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Daily Poll 256 Discussion: Review Embargoes

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  • Daily Poll 256 Discussion: Review Embargoes

    Last Daily Poll was on Fallen Order. Check it out here:

    Shenmue 3 is out tomorrow in case you guys didn't know yet. The Review Embargo lifts in Europe on the 21st. Doesn't sound too good to me and really dumb since the embargoes lift on the 19 for the US and everyone else as far as I know. Embargoes and when they lift has been talked about for a long time. I remember how DOOM (2016) and Shadow of Mordor had late embargoes. Those ended up being great games but a general trend is that late reviews are bad news. What do you guys think about Embargoes?

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    I dont buy new games anyways, I wait for them to be patched and stable, but most importantly until they drop in price. Last time I dropped full price on a new game was Elite Dangerous.
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      Yes, I've always loved flight sims and the game lends itself well to keyboard/mouse + high end joysticks. Yes, using all three for different things is kinda a necessity, people with Mech Warrior setups find themself at home in Elite.

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    I usually only buy new games after launch, if it's my kinda game and people say the game as few bugs along with being enjoyable to play then I'll buy it. I don't preorder games and that usually allows me to avoid launch duds.
    I bet everyone is now wishing they installed anti-virus protection.


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    Never played a Shenmue game before. But after what the publisher did to the poor backers it left a sour taste in my mouth and I won't be buying Shenmue 1 & 2 (& possibly 3?) on Steam at all.

    About embargoes I'm not sure what to think... the company has a right to restrict reviews from coming out too early, I guess? But I also think that is pointless since BigBrained people wait for the reviews to pop up anyway, never buy on faith or release day...
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      I distrust those who have review embargoes set to lift after release day.

      But embargoes are also a good thing, so journos can't make it a race of who puts their review out first. I guess most reviews are rushed hackjobs as is.
      Hell some already release reviews before actually finishing the game just once.
      This is one thing I miss from the printed magazine days. There reviewers had time to test games properly, there was no pressure to put out a review asap.
      I only trust reviewers who take their time with games and their goal is not to be the first, but the best / most informed.

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        Doesn't matter to me. I don't trust reviewers who get the game early anyway.
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          I will not buy a game until I hear some good reviews from people I trust. If a game has a review embargo up, I typically take that to mean the publishers are ashamed of the final product and so lose a lot of interest in the title. Should reviews come back that the game was good, I shrug and consider checking it out again but that embargo always leaves a bad taste in my mouth and reduces the likelihood that I'll buy a game even if it later receives positive acclaim.


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            Don't care for reviews so don't care about embargoes


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              This. Right on.

              In fact, I'm kinda happy when reviewers don't get what they want.