also suss out what's going to be a worthwhile and actually supported game for your tastes, as long as you have taste and sense. Same thing that tells you what games to buy in general. That aptitude varies from person to person, but one monkey don't stop no show.


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            Nope don't care Dood