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Do You Agree with Your Rating System for Video Games?

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    Last edited by WickedWolf; 09-14-2019, 01:58 AM.
    All my typos are intentional
    I also make videos


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      Last edited by Calico45; 09-14-2019, 03:02 AM. Reason: I remembered the age difference being less egregious for between Pokemon Red and NBA 2K20. It is really 12+ to 3+. I thought it had just been 6+.


      • DazoftheDroid
        DazoftheDroid commented
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        You can't say "parents make the ultimate decision" and then in the next sentence say "all their purchases after were more or less blind". You are basically admitting to fucking your own parents over. Classy.

      • Calico45
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        The truth is that parents do make the ultimate decision on what games their children can have, and they can make uninformed decisions just like anyone else. I am not exactly sure what you are criticizing about my experience, but I suspect you are saying that I lied to them to get the games that I wanted and knew they would not approve of. I did not, but even if I had, it does not matter in the slightest. They did not know the difference because even when they tried to stay informed it was too high of an opportunity cost and I believe a proper, accurate rating system should reduce that opportunity cost, making it easier for parents to make informed decisions. Thusly, avoiding my situation and the need to rely on all children to maintain angelic piety.

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      Pointless most parents don't care about it from my experiences Dood


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        Doesn't do shit, I have literal 12 year olds in my fucking Rainbow Six: Siege and Rust games, so clearly it doesn't work.