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Daily Poll 188: Do you play Mobile games?

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  • Daily Poll 188: Do you play Mobile games?

    Last Daily Poll was on the Nintendo Direct. Check it out here:

    Mobile games are the biggest Cash cow of the industry. A lot of mobile games are shovelware designed to extract as much money from players as possible. Mobile is a huge market so I don't blame companies for trying to catch some of that lighting in a bottle. Although it's rare to see a dev use mobile for anything but a platform to sell microtransactions. Not all are the worst things to exist. They can be quite fun to pass a few spare minutes when you're out and about. Do you guys play mobile games? I don't play them too much these days.

    Check out the daily poll archive:
    I only play mobile games
    I don't play mobile games at all
    I used to play mobile games
    I play mobile games often
    I play mobile games sometimes
    I play mobile games rarely
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    All my typos are intentional
    I also make videos


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      These days I'm either reading our watching movies on my phone, but I'll admit to playing games on it. There's a lot of good ones to find out there too, but of course that would be the paid games. You've got stuff like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Ace Attorney, which all work just fine on mobile.


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        Maybe once a year for a few minutes. I'd have to be stuck in an airport or something, with no handheld option. No wifi too, otherwise I'd probably just be on the internet.

        I don't mind them though.


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          Nope. Call me a boomer, but I hate using smartphones in general, and I sure as hell would not use it for gaming, especially considering the trends of the market. The best thing a smartphone is for is a mobile hotspot for other devices. Even if there's a mobile spin-off of a series I really like, doesn't matter. Mobile = instant ignore.
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            My response is no while not being 100% the truth. I play minesweeper on it (it is one of my guilty pleasures and something I do often while listening to something) I also have used emulators in the past but the controls bother me


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              Yes, the controls on a phone for any game not made for a phone are ass. I don't have a good solution for this, but I'd like one.

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            There's no option for "I have several installed but I can never get myself to play any of them."
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              I've had some mobile games installed to pass time while waiting at airports and such, but I found all insufferable, I'd rather watch a wall for 3 hours now than to try and play any mobile game.
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                Yup, all the time, while traveling on public transit, or while waiting for sh*t.

                I sit in front of a computer at work M-F 9-5, so I generally don't touch my personal computer at home. If I can do it with my phone, then I do it: browsing, banking, reading, gaming. Any major chunk of time that I'm not spending with my family, I dedicate to tabletop gaming.


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                  I've played almost every kind of mobile game there is and most of them are fun at first, but fall short due to bad mechanics. Especially MMORPG's. Very, very few ever have everything necessary to make a truly worthwhile game. Prime examples of this include:

                  Final Fantasy
                  Animal Crossing
                  Fire Emblem
                  Warriors of Waterdeep (DnD)
                  Perfect World Mobile

                  Sadly, the mechanics that ruin what could have been great games are the industry standard. The first three games on the list above suffer from the Stamina System, which limits how long you can play the game unless you shell out money for potions.

                  Perfect World Mobile suffers from the Daily Tasks system. This system gives you a set number of tasks to complete for various rewards such as in-game currency, experience, upgrade materials, gems for equipment socketing and guild contribution. On its own this would be fine, but you can't farm experience from monsters and dungeons. Meaning that there is a set amount of progress you can make each day.

                  As for Warriors of Waterdeep, I'll just paste the review I left for it on the app store:

                  "To call this pay to win isn't enough. It borders on pay to play. They reward gold in obscenely small amounts and charge equally obscene prices to upgrade equipment, challenge dungeons and even to LEVEL UP!!! That's right, you gotta shell out your constantly dwindling supply of gold just to level up.

                  Couple that with the inability to replay previous stages and ridiculous quest goals and it makes for an extremely greedy cash grab using a popular brand name. Only play if you have deep pockets."

                  You'll find terrible mechanics like these all too common, but there is one I can say that possesses none of these. Adventure Quest 3D. This game comes from Artix Entertainment, the same company that made the original Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable back when Flash/browser based games were still very popular. The game has been in open beta for years, but it remains true to what an MMORPG should be. There is NO P2W WHATSOEVER! You can buy cosmetic equipment as well as up to two levels of membership, which is a one-time payment (I got the highest level membership) with no strings and guaranteed benefits from future content. Character customization is not a one and done thing, nor do you need to open up your wallet to make any changes. It's also got nine classes you can choose from (two new ones on the way) as well as changing between them at will with no cost. I've been playing since 2017 and the game only gets better.

                  If you're wondering what you can expect, well here's just a few things:

                  Sentient Mushroom people
                  A shark operating a primative mech
                  A derpy unicorn
                  Evil Snowmen
                  Crystal Spiders
                  Dragons (did I say that already?)
                  Dragons (seriously, it's like, their thing)

                  One recent and very temporary addition is a Battle Concert featuring Korn and two songs from their new album. Event ends on the 20th.


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                    I dig that dracowerepyre

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                    Close, but there is something called a Lychimera. It's like a chimera, but replace all three animal parts with more werewolves.

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                  I've never installed a game on my phone. I try to minimize my exposure to touch screen interfaces. Why would you ever want to play a game that can only ever use a cursor and no other keys, the cursor obscures 5-60% of the screen depending on what you're clicking on, and the click has no haptic feedback?

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	touch vs mouse.PNG
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                    Exhibit A fits in my pocket and is always with me. Exhibit B does not.

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                  Originally posted by Garrett View Post
                  the click has no haptic feedback?
                  Depends on the app, for example I have emulated a few games in epsxe and there is an option to have it give some haptic feedback through the phones vibration. However the controls still take up quite a bit of the screen.
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                    The thing I have never understood is this: A touch screen is a REALLY BAD interface for a lot of game types, but by comparison it is the perfect medium for two of them.
                    This would be card games and turn-based strategy games, games where you don't need to see the whole screen when you press on something.
                    For card games we have a ton of them, sadly the majority of these are riddled with the kind of microtransactions that I hate (Booster packs: The original lootboxes) and Chickenrock dominates the market.

                    But why are there SO FEW turn based strategy games? WHY?
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                    I just found Andor's Trail and I like it.


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                      Granblue is better than a lot of paid games, especially the ones from a certain franchise made by Idea factory (a name truly unfitting considering this franchise is the big bang theory for weebs)