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Daily Poll 287: Do you play card games?

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  • Daily Poll 287: Do you play card games?

    Last Daily Poll was on BOTW 2. Check it out here:

    Since I'm the average student I spent a lot of my computer time at the library playing browser card games. I played golf solitaire and spit for the most part. I'm asking specifically about 52 deck card games, but CCGs and Pokemon count as well. Electronic or physical as well. I know a lot of people see no value in digital CCGs but they do allow people to play them anytime anywhere, so that's something

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    I only play card games
    I used to play card games
    I play card games often
    I play card games rarely
    I play card games sometimes
    I used to play card games
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    I played poker while I was in the Army and Navy to make spending money.
    I wasn't good enough to play in a tournaments but I was better than the average soldier or sailor.

    I played a lot Pinochle in the Army.
    The Navy seemed to favor Hearts & Spades.
    Go Fish was big when my children were young.

    I never got into Pokemon or CCGs.
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      I enjoy card games in general from poker to some common ones around my place (apart from probably king I don't know their names in English)


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        I played a lot of solitaire on Windows XP and 7 lol. Other than that, 52-card games were never really my thing.
        I played Pokemon CCG when I was young, decided that it was a crap game so I stopped.
        Played Yu-Gi-Oh with my brother's cards for a while, but I hated the show so much, I resisted playing it as much as possible lol. I played one of the GBA games quite a bit too, which was better than collecting them IRL.
        Around the same time, I got into collecting Dragonball Z cards. I really loved the CCG, but had no one to play it with, so I got the GBA game for that too. It wasn't a very well-designed game, but I loved it anyway, ended up 100% completing it.
        After that, I stopped playing and collecting card games in general.
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          While partying I do like to play Poker amongst friends. I collected Pokemon cards as a kid, but never really played. My friends taught me Magic The Gathering back in the early 2000s but I never really went hookline and sinker into that game.

          Online CCGs I started with Hearthstone and foolishly bought the first two expansions and card packs, then I realised just how much money I was sinking into it and alarm bells started to go off in my head. Since then I have not touched a virtual CCG and deemed them to be bad civilization, and I avoid them like the plague they are.


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            Very very rarely.
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              Jokes aside. Card games I have played are:

              )> YuGiOh ( Before the cards became way 2 complicated for my taste ).

              )> Cards Against Humanity ( My brother bought it ).

              )> Old Maid ( I played it a lot with my family back in the day ).

              )> Mexican 'Loteria' Card Game ( I also played this a lot with my family or at parties ).

              )> 'Solitaire' Pc ( This post is approved by the Windows 95 gang ).

              )> 'Poker Night 2' Pc Game (Texas Holdem with my favorite characters, I still play from time to time this Tell Tale Game, I need Poker Night 3 in my LIFE).
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                There's no option for "never played card games"! I'm that. I used to collect cards, yes, but never played them. Lots of kids in school played Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh but I only collected Pokemon cards, and no one actually wanted to play Pokemon in card form.

                It seems like a lot of hassle anyway and I don't understand electronic cards at all. I'm a collector first, player second
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