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Daily Poll 268: Did you buy anything on Black Friday?

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  • Daily Poll 268: Did you buy anything on Black Friday?

    Last Daily Poll was on Cyberpunk 2077's monetization. Check it out here:

    Yesterday was America's favorite National Holiday: Black Friday. The day where millions of Americans engage in close quarter combat to get up to 90% off on that thing you think you need but don't. There are a lot of good game and console deals this time of year and buying online saves you from bodily harm. I did not buy anything since I'm broke. Hoping to get a new job soon and then waste all my money on games again as I have been doing for years now. I do want to try out VR too. The Cosmos seems like the one for me and the holiday sale will hopefully include a lot of VR games.

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    I bought 7 Corsair HD 120mm fans for my new PC build and the Kingdom Hearts Collection on PS4. I voted hardware accidently.
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      I looked, but didn't find anything worth buying. Almost bought this Metroid thing at Gamestop that had a duffle bag, a squishy morph ball, a beanie and some other stuff, but it was $50 so my cheapness kicked in.
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        I bought a much needed pair of shoes. My 3-year-old ones were starting to fall apart at the seams and the sole was coming undone because the glue gave out...

        I live in Europe btw, so I didn't have to fight anyone to the death for these shoes, the store was nearly empty and the nice shop employee gave me a 20% discount on them. It's so nice to live on a civilized continent.
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        • Latham
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          twidget No, because the air tank was provided free-of-charge as part of the free healthcare system, just like doctor appointments, chemotherapy and insulin. You wouldn't get it =/

        • Borghir
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          I bought some dashing patent shoes and nice aftershave for my work's X-Mas party.
          It would be nice if my British colleagues don't get black-out drunk again and ruin the shoes and fragrance with their expected projectile vomiting.

        • twidget
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          You get what you pay for with "free" anything.
          How much does "free" health care add to your taxes?

          I'll refrain from saying anything more about Europe vs America as it would only become political.
          So keep your nose stuck up in the air.and breath deeply from that tank you've got to carry everywhere.

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        I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC. Nothing else.
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          I re-bought a copy of SMTIV because I lost mine, and luckily it came with everything the day one pack did. I guess whoever bought it decided the difficulty wasn't worth it because the only file on it was a level 3 character with about 30 minutes of gameplay. SMT games are to turn-based RPG's what Dark Souls is to Action ones. Other than that, I picked up the 2nd and 3rd games in the Trails in the Sky series and Grandia 2 HD all on steam because they are overpriced as hell on console and Switch didn't even put the combo pack for Grandia on sale. Oh, and I picked up Half Life 1 and 2 as well, because I've never played them on PC, so now I that's an option for me.


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            Not sure what is going on with me but again I just realized I chose the option wrong as I bought the Witcher and the Witcher 2 on GOG. (Now I just need to find a pc that does not shut off after a few seconds...)

            P.s: the two games costed me 4€...
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            • Borghir
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              I recall seeing an offer on GoG exactly like that that and thought it was Witcher 3 too. I already have it so I didn't buy it, but I think I would have fallen in the same 'trap'.

            • Balta666
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              I played the Witcher 3 on switch and if is not my new favourite game ever is very close to it so I decided I will give another shot to the first ones ( I played the second back in the day for a bit and did not click)

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            Other than a carton of milk and bread, nothing.
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            • #9
              I got a year of PS+ for $35 and $100 of PSN credit for $80.

              Other than that, all I snagged was movies.


              • #10
                No, I'm saving up for the 3 for 2 or 5 for 3 sales we have after christmas usually.
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                • #11
                  Big fat nothing for the first time in years.


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                    I got Darksiders III, Spider-Man, RE2 Remake, and Yakuza Kiwami 2 with the Steelbook all for $60 so four games for the price of one new one was pretty good.
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                      I bought a new beard trimmer and an electric toothbrush.
                      why isn't there an option for that??


                      • Irritablesquid
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                        I'm at the hardest difficulty, I keep my eyes closed throughout.
                        I've not been able to master this yet, but I will eventually.

                        I always close first, brush then use mouthwash which was recommended to me by a dentist. I divide my mouth into four main areas, my tongue is seperate.
                        I start on the front of the bottom left, then bottom left top and bottom left back, each part is done for 10 seconds, 30 seconds per quarter. so I brush my teeth for 2 minutes in total.
                        My tongue is done last and it normally takes 10 seconds.
                        It will take me about 5 mins in total to floss, brush and mouthwash twice daily.

                      • Linkblade
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                        Irritablesquid wow, that's a neat strat! You must be a probrusher and protrimmererererrrrr!

                        ... xD

                      • Irritablesquid
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                        I don't like to brag but I am highly skilled in the art of brushing and trimming.
                        It didn't happen overnight, it took years of hard work and dedication to develop my technique.

                    • #14
                      I bought nothing.

                      Second hand shops/thrift stores have bargains all year round. Black friday means nothing to me!


                      • #15
                        Nope, nothing. I see Black Friday to be mostly for hardware. For games there is gaming store season sales. And since I currently have no need to upgrade my PC I didn't buy anything.