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  • Games ninja dropping on the switch discussion

    Ok this is getting out of hand. Yet another game ninja dropped on the switch, and It's a pretty damn deal this time, Neverwinter Nights of all things, and is supposedly has the ability to create your own quests like the PC version at that. It's weird It's not NeverwinterNights 2, and It's 50 whopping bucks, but it seems to be a complete version of the remake they made a few years back.

    I would've posted this in news, but things just being tossed onto the recent releases without ever being in the coming soon section, let alone no real advertising/promotion in general, is a real problem, and very damaging to potential sales of games that get treated like this.

    Both this, and Clannad should've at very least been revealed in a direct(these are big deal IPs, why the hell wouldn't a platform holder want to draw attention to it), but they didn't even get that(although Clannad was atleast put in the coming soon section, be it for only a week, and it got pretty much no other promotion sigh, NeverwinterNights didn't even get that).

    This happens quite a bit sadly, and it really damages a game's visibility, which is rather sad especially when it hppens to a rather important game.

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    Originally posted by Linkblade
    "ninja dropping" is when a game has a high discount?
    When reading the title I first thought you would rail about too many ninja games being released...
    Lol never thought someone would read it like that, well if it helps you, we'll go with the more common tern, shadow dropping


    • Zoltor
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      Linkblade You're very mistaken, shadow/ninja dropping rarely refers to price.

      Have you never heard of people saying shadow dropped, when talking about a game being just revealed at a event/direct kind of thing, while instantly launching like right then.

      That's a less damaging variant of shadow/ninja dropping, but they're the most talked about due to such having during a major event/a official stream.

    • Zoltor
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      Linkblade Yea that's it. The reason I pointed out the direct example being a less damaging variant of such, is because while It's true there's no heads up, due to the massive exposure of directs, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are being told It's a thing that's available now.

      When not done in such a way, literally only the few people who happen to be checking the eshop around the time it comes out(by sheer chance in most cases), will know it even exists.