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Daily Poll 192: Did you buy Greedfall?

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  • Daily Poll 192: Did you buy Greedfall?

    Last Daily Poll was on forgiving devs. Check it out here:

    Greed fall is out and it seems like a long game with a slow start. It's on steam and it's 50 bucks don't know much more than that. Journos didn't like it so I'm going to say it's probably a stellar game that's janky like KCD or any Bethesda game. Did you buy it I haven't and I won't for a while but that's just me, myself and I.

    Check out the daily poll archive:
    I pre ordered Greedfall
    I bought Greedfall on release day
    I bought Greedfall after release
    I will buy Greedfall in the future
    I might buy Greedfall in the future
    I'll never buy Greedfall
    I don't care about Greedfall
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  • #2
    I never heard of it until yesterday. Youtube autoplayed Skill Up's review and I half listened to it in the background.

    So I dunno.


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      Technically, I preordered it, as I bought it about 6 hours prior to release, but I don't know that it counts as such. I was hopeful, but worried, about the title and held off until the last minute, when I figured 'I'm going to buy it anyway, so I might as well get the preorder clothing in the process'.

      I have really been enjoying the game so far, 11 hours in, and don't regret spending the money at all. The engine is a little dated, making the game look and feel like something out of 2014, but the writing is solid and the quest design is often excellent. The system makes your Skills/Stats/Talents very important, so you rarely feel like you're getting nothing for your investment, and talents (Charisma, Science, Lock Picking, etc) are used constantly, so you will quickly feel the weight of your character build decisions. Thankfully, most quests have multiple ways to handle them, so if you're weak in one area, you can always find another way to solve the issue.

      Considering we've been in an rpg-drought on PC this year, I was pleased to find that this title was worth my time.


      • Dub-Z
        Dub-Z commented
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        2014 was a pretty great year for games, so that doesn't sound too bad.

      • Irritablesquid
        Irritablesquid commented
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        Never heard of it, sounds like it might be worth a look though

    • #4
      To be honest, I am not interested in the game, mostly for the setting + armor designs.
      [ It's just look weird seeing a mage with a colonial like suit from what I saw on the trailer. ]

      Maybe I am just being picky, might give it a chance later in the future, maybe.
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        I thought this won't be out until 2020.

        It depends on the quality. The game doesn't look like AAA, and I don't really like buying AA games.
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        • Thomas_JCG
          Thomas_JCG commented
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          AAA is now trash.

        • JackofTears
          JackofTears commented
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          "AAA is now trash."

          Quoted for truth, though CDPR is now AAA and though Ubisoft has its problems, the last two AC games have been very good (people blew the microtransactions in Odyssey way out of proportion - they are never necessary in any way, shape, or form). With Larian Studios doing the new Baldur's Gate game, they may be moving into AAA territory as well but they, like CDPR, still maintain that AA mindset that made them great. I am not looking forward to the day when these companies sell out like all those before them.

        • MadMummy76
          MadMummy76 commented
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          AAA just means the production quality of the game, not the company behind it. I want games to have AAA production quality. If it's not you'll have a really hard time selling it to me.

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        Never heard about it


        • #7
          I'll pick it up in the future I guess, there are way too many games for me to play right now anyway, with Warframe and Minecraft and FF14, and FE, Astral Chain on the Switch, and Daemon ex Machina coming out, and me having a backlog so long that it still includes PS2 games. I haven't played through Paper Mario yet!
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            I had heard of it, but didn't know much about it, so I just looked it up. Looks interesting, so I might pick it up in the future.
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            • #9
              Any similarity with Arcanum? (like 'magic + colonial era' might be comparable with 'magic + steampunk', which is basically Victorian era)


              • JackofTears
                JackofTears commented
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                There is both magic and tech in a colonial-era backdrop, though the tech is mostly guns, traps, and medicine - no steampunk elements, really. Most of the big 'flashy' magic that you encounter is very Druidic in nature. You can get some magic, no matter which starting 'class' you choose, by spending xp in the right skill trees as you progress. You only get a handful of spells, even if you specialize in magic, however.

            • #10
              I did. It isn't excellent, but isn't bad either. It's one of those games that fall right on the middle of things, making it tough to give a solid recommendation.
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              • Zagreus_Veritas
                Zagreus_Veritas commented
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                I guess I'll pass on it then, I heard some people make comparisons to the first of the new Divinity games but they obviously were just trying to build hype.

            • #11
              I plan on getting it in the future (probably sooner rather than later), but don't have it yet. Been watching it for a while now and just have too much stuff in the backlog to have justified a pre-order. It'll probably hit a sale before I'm ready to play it...


              • #12
                I don't care about it.
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                • #13
                  Yong Yea says it's good so I'll definitely buy, but I learned long ago that buying things hot off the shelf is a good way to stay broke. I'll wait a year or so. Should have at least one good sale in that time. If not...I'll wait longer.


                • #14
                  Can't afford it right now but I'll be keeping an eye on it 'till i can. Setting seems interesting and i've been itching to play a good rpg for a while now so this is prefect timing.


                  • JackofTears
                    JackofTears commented
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                    Definitely get it when it's on sale in a couple months - I imagine it'll be half the price for the Steam Christmas Sale. I have been starving for a good rpg and this game hit almost all the right boxes for me.

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                  Well, now I'm 18 hours into the game and, damn, the writing is so good. The quests are full of twists and unexpected revelations that leave me delighted at every turn. The repercussions of your decisions don't always happen right away, and you can go back to talk to someone hours later, only to discover they remember some slight you committed in an entirely different quest and hold it against you. The reputation system also opens and closes doors for you as the game progresses, making you wonder at the wisdom of some choices as you look at your list of allied and enemy groups. This will give the game some definite replayability and while I'm not sure it's a game I'll replay as soon as I finish, it's certainly a title I won't be uninstalling anytime soon.

                  The longer I play the game, the happier I become with this purchase and the less I am bothered by its shortcomings.
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