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Daily Poll 269 Discussion: What makes you buy a game?

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  • Daily Poll 269 Discussion: What makes you buy a game?

    Last Daily Poll was on Black Friday. Check it out here:

    Why buy a game? What makes you? Plenty of possible explanations: price, FOMO, it appeals to you or you've heard good word of mouth. It's a lot of things for me or one thing. Really depends on the time and situation I'm in at the time. Sometimes I buy a game just because I'm in a game buying mood. What about you? Also going to have a poll that's not related to the discussion topic so don't complain about it or do but do so knowing it was intentional. Also sorry for being all over the place with the time the polls come out since I'm experiencing a bit of poll fatigue.

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    FOMO most certainly does not influence me. I have to fight the urge to reject popular things on reflex, so I don't care about missing out on X or Y.

    What does get me to buy a game is of course 1) That it looks like something I'd want to play, 2) That the reviews of Youtubers I trust are positive, 3) If I can demo a game first, I am more likely to try new things and make a purchase if the game is good.

    And, maybe 4) If it's on sale - but that one's dangerous with Steam, so I've had to start denying myself purchases until I finish the games I have.


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      JackofTears " I've had to start denying myself purchases until I finish the games I have" How well did you stick to this rule yet? Deny/permit ratio?

    • JackofTears
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      Linkblade Been doing very well the last six months. Every time I look at a new game I ask 'do you have other, similar, games you should be finishing instead?' and when the answer is invariably 'yes' I choose not to make the purchase. Unless it's a game I've been actively waiting for, those are safe purchases, it's just all the other enticing sales for games I want to impulse-purchase that I have to look out for.

      I've gone from 4-5 purchases a month, to 1.
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      JackofTears well done! =]

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    WAIT WHAT? Why was my post Flagged???
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      My post was flagged the minute I post it, cause I wanted to edit something but it said it got flagged.

      The edit was just adding a missing " ) ". Also I know you, you are ok in my book. xD

      I am almost sure it was the forum anti-bot spam??? I could be wrong...

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      Sorry for bothering you, but why was my post flagged?
      This happened one minute after posting.

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      Just happens when editing rapidly, due to all the spam bots we had. Happens to me all the time. Usually if you copy and paste, delete the post, then repost in another tab after a few minutes, it will post without flagging again.

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    I might buy a game if it's a really good example of a game in a genre I enjoy.
    Or it might be the latest in a series.
    And sometimes it's just retail therapy.
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      I have a big backlog with so many games to have fun with which would last years to properly play through and still I buy new stuff sometimes even though I shouldn't, so common sense seems to NOT influence me in this decision making. lol

      For me it's many things and these things are even contradictory to each other, like I want to hop onto the hype train and play what new game release is currently popular like Blasphemous, but at the same time I want to wait for a good deal. So it's always a balance act, several arguments in my head fighting a battle of "Buy it! You want to play it now! Let your feelings guide you!" against "You should be reasonable and first play through all the good stuff you have and didn't touch yet!". It kind of sounds like Jedi vs Sith habits. I'm glad that mostly the Jedi side wins.

      So yes, price (I look for historical low via ITAD) and fear of missing out do influence me! But I'm only considering games I'm interested in. I can pretty well determine if a game fits me or not with watching its gameplay. I can totally ignore other statements on the internet if I think they're talking crap. I do read and listen to other people's opinions, but I prove them myself and I'm not just buying something because someone said so.


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        Loads of factors, but you can split the games I own into two categories, based on the spontaneity of the purchase.

        Quick buys are typically games I've been sort of thinking of getting (I'm not fussed whether or not I have/play it, the game intrigues me one way or another) and I randomly note they've gone on sale, at which point I'll shrug and click 'add to cart' on a whim.

        Then there are those I plan on buying at a particular time (usually when they next go on sale) and when I do get it, it'll go from bought to downloading before I get to make a cuppa.


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          I don't generally buy a lot of games unless a sale is going on, so I guess it really comes down to marketing for a game, who's developing it, because obviously some are better at development than others, and then what genre of game it is. If a developer I like make an online focused only game, my interest is probably pretty low. When it comes to sales, I generally look at any potential game and then make my choice, simple as that.


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            I complete a game then I buy a new one.
            I don't blitz through games anymore so by the time I've completed one there is another good one out.

            When I'm on the lookout for a new game I'll check out some gameplay videos on youtube, I might even check a review though I do tend to take reviews with a pinch of salt.
            If I can't find anything then I replay something.


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              Don't you snag game giveaways?

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            When it's not bad.
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              Why do you still even make polls?
              "Without Games, Life would be a Mistake" - All of the Founding Fathers, in unison.


              • Jokerthefoolio
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                For the same reason battered housewives stay in their relationships

              • Thomas_JCG
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                Jokerthefoolio - Fair, that's fair.

                Sad, but fair.

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              I buy what I like the look of. Don't need any other reason


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                Anime tiddies.
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                  A good game... But apart from collecting or a stupidly high discount on a game on my wishlist I don't buy games I won't be playing straight away and I almost never play more than one game at the same time


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                    Baby Lando


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