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Daily Poll 249: Will Goldeneye Remastered ever be released?

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  • Daily Poll 249: Will Goldeneye Remastered ever be released?

    Last Daily Poll was on Banjo-Threeie. Check it out here:

    Goldeneye remastered exists and seems to be a complete game it was ready to be on Rare Reply according to leaks from 2016. Some new leaks have come out recently which shows a lot. I haven't seen and I'm not too attached to Goldeneye as much as those who have fond memories of playing it on the N64. This game has a huge cult following and it's touted as being one of the best FPS games ever. Wouldn't say that it's true when comparing it to modern FPS games but from what I've seen it was great for its time.

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    Goldeneye Remastered will be released
    Goldeneye Remastered won't be released
    Goldeneye Remastered is likely not to be released
    Goldeneye Remastered has a chance of being released
    Other Opinion (reply below)
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    I thought this happened on 360 last gen for some reason and that nobody liked it. I must be having a Mandela effect.


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      Has a chance. I thought the issues are legal, not technical. Huge cult following, yes, but this isn't just one or two generations ago. IP owner might be worried, because even with remastering it will seem dated and won't sell.

      Why don't they do a remake, instead of a remaster? The movie industry does it all the time. Video games are next.


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        Not happening because of licensing.
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        • Necromancerx69
          Necromancerx69 commented
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          Same thoughts here.

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        Here it is. I knew I wasn't imagining it. 2011, for PS3 and 360.

        I guess it never released then? Or what?


        • Balta666
          Balta666 commented
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          Thomas_JCG I got the copy of the Wii version not so long ago as I started collecting for it

        • Thomas_JCG
          Thomas_JCG commented
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          Balta666 - A physical copy, I'm sure. Those are hard to recall and can still be occasionally found. However, it was purged from virtual stores.

        • Dub-Z
          Dub-Z commented
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          Physical copies of delisted and recalled games are always kinda cool to have. I have a few on Vita and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan game from Platinum studios on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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        There is always a chance anything can happen!


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          I feel like I'm the only person who owned a N64 who didn't give a damn about this game.
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          • Magvel
            Magvel commented
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            The game aged so badly it's borderline unplayable if you played literally any other fps since 2007

          • Dub-Z
            Dub-Z commented
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            Me either. I rented it, thought it looked goofy, chugged hard and had extremely convoluted controls... bought it used for $10 a couple years later, and eventually it grew on me a little.

            I had no interest in multiplayer and usually if my cousins came around we played Twisted Metal 2 or something.

          • Linkblade
            Linkblade commented
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            Star Magician I loved Goldeneye! We used to play it very often with 3 or 4 players. The most hilarious modes were "License to Kill" (Insta-death) and melee karate chop only. My favorite map was Stack, because it's open, has two levels and you saw each other more often than on other maps. License to Kill and "Grenade Launchers Only" on that map was legendary xD, because the tiniest touch of fire (from the explosion) would kill you. I stood on the upper level in the main room where everyone comes in from different directions and blew the hell out of 'em ^^

            I also played the campaign on every and the highest difficulty. There was an achievement to get when you finished the level in a specific fast time. I beat all stages in the fast time but not the second stage "Facility". I tried endless times only marginally improving my time, but not coming near the fast time before I gave up. I'm still unsure to this day how to beat that stage's time.

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          I have my doubts.
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            Other opinion: i don't care

            If it does come out you can bet it will be affected by the rot of modern gaming.. like microtransactions etc.. Think of all the Bond villains they can sell for £10 each time.

            Now, you can pick up the original game for around £10-15 complete in box (PAL version anyway) and it's a bargain at that price. Even the shitty Daniel Craig version on Wii has good aspects (you can get this one for about £4).

            In general there are far too many James Bond games out there already and I tapped out 2 gens ago. Same with Tomb Raider, why mess it up with a remake that will just look and feel like every other damn game thats out now.