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Daily Poll 257: Will Half Life: Alyx have a non VR mode?

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  • Daily Poll 257: Will Half Life: Alyx have a non VR mode?

    Last Daily Poll was on Review Embargoes. Check it out here:

    A new Half Life game is a thing and it's a VR game. I don't have much of a connection to Half Life but I know how impossible it felt for Valve to do anything with their older franchises at this point. I guess we were wrong but it still feels like we might as well be getting another Artifact from what we know. VR is interesting but it's still a huge niche and the price, motion sickness, etc. have put a lot of people off from playing anything in VR. I imagine the fans who wanted HL3 for years to finally get a new game only to get something they probably can't afford to play. We don't know too much as I'm typing this but by 1PM EST we'll see what shot Valve will shoot.

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    Alyx will be VR only
    Alyx will have a non VR option
    I can't decide
    I don't care
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    This is not the Half-Life 3 we were looking for.

    I still hold to the belief that VR is a gimmick and all VR games so far are garbage. They look like they are from the last century, and have very primitive gameplay. I hope this will be the exception but artifact says otherwise.
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      Non-VR mode will be a mod if it doesn't.
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        I chose I don't care cause I really don't care. I am not buying a $1,000 VR set to play 1 game. I don't even like the idea of VR. I don't want to wear shit on my head to play video games.

        It may get a non VR option later on. But I think for now Valve will push the VR only shit for at least a few years. By then no one will even remember the game so it will be pointless.

        If it gets a Non VR option and it's good I will buy it and play it. If it never gets a non VR option or it's crap I never will. From what I have heard the game won't be that great.


        • Cuzin_Ed
          Cuzin_Ed commented
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          Linkblade I heard in a YouTube video that some insiders are saying the game isn't that good. I would say play testers maybe.

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        Nope, the whole point of the game is to be Valve's biggest entry in the VR market.
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          I got the vive on release and I love it, people who call it a gimmick dont know what they are talking about and most likely have never used one


          • Morris
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            At the moment I'm playing audica, imo it's far better than beat saber. Made by the guys who done guitar hero. Dont get me wrong though, vr has many problems and I dont see it hitting mass market for another 20-30 years. It's to big, heats up to much, cable is a pain the arse and the screen door effect is not great. But when it works it takes you to another place, playing on a screen will never even come close to the immersion you get in vr. You have real presence in the game. Then there is vr porn...

          • Morris
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            Also vr isn't a replacement for playing on a screen, they are two different things

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          VR only officially supported by Valve, otherwise someone will have to mod in KB/M or controller support or even crack/hack the game if Valve will be an asshole and not allow such mods to exist officially on steam.


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            Not into VR and most likely will be VR exclusive


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              I have no idea.
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                The next Half Life game being just another VR demo would be a travesty so large I don't think I could recover from it.

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                  I wear glasses, so I can’t even wear a VR headset. Unless a non-VR mode is confirmed, then I couldn’t care less about this.
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                  • Dub-Z
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                    I tried PS VR once at a friend's house, in the most non-ideal cramped bedroom arrangement possible, in summer heat with no AC. It was kinda cool for a second, but it just kept instantly fogging up the screen. Plus that thing has a cord attached, unlike newer PC headsets.

                    It just convinced me I want to game normally. If I was going to spend money on anything it would be a bigger, better display for the living room.

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                  I never finished Half-Life 1 or 2. Never was on the Half-Life 3 gamer meme hype train.

                  Wasn't Half-Life always partially about breaking new ground, though? The real time nature of hitting people in the face with crowbar and walking away while they're talking, and the linear, movie-esque throughline of HL1? Or the physics based gameplay and picking up items to throw etc in HL2?

                  I've got no interest in VR, but isn't it only fitting that Valve would try to do something in a new frontier? It always seemed inevitable that if they finally did another Half-Life, it'd be a VR game, and that they were just waiting for the tech and the prototyping to coalesce.
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