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Daily Poll 251: Can there be a good superman game?

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  • Daily Poll 251: Can there be a good superman game?

    Last Daily Poll was on Sonic's redesign. Check it out here:

    This news came out a few days ago but apparently Warner Bros has tried to make a superman game and scrapped three possible games if I'm getting my facts straight. Superman is a very popular and in my opinion generic character. Superman games have existed since the 80s starting on the commodore and the NES if I'm remembering that episode of AVGN correctly. Superman 64 is legendary for it's epic ring flying mechanics but other than that game along with Mortal Kombat and Injustice cameos. I can't think of any times Superman was in a game people remember. I think it is possible it would fun to be straight up overpowered fighting bosses and enemies that were op to match.

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    There are already good superman games
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    The main problems are (as you mentioned) generic, ever-shifting powers....I mean, what powers *does* he have? If you count the entire body of work it is whatever will solve the current predicament. Then you have the notion that he is inherently over-powered so how do you deal with that? You can't have rats in a sewer taking down the Man of Steel, and if he can turn back time then surely there will be infinite rewinds allowing you to do the same bits over and over?

    More importantly though.....he's kinda naff. He had his day, but darker, meaner, broodier heroes like Batman, Wolverine and so on are infinitely more interesting and enjoyable to inhabit.

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      I don't think it's possible.

      Superman is essentially invincible, very few things can actually harm him, so for me it would take away the fun.
      There isn't really any danger unless they use civilians, the problem with that would be the AI as it would have to be good.

      Then there is also his powers, where is the risk when he can turn back time?


      • Irritablesquid
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        I still think it wouldn't be possible.
        Unless they find a way to make superman feel mortal. Like in the most recent superman movie, fighting other people from krypton.

        When I play a game I like to feel as though there is some kind of risk, I could die sort of thing but superman is completely OP so it'll be.a.hard thing to do.

      • Irritablesquid
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        That's what I was meaning when I used the latest film (man of steel?).
        He fought against equally as OP villains.

        The problem with using civilians is the AI. They will have to make it as good as possible, I doubt many developers are.really capable of that and want to make a superman game.

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      What Superman needs it's a game that feels like a Dynasty Warriors game, mixed with a game like Prototype and also mixed with EDF (Earth Defense Force) game.

      I am sure if they implement this on a Superman game it would be AWESOME.
      But, somehow developers don't know how to do it...
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        Of course it is.

        The issue with Superman games is that developers treat him just like any other character, like Hyperweasle said. You cannot approach that kind of character with the same old gameplay you use in other games.

        I remember one Superman game where instead of having a life bar, you had a "city health" bar and if enough damage was done to Metropolis, you would lose. It's that sort of out-of-the-box idea that is necessary to make the game work. And make the story emotionally engaging, Superman is a character well know for his optimism and being a beacon of hope, making a story that plays and challenges that is a must.
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          Can't all the superhero stuff just go away already?
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            I would love to play a proper Superman video game simply on the basis that virtuous paragons like him are criminally underrated in modern pop-culture. If you think paragons are boring characters then you're probably looking at them from the wrong perspective. Superman is a character we aspire to be like, not one we necessarily are, and honestly who doesn't wish they were Superman right now? I know I would, good works are their own reward in my book.

            Or maybe I'm just tired of grim dark anti-heroes over saturating video games and would really like a change of pace.


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              It's certainly possible.
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