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Daily Poll 235: Will Death Stranding be an Epic exclusive?

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  • Daily Poll 235: Will Death Stranding be an Epic exclusive?

    Last Daily Poll was on OW 2's release year. Check it out here:

    Kojima announced the Death Stranding will be coming out on PC published by 505 games to come out in summer 2020. There has been a lot of rumors floating around that Death Stranding would go multiplatform and now those seemed to be confirmed. Nioh and Yakuza both have been released on PC and PS4 so this isn't groundbreaking for Sony so I'm really surprised by the announcement. I far as I know there haven't been any confirmed platforms and the Quantic Dreams games made there way onto PC from Playstation by way of the Epic Store. That might be Death Stranding's fate too or not. I'm not sure are you?

    Check out the Daily Poll Archive:
    DS will be Epic exclusive
    DS will release on the Epic store and other platforms
    DS will release on other platforms only
    DS will release DRM free
    There isn't enough information for me to decide
    I don't care
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    I was interested in this game at first, but the longer it takes to come out, and the more jaded and cynical I become with Hollywood, the less I care about this glorified Hollywood movie with some input and celebrity actors I couldn't care less about.

    But hey, it still has a chance of turning out okay I guess.
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    • Dub-Z
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      It's had a pretty reasonable 3 year development cycle.

    • Star Magician
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      You're right. I just forgot because the marketing cycle has also been 3 years long. reeee.jpg

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    I have no idea.
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      Didn't Kojima explicitly state it wouldn't be an Epic Exclusive? I think I heard that in some YongYea video since he is a complete fanboy and reports about everything Kojima related... It will either release on multiple storefronts at once or none at all as far as PC goes.

      I don't remember EXACTLY what he said, but he said something along the lines of "not approving the push for exclusives on the PC storefronts by anyone".
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        I don't care, I consider kojima games to be overhyped.

        I did enjoy MGS games, but wouldn't class them as the best thing since sliced bread, which it seems most of the youtubers think. That's one of the reasons I stopped watching reviews on there.

        I wonder what would happen if it was an epic exclusive, some people might have mental breakdowns and some might even fall into a coma.


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          I'm picking it up on PS4 and that's the only time I'm buying it, so I don't care if it is or not.


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            I wish it was PS4 exclusive. The fewer people join his cult the better. The last thing this industry needs right now is another shitty game praised as the second coming of sliced bread by a bunch of blind sycophants that would mistake blood in Kojima's feces for fine wine.


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              No, it won't. After Konami, Kojima will stay the heck away of anyone trying to control his property.
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                Personally, I don't fucking care. This game is turning out the be the most pretentious piece of shit I've ever had the misery of seeing. I swear the budget has to be nothing but 90% celebrities, and it just seems like a glorified walking-simulator. I CANNOT be the only person who just doesn't care about this game.


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                  I bet it will ( I believe I heard the publisher of it on pc has already done epic exclusives before). But I am just curious to see how much of a shit show it will be (the internet will be on fire on Friday when the reviews start popping up


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                    99% that it will be exclusive. Not that I care after MGSV. They'd have to pay me to touch any kojima game.
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                    • Dub-Z
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                      You said once before that you turned MGSV off after an hour or so because it was an altar to Kojima that galled your guts.

                    • MadMummy76
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                      Actually I was able to endure it for about 5 hours. But I don't know what point are you trying to make.

                    • Dub-Z
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                      An obvious point. That you went into the game with a pre-existing perpetual hate boner for Kojima, looked for a reason to get triggered, barely played it, and wouldn't know much about it. Your opinion isn't even based on game quality, it's just based on a deeply ingrained aversion to the creative director.

                      I don't think this aversion is based on experience with his body of work, but rather just a consequence of being mostly a PC gamer your whole life, who got sick of hearing about acclaimed console exclusives from some Japanese guy named Kojima. So by the time you played MGSV and discovered that it wasn't a low-concept, jingoistic military camapagn for fans of Call of Duty and Tom Clancy titles, you saw his name in the mission credits a couple times and started foaming at the mouth with two decades of built up resent.
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                    So your argument is that it is impossible to decide if a game is good in 5 hours? Some games end in 5 hours for crying out. I don't know what hobbies you have but I don't spend $60 looking to get triggered.

                    The irony is strong with this one, because it seems to me you're the one triggered by the success of COD and Tom Clancy titles. And if you must compare them to MGSV, it is closest to the splinter cell series gameplay wise. And gameplay in MGSV wasn't bad, it was the "unique style" of Kojima that made it unbearable for me. I just can't take games seriously where you attach balloons to corpses and they float away. Or where shadow soldiers make galloping sounds. Having to see "produced by hidejo kojima" after each map was just insult to injury.

                    And you're also wrong about being a PC only gamer. I've had a PS2, a PS3, and now have a PS4 PRO. And before I owned a PS2 I played PSX games on Bleem and epsxe. Including MGS, and it was like Splinter Cell even back then, I don't remember it enough to have any kinds of emotions about it. So I had no reason to hate Kojima until I played MGSV, but now I absolutely do.

                    I'm not telling you to stop liking kojima, if you like that style go buy DS, it doesn't bother me at all. You're the one being triggered by someone not liking it.
                    People should stop acting out when someone dislikes what they like. It's not a personal attack on your ego.

                    MGSV is not the first nor the last game I hated that many others like. Do you think everyone should conform to a consensus about each title?

                    I hate the game, you hate the fact that I hate it. Who do you think is in the wrong here?
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                    • Dub-Z
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                      No, my argument was that things like writing wasn't really your issue. You barely getting past the establishing premise was incidental to how quickly you turned off the game for being "an altar to Kojima" - which is always the overriding issue.

                      Your beef with it is that you can't get into high-concept stuff. There's thousands of games that arent't low concept, 100% grounded in realism, or always playing it straight... but for some reason you take the existance of that entire creative paradigm out on Kojima for daring to be acclaimed and accredited within it. It's like a Pavlovian response. Weird things make brain mad. Kojima man bad.

                      So you go all the way back to PS2 and had to play console games the ghetto rigged way before that. Which means you're a 90's PC gamer, with 90's PC gamer sensibilities, and don't really have the cultural throughline with Kojima's body of work that his fans do. So this gaming landscape, where Kojima is a living legend, feels oppositional and alienating. Hence, seeing his name in a game adds "insult to injury."

                      I don't think anyone should conform, I just don't want the place steamrolled into a no-Kojima zone by one dominant, strident perspective that never gets challenged. I'm challenging your reasoning, not your preferences. Anybody could have made a game that doesn't square up with your myopic expectations of military gravitas. It's like going into Street Fighter looking for UFC, nope-ing out when you see fireballs, acting like Capcom wronged you with their hubris, then being all histrionic about the impending release of Darkstalkers.
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                    Originally posted by Garrett View Post
                    I wish it was PS4 exclusive
                    I thought it was? Having seen the reviews I'd probably still get it as even though it sounds like there's a lot of bull in it the payoff seems to be worth it. Like when you have to listen to your girlfriend tell you about her day before you can bump uglies.

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