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  • Steam Awards 2019

    I noticed we only have a thread about the Steam Autumn Sale, but not about the Steam Awards 2019 yet, so I thought as the awards go on through to Christmas Sale we might discuss this here. The nominations close today 10AM PST!

    What games have you nominated? Which games do you think will win? What are your honorable mentions? And why the hell can't we nominate Death Stranding for every category?

    I will start (nominated games must be released in 2019 except for "Labor of Love" Award):

    Game of the Year: Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order

    VR Game of the Year: Beat Saber

    honorable mention: AUDICA

    Labor of Love: (This game has been out for a while. The team is well past the first unveiling of their creative baby, but being the good parents they are, these devs continue to nurture and support their creation. This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years.)
    Grim Dawn

    Better With Friends: Age of Empires II (Definitive Edition)

    Most Innovative Gameplay: Baba Is You

    Outstanding Story-Rich Game: Disco Elysium

    Best Game You Suck At: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Outstanding Visual Style: GRIS

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    There's a Steam Awards!?


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      yes... -_____-"
      when have you last started up Steam? ^^ Must have been a while.

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    I should go vote for Koikatsu Party for every category
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    I usually vote, however I sadly missed it this year. That being said I rarely ever vote for games that came out this year, usually vote for the older games that I enjoyed. I also have made it a tradition to have The Beginner's Guide to be somewhere in my votes. I think I did vote for Monster Hunter World for some category last year though and this year I probably would have put Resident Evil 2 somewhere in my list, regardless if it seems lazy or not. I'm a simple man, if I enjoy the game alot I think it deserves to my vote.
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