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Is there something like a roadmap to making a game?

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  • Is there something like a roadmap to making a game?

    Possibly stupid question and I find it hard to put it to words, but I'm curious. Besides learning to code of course, what would the proces be? A friend and I want to make a game with gameplay that is heavily inspired by dark souls multiplayer. So it is a bit complex. He has WAY more experience than me but we both lack in the graphic department. So maybe we need more people if they are interested but we are a bit of a loss on how to start. Is there even such a thing as a roadmap? Because as it stands, there isn't much of a way to start to my knowledge as 2 people who are in it for fun.

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    Bookstores are your friend, they sell books on how to code, make video games.

    I would also want to make video games but I have not committed to it, that's why I haven't bought the books yet, but they do tell the step by step on how to.

    As for the book title they do say 'how to make video games' or 'how to code for video games', if there is a 'Barnes & Noble' book store near you, you will find them there.

    Wish you luck.
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      If you're just starting on your first game, doing something like dark souls multiplayer is not a good idea to just start out with. You need to start on small project and then commit to completing it all the way. Once you start getting better, then you can start to consider larger games. Your first game will be garbage, just as everyone's first game is always garbage.

      I would start with a 2D game before moving to 3D which is much more complex. Developing the game in Unity is going to help a lot with achieving that goal and there are loads of tutorials on how to develop games in Unity. A good exercise is to make something like Pac-Man first in Unity as a first goal for your own video game. You'll learn through making it just how much goes into a "small" game like that. Then when you're more comfortable with the structure of game development, you can move to something more advanced like 3D games. There's lots of books on the subject, but I'd definitely recommend starting small for your first game. Being too ambitious and not starting small enough is a very, very common beginner mistake.


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        I highly, highly recommend courses on Udemy. I use them and they're phenomenal. They have two beginner courses for Unity and c#, one for making 2D games and the other for 3D games. This is their 3D games course:

        They also have an RPG course for intermediates, as well as an Unreal C++ course.

        Also, once you've enrolled in to any of their courses you get invited to their Discord which is a great place to ask for collaboration with people, so if you need artists and such you can ask there.


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          If you're not good with graphics then just use squares, circles etc, basic textures you've found on the net and so on. There are millions of things you could be getting on with to make the game work even while it has basic graphics.

          BTW does anyone have recommendations for books on Unity? All the ones I've found have terrible reviews, errors in the code, missing code etc.

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