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WTF is this nonsens(Super Dragonball Heroes lic/class action waiving BS)

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  • WTF is this nonsens(Super Dragonball Heroes lic/class action waiving BS)

    I tend to like DBZ games, as well as card games, and there's a demo, so I'm like cool, I'll check this out(expecting it to make me more inclined to buy the full game, boy was I wrong lol)

    The first thing I see when I boot up the demo is the usual publisher, developer, engine logos, and do I see a title screen after it, no. After that, up pops up the lic(weird placement for it, should be limited to when trying to go online, but ok), I click ok, so I see the title screen next right, no lol.Up pops up a very shady, and cringy user agreement nonsense, where they among other things, include a class action waiver.

    WTF, I will never understand why these things are attempted. What this means, is they fully intend to scam you one way or another, and they're trying to trick people into believing they can't file a class action lawsuit against them(even though in most cases such class action waivers wouldn't be enforced by the courts, but hey the average joe doesn't realize that. The fact you would have to generally buy a game first to even see it, by its self renders it unlawful, nevermind the fact the justice system usually finds such waivers to be unlawful ingeneral).

    Lol I'm like really, go fuck yourself bandai, and then promptly went on to delete the demo, without ever seeing the title screen, let alone any gameplay.

    I'm usually the one defending bandai too, despite the insane DLC practices they pull, because their games are so full with content, you don't feel like the DLC is needed anyway, but screw them with this BS.

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    Business as usual, then. By now every publisher has a "you can't sue us if the game is garbage" line somewhere on the EULA because they know they are publishing garbage.
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