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    So my kid wants to learn Japanese instead of Spanish for school, which I'm down with because it gives me an excuse to finally learn too haha. I searched through some threads here a week ago and remember seeing a thread about free Steam game code giveaways, and the last post was for a game called Learn Japanese to Survive - Hiragana Battle. Sure enough the code had been used already, but it's on sale for like 2 bucks right now so I just bought it a couple days ago. So far it seems pretty good and we've both learned around half of the Hiragana script (it's surprisingly easy, way easier than Spanish imo), but the gameplay is honestly kinda weak. It seems like a decent RPG Maker game in the vein of classic turn-based titles like the old Final Fantasy games, but there's only so much you can expect out of a $2 game.

    You guys ever play any Japanese educational games that have good gameplay?

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    I think the Learn Japanese to Survive trilogy are the best in that regard so far, everything else I've seen can barely be called a game.
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      The Learn Japanese to Survive trilogy is pretty decent. I don't know what you're okay with your kid playing, but another that's not too bad from what I've played of it is Love Language Japanese. It's a visual novel where you moved to Japan for school in high school, but, without spoiling anything, you have to learn Japanese in order to attend school there. I played it quite a while ago and there were several typos, but there have been a number of updates since it was first released and I think they fixed most of them. It's pretty decent for just getting started learning the language. It would be more helpful to learn over the Learn Japanese to Survive trilogy as it actually teaches you phrases and sentence structure.


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        The game has been pretty good so far. I think it was a good idea to combine a JRPG with actually learning Japanese because the grind serves purpose beyond just grinding xp lol


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          Click image for larger version

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          That's all I know.


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            To learn a language properly you need to be taught by someone who speaks it, that's how I learned German. I found it easier because I could ask questions and get relevant answers.

            My grandfather learned to swim by being thrown into deep water, you could teach your kid by taking them to Japan and leaving them. This way your kid has no choice but to learn and learn quickly.
            Doing this will also teach them to fend for themselves which in turn will make them a better person.