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Steam algorithm monster attacks again

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  • Steam algorithm monster attacks again

    So it appears valve's favourite pet has been updated to promote visibility of more and different games but instead a bunch of indie devs have seen exposition and revenue plumming since the change

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    Well that is odd. Not that bugs have not been apart of previous Steam updates, but the conditions are so vague with how the goal was supposed to be achieved. The listed article seems to think it is a bug and defends Valve against claims of wrongdoing, so there have probably been some accusations. However, we have no clue how the algorithm was modified except from their claims it was with the goal of increased visibility. So maybe it was a bug, mistake, a bad plan to begin with, or intentional. It is hard to say.


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      I am not that well informed on it but I believe valve said what was the intent of this patch. However the issue is that anything that works of AI has growing problems (YouTube is another excellent example of not working as intended or at least not in favour of creators). However any time you change it you may mess with the livelihood of the people that work on the platform

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    Checking recommended for me. Mine includes has what I'd consider as 1 AAA (gears of war 5), several double aa (Ark, DayZ, Surviving Mars) and then a bunch of smaller games (Risk of rain 2, Session (Skateboarding?), Breathedge, Rebel cops). I had never heard of ScourgeBringer, before or after the change.

    When an algorithm changes, there will be people who benefit and those who don't. I see plenty of what I'd consider as smaller games in my featured and recommended feed.


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      The complains are that is highlighting games that were already doing well and is ghosting everything else. To be fair the only one from those I never heard about is rebel cops

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      Here is another article on the same issue. This one includes feedback from more than just that one developer. It does include complaints from other developers. It also includes some developers who claim the change has had zero impact on them, and others who say that there was a positive impact.

      For what it's worth, the game ScourgeBringers has Coming Soon for it's release date. There isn't a purchase price available. It's in alpha and not Early Access through Steam. In order to access the alpha, you do so via Discord and not Steam. The game isn't ready for public consumption.

      These other games, the couple that have released, can do other things to attempt to bring their game back into minds eye including updating their game or putting it on sale. That will place them on some high visibility lists that people do regularly browse.

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    I saw this before and it's a lot of much ado for nothing. What is happening is that the new algorithm prioritizes games that have been released, simply as that. Released game have more information about them that Valve can use to determine if it is good for you, in addition to the fact that people are more likely to buy a released product than pre-order an indie game.
    "Without Games, Life would be a Mistake" - All of the Founding Fathers, in unison.


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      Steam has mostly "Recommended", but that one is not unitized to my personal settings.
      So I am fine with seeing games there, I am not interested in.

      Steam also has an setting, that asked me about my preferences, and from that tool I expected some results.
      ..... I not needing to visit youtube reviews, listen to friends, read forums or whatnot... I hoped Steam would feed me with stuff that meets my taste.

      It did suck and I tried it just now, and it sucks even more. It is worse than a drunken journo on ketanim and men-up supplements bathing in E3 shill shekels and eating tie pods.

      Like I explicitly selected all options to remove any game simulators, yet, out of 11 suggestions, I had one NBA and one similar sport simulator (maybe football or something)

      And as you can see, I have tried this a tool a LOT. (Zero games bought as a result) Click image for larger version

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