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Daily Poll 247 Discussion: Diablo 4 and its monetization

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  • Daily Poll 247 Discussion: Diablo 4 and its monetization

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    Diablo 4 was reveled at this Blizzcon and aside from a cinematic and a few snippets of gameplay we don't know too much about the game and its meat and potatoes. Blizzard has said there will be paid expansions and microtransactions. Paid expansions are great and Diablo 4 getting more than 1 like 3 did would be a lot better. I'm extremely skeptical about mtx since it's so easy to be scummy as hell with loot based games, especially with Kotick and his chinabux looming over their heads. What do you think? If you'e had a thought or two about this.

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    Diablo 1
    Diablo 2
    Diablo 3
    I can't decide
    I don't play Diablo
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    I enjoyed Diablo 3 and came to it after the big controversy about their store, so I didn't have that marring my experience. However, in my memories, D2 was the better game. It was darker, moodier, and the bosses occasionally took some strategy to defeat. Obviously, though, it's dated, so I don't play it any longer.

    I don't mind the idea of paid expansions, if they are actual expansions and not just tiny 'seasonal' updates that I'm paying money for. I didn't mind paying for the D3 expansion, or even the Necromancer class expansion, but I wouldn't want to pay every time I wanted a new multiplayer map or the like.

    Similarly, I don't mind the concept of paying for outfit skins, so long as they are worth buying and, hopefully, still obtainable by playing the game. If I don't like something, and don't want something, I won't buy it.

    Ultimatley, it will depend on how well they are implemented. I do not expect them to handle this well or respectfully, so it'll probably be a huge shit-show.


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      Diablo 2 all the way. D3 wasn't bad, aside from the auction house stuff.
      But Blizzard changed a lot, and what was the exception is now the norm and Diablo 4 is going to be absolute cancer.
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        Diablo 1 will always have a special place in my heart for its atmosphere. Diablo 2 was much better gameplay-wise and I've surely put in more hours into it than the first installment, but my heart will always look back at Diablo 1 fondly.

        Also, of course, Diablo 4 will be Buy 2 play, expansion(s) and will have microtransactions because it's 2019+ and you gotta skin your customers alive to survive, if you'd believe all the AAA publishers and their senseless PR drivel. If anyone was expecting anything less, they were a hopeless romantic.


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          Diablo 2 is so hard to go back to now. 3 for me.


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            I missed diablo back in the day (have allways preferred Warcraft and starcraft series) and when tried D2 a few years ago I did not enjoyed it (mainly because movement by clinking with the mouse it is not very comfortable in that game IMO). I played D3 on switch and liked the gameplay better but really don't like the loot thing, it is just not for me as story is my motto.

            On the monetisation I expected the worse possible as blizzard/Activision are the worst in the market at the moment


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              I never played any diablo game, I've tried 2, but it wouldn't run on my PC at the time.

              As for 4 if they are announcing it this early and upfront that it will be microtransaction based, it will certainly be horrid.
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              • #8
                Loved D1 and D2 many years ago.

                Got turned off by D3 with all the auction house thing and never bothered with it on PC after that.
                I DID get D3 on PS4 a few months ago and sort of enjoyed it. I got bored after a while though. Seemed a bit samey.

                Given it's already stated there's microtransactions in D4, it's highly unlikely I'll try be getting this.


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                  Diablo 3 for me. I'll probably still be playing it when D4 comes out. Ive had a lot of fun playing around with all the different builds. I try to make at least one complete build every new season.


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                    I'll probably pick up D4 12 months after launch as I did with D3.

                    Microtransaction don't bother me. I'm more concerned about the game working as it should.