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Daily Poll 291: Will 2020 be a good year for games?

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  • Daily Poll 291: Will 2020 be a good year for games?

    Last Daily Poll was on Console exclusives. Check it out here:

    Happy new year and new decade! I'm going to say that I took the last week or so off for the holidays. Christmas went well for me and I hope it did for all of you if you celebrated it. Many thanks to twidget for Splinter Cell. Topic for today is a predication for this year. Will this year be good, bad or both for games. It's all subjective and based on everybody's individual experiences. If you only followed Anthem and Fallout 76 in 2019 vs Astral Chain and Sekiro would skew your perspective on the quality of 2019 quite a bit. I think it will be good the Switch has been chugging along and along with all the great games to come there's still a lot from the last decades to play and enjoy.

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    It will be a good year for games
    It will be a bad year for games
    It will be a good and bad year for games
    It will be a more good than bad year for games
    It will be a more bad than good year for games
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    I say both good and bad...

    The hostages of Epic Games Store are coming to Steam this year.

    Library of Ruina (Sequel of Lobotomy Corporation) is coming this year ( I hope, I need this game in my life ).

    More cool indie games will come
    [ Carrion, Hollow Knight Silk song, Vigil The Longest Night, Ori the will of the wisps, Death Trash, Coffee Talk (PLZ don't be sjw), Backbone, Last Night. ]

    Cyberpunk 2077, as long the monetization doesn't ruin it.

    Bethesda, it's still Bethesda.

    EA, they always do something stupid.

    China, woops, I meant Blizzard.

    Etc, etc, etc.
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      So many promising games are coming out this year and probably even more I can't think of. I say it's starting off pretty good.
      • Persona 5 Royal
      • Cyberpunk 2077
      • Resident Evil 3 Remake
      • Elden Ring
      • Last of Us Part II
      • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
      • Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord
      • Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2
      • Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated
      • Halo Infinite

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      • Necromancerx69
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        After watching the game play trailer of Bloodlines 2, I was disappointed.

        Even more now that I played the Masquerade. I can only hope they will fix some issues (world is way 2 empty: you can easily feed on mortals. The enemy AI, etc).

      • Hyperweasle
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        Necromancerx69 I'll be honest, I didn't play a whole lot of the first one, however I was hoping the 2nd one would be a similar rpg to the first game just updated for modern systems. I like the RPG aspect of it, but it doesn't seem to have aged very well. However I did just watch a few miutes of gameplay from IGN and yeah the game seems pretty unfinished, however that was old footage from 4 months ago. Also I don't know if this was IGN fault with their video or not, but the fps seemed really low and choppy like it was running sub 30 fps.

      • Necromancerx69
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        You should play more of the first, it aged like wine (just download the patch and skip the sewer level).
        As for Bloodlines 2, we can only wait and see the final product on release, I do want it to be good, but again we can only wait and see.

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      Cyberpunk 2077
      Stellaris: Federation
      That Outer Worlds expansion they've been hinting at

      And on the console side we can at least hope for a Switch release of Metroid Prime: Trilogy or Pikmin 3.
      Also I hear Dice has cleaned up their Star Wars game so it might be Worth picking up at the discounted rate, I dunno.
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        The amount of games I will buy will most likely decrease further, most of them will be made in japan, in fact besides Lego Star Wars there is no western game I'm looking forward to, and I don't even look forward to RE3make nor FF7R anymore. I think overall it will be a bad year.
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          Silksong Is the only game I care about this year.


          • #7
            Release schedule says yes.


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              The Polymega might be good...not really interested in anything else to be honest.
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                Will Star Citizen finally see full release?
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                  Subverse is coming out this year

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                    It will be way better then the previous years I'm thinking.

                    - RE3 remake
                    - Crusader Kings III
                    - Baldur's Gate III (unsure)
                    - Cyberpunk2077
                    - Mount&Blade 2

                    And that's just the 5 best known games.

                    It won't be hard to do better than 2019, where most of my gaming "highlights" involved laughing hysterically at glitches on youtube. The games I played were actually from 2018. However, I won't be surprised if several of these turned out flawed at launch. RE2 remake was a very solid launch title and I'm sure Larian won't screw up. CDPR and Paradox have a great reputation, but you never know.


                    • Hyperweasle
                      Hyperweasle commented
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                      Cyberpunk has been in development for so long, that nothing less than a solid launch is to be expected. Cyberpunk 2077 looks like a very ambitious, so hopefully the amount bugs and glitches are kept down to a minimum

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                    Excited for this year like no other. A ton of games I’ve been excited for are finally getting a release.
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                    Most of the stuff I want the most don't have release dates yet, so maybe.
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                      Yes, definately. I'm looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal and the Last of Us II, but I know there are LOADS of other games people are looking forward to. I don't want to look forward to too much because my back catalog and wishlist are already so big it hurts just thinking about.


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                        There's not much I'm waiting for to be released. It's really only Ori and the Will of Wisps. Everspace 2 will come out next year. So maybe I finally will get to play away a portion of my game backlog =)
                        Oh wait, there is Bleeding Edge from my favorite game studio Ninja Theory being released on 24th of March! Hopefully that will hook me and finally get me back into a multiplayer game =D