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Daily Poll 268: Did you buy anything on Black Friday?

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  • Daily Poll 268: Did you buy anything on Black Friday?

    Last Daily Poll was on Cyberpunk 2077's monetization. Check it out here:

    Yesterday was America's favorite National Holiday: Black Friday. The day where millions of Americans engage in close quarter combat to get up to 90% off on that thing you think you need but don't. There are a lot of good game and console deals this time of year and buying online saves you from bodily harm. I did not buy anything since I'm broke. Hoping to get a new job soon and then waste all my money on games again as I have been doing for years now. I do want to try out VR too. The Cosmos seems like the one for me and the holiday sale will hopefully include a lot of VR games.

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    I bought 7 Corsair HD 120mm fans for my new PC build and the Kingdom Hearts Collection on PS4. I voted hardware accidently.
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      I looked, but didn't find anything worth buying. Almost bought this Metroid thing at Gamestop that had a duffle bag, a squishy morph ball, a beanie and some other stuff, but it was $50 so my cheapness kicked in.
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        I bought a much needed pair of shoes. My 3-year-old ones were starting to fall apart at the seams and the sole was coming undone because the glue gave out...

        I live in Europe btw, so I didn't have to fight anyone to the death for these shoes, the store was nearly empty and the nice shop employee gave me a 20% discount on them. It's so nice to live on a civilized continent.
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        • Latham
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          twidget No, because the air tank was provided free-of-charge as part of the free healthcare system, just like doctor appointments, chemotherapy and insulin. You wouldn't get it =/

        • Borghir
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          I bought some dashing patent shoes and nice aftershave for my work's X-Mas party.
          It would be nice if my British colleagues don't get black-out drunk again and ruin the shoes and fragrance with their expected projectile vomiting.

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        I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC. Nothing else.
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          I re-bought a copy of SMTIV because I lost mine, and luckily it came with everything the day one pack did. I guess whoever bought it decided the difficulty wasn't worth it because the only file on it was a level 3 character with about 30 minutes of gameplay. SMT games are to turn-based RPG's what Dark Souls is to Action ones. Other than that, I picked up the 2nd and 3rd games in the Trails in the Sky series and Grandia 2 HD all on steam because they are overpriced as hell on console and Switch didn't even put the combo pack for Grandia on sale. Oh, and I picked up Half Life 1 and 2 as well, because I've never played them on PC, so now I that's an option for me.


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            Not sure what is going on with me but again I just realized I chose the option wrong as I bought the Witcher and the Witcher 2 on GOG. (Now I just need to find a pc that does not shut off after a few seconds...)

            P.s: the two games costed me 4€...
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            • Borghir
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              I recall seeing an offer on GoG exactly like that that and thought it was Witcher 3 too. I already have it so I didn't buy it, but I think I would have fallen in the same 'trap'.

            • Balta666
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              I played the Witcher 3 on switch and if is not my new favourite game ever is very close to it so I decided I will give another shot to the first ones ( I played the second back in the day for a bit and did not click)

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            Other than a carton of milk and bread, nothing.
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              I got a year of PS+ for $35 and $100 of PSN credit for $80.

              Other than that, all I snagged was movies.


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                No, I'm saving up for the 3 for 2 or 5 for 3 sales we have after christmas usually.
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                  I got Darksiders III, Spider-Man, RE2 Remake, and Yakuza Kiwami 2 with the Steelbook all for $60 so four games for the price of one new one was pretty good.
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                    I bought a new beard trimmer and an electric toothbrush.
                    why isn't there an option for that??


                    • Irritablesquid
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                      They are games.
                      They have difficulty levels and everything.

                    • Irritablesquid
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                      I'm at the hardest difficulty, I keep my eyes closed throughout.
                      I've not been able to master this yet, but I will eventually.

                      I always close first, brush then use mouthwash which was recommended to me by a dentist. I divide my mouth into four main areas, my tongue is seperate.
                      I start on the front of the bottom left, then bottom left top and bottom left back, each part is done for 10 seconds, 30 seconds per quarter. so I brush my teeth for 2 minutes in total.
                      My tongue is done last and it normally takes 10 seconds.
                      It will take me about 5 mins in total to floss, brush and mouthwash twice daily.

                    • Irritablesquid
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                      I don't like to brag but I am highly skilled in the art of brushing and trimming.
                      It didn't happen overnight, it took years of hard work and dedication to develop my technique.

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                    Bought a small bunch of games for much cheapness... Total War: Empire and Attila and the whole of Dawn of War I... -.-

                    Instantly fired up Dark Crusade, much nostalgia... though it's post 1.2 so XV88 Broadside Suit teams are only 1-man units, so I is a bit sad(!)


                    • #14
                      I accidentally put my vote on the wrong thing, oh well..... That being I did by myself RWBY: Combat Ready board game, along with a Arctic Freezer CPU fan and some Arctic Silver Thermal Paste a few day before Black Friday.
                      I got my health...... still waiting for my wealth.