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Daily Poll 292: Will a Xenosaga Chronicles remaster happen?

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  • Daily Poll 292: Will a Xenosaga Chronicles remaster happen?

    Last Daily Poll was on 2020 being as good as hindsight. Check it out here:

    In 2019 I heard rumors of a Xenosaga Chronicles remaster. I know Monolith developed the series and Nintendo has more than enough money to make it happen but I'm sure the publishing rights belong to someone else or maybe I'm wrong. Xenosaga was before my time. I do have a PS1 and I'd love to know which Xeno game was best for that system. More games are cool but I'm that attached to the series as some long time fans are.

    Also If I did another riddle how hard should it be?

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    Xenosaga games didn’t start until the PS2. Namco was the publisher in the states, but I don’t know if they still own the rights.
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      I was thinking of Xenogears. Is that any good?

    • Dub-Z
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      Xenogears was incredible. The story was mindblowing, the music was godlike, the battle system and scenarios were cool and the character design was bad ass.

      If you play it, just know that the second disc had to be rushed, so it skips around to big story moments a lot, but even with that... it was epic. First hour might seem a little generic until you get through the woods.

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    I would really love to see remasters of the Xenosaga trilogy. Namco recently said on the Twatter that they were discussing it but decided to drop it due to it not being potentially profitable enough. Article

    As for Xenogears, it's owned by Squeenix, and it can still be bought on the PS3/Vita store I think. I would love to see a full remake of this game. I wouldn't mind if they revamped the entire battle system like they're doing with FF7 too (I thought it had some amazing ideas but mediocre execution), as long as the story is intact.
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    • Dub-Z
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      A full remake FF7 style would be incredible, but it already wasn't fully realized on disc 2 as it is, and was the longest of all the PS1 Square RPG's as is, so I doubt it could ever be completed if they tried. I would, however, love if they got the same key team members back from Monolith (who are all buddy buddy with Nintendo now) and remade it in a low-poly style ala I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear. That would keep costs down, make it feasible, and maybe finally see disc 2 how it was originally envisioned.

      I'd still love 2D character sprites though, maybe in that modern high-animation style like Streets of Rage 4 or Indivisible, rather than pixels. Or maybe flat, toon 2.5D in that ArcSys style, since no companies like to pay for real 2D anymore. That would also help with the rotating polygonal environment style, allowing the characters to rotoscope well.
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    I would love for it to be remastered (and yes keeping the gameplay instead of destroying perfection like with FF VII remake) but I doubt it will ever happen as I don't see it selling more than a few thausands


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      Sadly no
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        If the assholes who have the rights to it would actually take it to the fans, through polls and other means, then reanalyze, yes. I have no doubt it would work, but instead it's getting Mega Legends 3'd and not getting a proper chance to be pushed through.