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What are your thoughts on Blizzard after this year?

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    Just putting it out there, but it does appear as though the idea that Blizzard is stopping people from deleting accounts is not entirely true, but could be due to high traffic on their website, possibly from people going to delete account en masse:

    You'll excuse me for using my post on Facebook to talk about it, but I went into some details there about other things they've done this year and some new details that people are skipping out on, because I at least want to be fair and informative.


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      They claim it's a glitch they're working on, but that is questionable and may never be revealed completely.

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    I never liked Blizzard, and I never will. I grew up after they made all of their good games.

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      I had little option of Blizzard in years. They stopped focusing on RTS games, and focused on WOW. So stopped carrying about them. Now I would will not play any of there games. Activision, is also guilty in this case. I do not play Activision games as it is and have no plays to play there games.


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        I Stopped caring about Blizzard after they released what in my opinion was a terrible (and episodic) SC2. Last chance I gave them was D3, and boy did they disappoint.

        Now they are Activision and I don't buy anything that has Activision in it. Skipped Sekiro since it was published by them.


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          I bailed as soon as they shacked up with Activision, so no sweat off my back. They can burn to the ground for all I care.


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            Well, people were going to be able to meet voice actors tomorrow, but Blizzard cancelled that:

            They are seriously trying to shut down freedom of speech where it is a right and doing so publicly. I know this is something other companies do, but not this blatantly, usually at least, and this is not okay.


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              I was honestly never really a huge fan of them before -- I thought StarCraft and Diablo were kind of cool, but never really got into them even though I'd like to eventually -- , but now I despise them even more than EA.