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Daily Poll 240 Discussion: Crossplay is it good, bad or meaningless?

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  • Daily Poll 240 Discussion: Crossplay is it good, bad or meaningless?

    Last Daily Poll was on Blizzcon. Check it out here:

    Got MW for some reason and it has crossplay. It's been added to more games and Sony is opening up to it which is good. Makes sense for some games not for others and a lot can't get the feature since they're singleplayer. yadda yadda.

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    As a PC player I don't want to play with console peasants because they'd ruin my experience. But even then multiplayer games are worthless experiences.

    That's what I would've said if I had brainrot.


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      To be honest I don't care, mostly cause I prefer to play solo.
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        I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 14 and there is crossplay between PC and Playstation. For this game and maybe this genre, it's perfectly fine and seamless. You can't even tell who is who in PvE dungeons and raids and trials.

        Shooters might be a bit more problematic. On one side I cannot see how a console player is meant to compete with the precision of a mouse and the movements of a keyboard & mouse put together, on the other hand, FPSes on consoles have such an aim assist built-in, that it would be considered aim hack on the PCs...

        Don't even get me started on RTSes like Command and Conquer 3, lol. They had radial menus for all commands and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw them try to play it xD.


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          I don't see how it can be bad but I was of the believe that there is allways the option of turning it off so you can decide if it is not for you (and agree that makes no sense for consoles to play shooters with PC)


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            The only games I really care about getting crossplay with are fighting games since those kinds of games can die off really quickly if their community is fractured by hardware preference because most of those communities are already pretty small to begin with. I know some fighting games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat can get away with brand recognition to survive, but the less popular titles like Guilty Gear, or King of Fighters really need a strong community following to last more than a few months after launch.


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              I play SFV, so I can agree with the player pool thing. But it's always been weird that the PC version has different frame timing, and lately there's been videos of people getting stomped by modified tiny and huge characters online.

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            Why am I seeing these as the poll options?
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            Is this an elaborate inside joke I'm not privy to?
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              I can see the appeal/advantages/downsides of cross-play, but as I rarely take part in MP games these days I'm not overly fussed whether it's a thing or not.


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                I remember way back on Quake III being able to host a Dreamcast server on my PC by using game version 1.16, and being able to download the Dreamcast exclusive maps when they load in etc. Mouse and keyboard vs Dreamcast controller obviously wasn't fair, but it was still neat and shows how far back crossplay went, long before Sony and Fortnite.

                I'd say serious competitive games or games where the versions are too different, or are too easy to mod and hack, shouldn't mix, but I would have enjoyed being able to play Borderlands 3 with my cousin, since he was on PS4 and I was on X.
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                  It’s good. I hardly ever use multiplayer, but I remember needing to buy a second copy of a game just to play with a friend who used a different platform.
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                    Honestly, I don't get what the big deal is. The first time I remember crossplay was FFXI on the PS2 and able to play with PC players. Eventually it worked with 360/PS3 players and FFXIV is also crossplay enabled. I've never noticed a difference there and I had first hand experience as me and my ex played both for 4-5 years between the two of them, her on PS me on PC.

                    That being said I am easily an entire divison lower when I play Rocket League on PS versus PC, from Diamond 2/3 to Plat 2/3. The drop from 60 to 30 makes an impact at that level for sure. I guess the ranking system makes up for this as I have crossplay enabled and I do play with PS players on diamond sometimes. They could be just that good or on a PS4 pro, or a combination of both. Anyway, overall I don't see any issues with crossplay I am just not too sure why its such a big deal. Its been around for 15-20 years.