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Daily Poll 191: Should we forgive developers?

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  • Daily Poll 191: Should we forgive developers?

    Last Daily Poll was on a super easy mode. Check it out here:

    This is a topic from Necromancerx69. Everybody makes mistakes including game companies large and small. Bad PR can come from a two person team or massive corporations like EA and Activison. Of course a lot of wrongdoing from devs is intentional. Condescending CMs and scummy monetization have convinced many people to boycott studios. Although it is pretty rare these days there are cases where devs respectfully fix their wrongdoings and make a better product for fans they now respect. Is forgiveness an option for you or are you one and done. If EA removed lootboxes from all their games and made solid and fun games would you buy them or would you continue to not buy their games out of spite? I would we need to encourage people and companies who have done wrong and show actual effort into making themselves better a chance.

    Also the last Daily Poll did really well the discussion was a bit too adversarial at times but it was very fun to read through. So thank you guys for that. Also did anybody get the Catherine reference? Nobody talked about it and I thought it was cool most of you are not weebs so I understand.

    Check out the daily poll archive:
    All devs should be forgiven no matter what
    All devs should not be forgiven no matter what
    All devs who make a positive change and stick to it should be forgiven
    I have no opinions of developers
    I don't trust any dev I only buy a game on its individual merits
    I can't decide
    Other Opinion (reply below)
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    In the rare, almost unimaginable scenario where a dev is sorry, and they stick to actions that prove such, they should be forgiven. Otherwise they can burn for all I care, which is why I 100% believe EA devs for example, are every bit as evil as the execs running that company. Execs can't develop games afterall, let alone add features that a dev doesn't ok.


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      Quit saying this shit is the dev's fault! They're only doing what they're paid to do! This is the fault of their greedy, corporate overlords! And no! I don't forgive them!


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        You're saying that taking money and following orders excuses them of any responsibilities for what they develop?

        Oh hell no!
        They are as culpable as any master they may serve.
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      I don't know. I don't trust anybody in the game industry, so I don't often pre-order anything, so I can make an informed decision on a game based on its merits. If the developers do something egregious or something that I don't like, I do get dissuaded from buying it, but if it's a console game, at least I can buy it used. Probably what I'll do with Borderlands 3 if I ever get around to that one like 5 years later or something (still haven't played the pre-sequel).
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        I don't pre-order games and buy them only if I saw enough of it to be happy with its content or if I saw reviews to back it up. I have not play an EA game in over a decade but if they deliver a good product I don't have a problem with it. We should vote with out wallets and tell the publisher which products we support and which ones we don't. Boycott accomplishes nothing


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          " We should vote with out wallets and tell the publisher which products we support and which ones we don't. Boycott accomplishes nothing"

          Despite it is not only the most reasonable and logical countermeasure, it is also the best known.
          The tricky part is, that the 'big-ones' pry on the unaware. On young players and even worse, on their parents, They instill their own standards into the world of gaming. Their marketing puts them on a pedestal and new gamers all will be certain, that the game they just bought is the standard (or even above standard)
          No matter how objectively the game is bad, the vast majority of buyers are just plain victims of multi-platform marketing,

          They also are well aware that very few gamers will go through their game content in higher extend than 35%.

          So let's run through the numbers once more:
          As is [%] Should be [%] importance for gamer (scholar) Importance for gamer (noob/casual)
          Marketing 10 10 Low High
          Shadow Marketing 15 0 None Very High
          Publisher's fee 25 10 N/A N/A
          Developing 1/3 of the game 15 30 High Medium
          Developing 2/3 of the game 10 25 High Low
          Developing 3/3 of the game 5 25 Very High Very low
          Implementing gambling addictive elements 20 0 Negative Positive
          And now one pie chart, because we all love pies, right? Let's have two, and call them consumer market distribution per model.
          Click image for larger version

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            If *anyone* manages to change for the better and then stick to it they should be forgiven, not just game developers.
            The problem is that in today's World almost noone does, because it's much easier to wait for people to stop making a ruckus and then continue as if nothing happened.
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              Probably the ONLY developer I trust in the current gaming industry is CDPR, and only because they haven't betrayed my trust yet. On a day-to-day basis I trust the gaming industry as far as I can spit. Both AAA developers ruled under the cruel yoke of the giant publishers, and the indie devs who sellout to the highest bidder.
              In fact, I trust the devs just about as much as politicians, which is not at all.
              I'm willing to buy your game on its individual merit alone if it is actually good, even if you said something stupid or something that I don't agree with as a dev.


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                I don't trust and never will trust the greedy corporations. Remember when EA announced they would tone down microtransactions after the Battlefront II debacle? Yeah, see if they kept their world. Those companies asking for forgiveness is nothing but marketing and you would need to be stupid to accept it.
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                  I don't trust any of them, they're a company so their goal is to make money.
                  I only pay attention to the games they make, if they make a game I enjoy, great, if they don't then it's also great.

                  I've been let down too many times to trust companies to do anything other than rape my wallet.


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                    No. No forgiveness. No Mercy

                    That sounds crazy and mean I know, but there is SO...FUCKING...MUCH...BULLSHIT from game companies these days that I am way past the point of forgiveness

                    Fuck them. Fuck their dog. Fuck their car. FUCK THEM.


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                      Liked for the rage alone

                    • Necromancerx69
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                      Hey, leave the dogs alone, dogs are the best thing on this world. <3

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                    I decide who I forgive or not on a case to case basis.
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                    • Necromancerx69
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                      Same feels here, but it will depend on how much effort the developers took to make sure to win back our trust.

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                    Originally posted by The Messenger View Post
                    No. No forgiveness. No Mercy

                    That sounds crazy and mean I know, but there is SO...FUCKING...MUCH...BULLSHIT from game companies these days that I am way past the point of forgiveness

                    Fuck them. Fuck their dog. Fuck their car. FUCK THEM.
                    (he's unironic)


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                      Depends on what they do. If they shit on their customers then they deserve the backlash. Their job is take make a game I want to buy. If they can't manage to do that then I won't buy it. It's that simple.


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                        It depends on the individual case. What mistake they made, was it an honest mistake, or a deliberate attempt at something sinister.
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                          You like to accommodate your own agenda, you do that a lot. When will you be honest? I honestly don't ever see you being honest. I don't think you can.

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                          DazoftheDroid Are you gonna actually post your opinion on forgiving developers or just troll?
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                          He is my own personal troll, who else can say they have on of those?

                          His attempts at trolling me range from the pathetic to the demented
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