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Daily Poll 236 Discussion: EA putting their games on Steam

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  • Daily Poll 236 Discussion: EA putting their games on Steam

    Last Daily Poll was about Death Stranding on PC. Check it out here:

    Did EA do something good? Hard to believe and it depends on your interpretation but EA will be putting their games on Steam starting with Jedi Fallen Order. They are also going to be selling Origin Access which is there subscription service. While it's all in the pursuit of money EA putting their games on Steam rather than taking an Epic deal is pro consumer at least. Do you think things are looking up or not. Do you care? I think it's nice I might get Fallen Order on Steam after a price drop or two.

    Also on discussion topics the polls have nothing to do with the topic keep that in mind. The forum is broken but not that broken.

    Here's EA statement:

    Check out the Daily Poll Archive:

    Of these companies which do you have the lowest opinion of?
    Take Two interactive
    Activision Blizzard
    Epic Games
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    Seems like a good move to me. The less launchers we have to use, the better. Of course, it’s still just one drop in a very shitty ocean.


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      Can't spell Steam without EA.


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        Originally posted by Jokerthefoolio View Post
        Of these companies which do you have the lowest opinion of?
        All of the above. EA crawling back to Steam isn't surprising at all, either.
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        • Jokerthefoolio
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          Didn't think of that will keep in mind. Thanks

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        I always hated EA, but some how Epic managed to piss me off to the point I will never buy any product that lands there first before Steam.
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          Ugh, EA. I need to go wash my eyes out with soap after seeing that name!
          Still, I voted Epic, due to their recent behaviour. But it's a hard choice.


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            I really can't decide. They kind of all did bad at one time or another.
            But currently I think Bethesda is the lowest of the low, they failed as a developer as well as in customer service.
            Second worst is Blizzard for the whole china situation which started with diablo immortal.
            Third place goes to Epic games for obvious reasons.

            I actually don't have a problem with gearbox the company, only randy.

            EA/Take2/2K, I don't follow so closely nowadays.

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              That's a hard choice as just about all of them have done stuff, even fairly recently, which has caused me to hold my nose. Still EA messed up Battlefield. I will always be chasing the amazingly nostalgic era of Bad Company 2/BF3. It I don't think they have it in them to recapture that era of magic.


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                Seen bellular's video on ea/steam today.
                you need an origin account to play, so sounds like you still need origin open. So kind of pointless IMO.
                Now its a matter of:
                Do you wanna give EA less money and Launch a launcher from a launcher, and have both run?
                Just have origin open and give EA more money.

                On a side note
                If you do buy on steam, and need origin, can you launch direct from origin, or need to launch through steam?
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                • Borghir
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                  I have Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on Steam and was unable to play online without activating it on Origin as well.

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                I think this is a smart movie by EA. The money they are spending on there own launcher must cost more then just loading a game onto Steam.


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                  Originally posted by twidget
                  My original opinion of Bethesda was of a company that made buggy games and gave modders the tools to fix or add to them, for free.
                  The shit show that was paid mods is when my opinion changed.
                  And for the last year Bethesda's Fallout 76 has failed in about every way a game might fail.
                  Bethesda is now, imo, no better than any of the other money grubbing, AAA game developer/publisher, caring little about anything but separating gamers from their money.

                  EA hasn't been on Steam for years.
                  Why now are they returning?
                  What's EA's angle?
                  I refuse to believe that EA is doing anything that doesn't benefit EA.
                  You have to give people/companies credit when they actually do something positive, how else would they learn they are going in the right direction? If everything is always screw EA then the situation would never be resolved and they would stop making games or just go full mtx Ubisoft style or even mobile only, whatever would make them the most money. Leaving lootcrates/mtx etc... out of the equation, if Steam basically does everything EA did for Origin Access (Network, updates, etc...) they can literally either put those people on other projects or let them go making them more money all while adding a huge number of people who use Steam not Origin. Sure, they make less money per game but they just grew the audience tenfold. To this day the reason I don't have Mass Effect or Dead Space trilogies in my library on PC is simply because they are not on Steam now I will.

                  On topic, how anyone can be worse than Activision/Blizzard is beyond me. Hong Kong put them into never again territory for me, unless they are no longer owned by China I could care less by what they release I won't play it. However, before that what they did to Hearthstone with the expansion rate is disgusting. They lost a 5 year player over it, since vanilla. It was one of the toughest decisions I made in my life, to stop playing that game. No joke. I still love it but I've never seen anything ruined worse than that. Oh wait, WoW and Diablo too. Yeah, never again.
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                    The BIG question will of course be: How will the MTX be handled. Will you be able to purchase these via your Steam Wallet and if so, will Steam have to pay Origin a portion of that?


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                      The worst two are Activision Blizzard and Bethesda. However, while Bethesda has been bad because of incompetence, what Activision Blizzard has done is straight up immoral and evil.


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                        So EA games just have another DRM client. Okay. Nothing to see here.
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                          I have a low opinion of all of them.