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    What is the best video game or video game accessory (shirts, figures, controllers, etc) you have ever found on a flea market or a place that sells used stuff?

    I like going to flea markets as long they have something good to sell me and today I got X rebirth collectors edition for 5 dollars (package sealed).
    Sure it's not the best of the X series and had a rough launch, but now I say it's on a solid place and with the use of mods I can fix other issues the game might have.
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    I also remember the time I got the Final Fantasy 7 game for the PS1 for only 15 dollars and sold it to another person for 100 dollars (that was before they decided to sell it online, so getting a copy of Final Fantasy 7 was hard and expensive). Later I found another one but I decided to keep it for my collection.
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    My brother also got me the Fallout Anthology collection for like 30 or 25 dollars as a gift.
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    Not counting all the controllers, toys, shirts, games for dreamcast / ps2 / pc / gba / ds, adapters and other bunch of goodies I have found on flea markets or places that sell used stuff.

    Have you guys ever found something good related to video games on a flea market or a place that sell used stuff?
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    I shopped at a lot of flea markets and pawn shops in the 90's, mostly looking for games.

    I don't recall that I found anything exceptional or rare but I did find games to flesh out my NES & SNES libraries.
    Virginia Beach had some good flea markets.
    Exclusively Games, the Fallout 76 of game forums.

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      I haven't been to a flea market since I was a kid, even though they have them here somewhere. I think the best stuff I ever found at thrift stores and antique shops was:

      Baldur's Gate II, complete with all discs, when the struggle was real in 2010 and I only had a laptop to play on.

      Some old Xbox and 360 titles recently at a Goodwill, that are now backwards compatible on the Xbox One X. Snagged Red Dead Redemption and Oblivion for $3 each, scratch free, CIB.

      If pawnshops count, I got a Gamecube back in 2007 for $30, with the Gameboy Advance adapter on the bottom. Had to hunt down the GBA player disc and can't remember where I found it, locally.

      As far as just general scores go, I remember I got Snatcher for Sega CD CIB for $6 at a local game store, in 1997. I couldn't get that game back now without spending a couple hundred nowadays.


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        I hate flea markets and avoid to go to any. I like my free time more than my money, so I rather spend money on what I want instead of wandering around for something and buying it used with maybe some issues about it.


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          A loose copy of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones on GBA for 5€, not a fan of the series but for 5 I had to take it, usually costs 60€ or so.
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          • Thomas_JCG
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            And Sacred Stones is a really good game, so you got a mighty good deal.

          • Necromancerx69
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            I loved the Sacred Stones, I used to have it for my GBA.
            Dunno what happened to the cartridge, might still be around or I sold it to buy a DS game. xD

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          Yap true they sell lot of crappy stuff but you can find true gems there lately I buy stuff like that at pawn shops since here they have to make sure stuff works before they sell it Dood


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            I used to love going to flea markets. I was not too successful in finding good video game. I would find great music and dvd/blue rays cheap. I have not been to one in a long time.