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what are some good xbox 360 games?

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  • what are some good xbox 360 games?

    no shooters not a fan of those. i have quite a few games but want more recommendations. i can't afford new systems right now so i just stick with my xbox 360 and pc which is newer but not a high end gaming pc so it only plays games up to 2013 sadly. but back to the question im asking. can anyone recommend any games in the Horror, action, action adventure, fighting, rpg. i own devil may cry 1-4 and DMC, star wars force unleashed 1 and 2, star wars episode 3, (cause its backwards compatible) darksiders 1-2, final fantasy 13, batman arkham asylum, batman arkham city, assassins creed 1 2 3 and brotherhood, skyrim, mass effect 1, dead space 1-2, but yeah give me some good recommendations. thanks!usps tracking showbox speed test
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    If you like JRPGs I really recommend Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey
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      You could give Fable a go, I enjoyed 1,2 and 3.
      You could also give Saints Row a go, I do enjoy playing them. They're like GTA but less serious, especially the later sequels.
      You could also try Crackdown 1, it was a good game as was the second. The most recent Crackdown is far worse.

      I would also recommend Fallout New Vegas.
      If you can find it.


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        Guardian Heroes HD


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          Go play Nier.
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            If you like Skyrim, try Oblivion or Morrowind. Morrowind might be a bit tougher to get use to, but it's defiantly a fun game to play around in once you figure it out. You can also give Conker's Live and Reloaded a try, which is a remake to Conker Bad Fur Day. While yes it's technically a shooter in some instances, but overall it's more of a action adventure/platformer like Banjo Kanzooie.
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              Here's a few. Keep in mind that several of these I have yet to play, myself, and am just going based off of positive things I've heard about them. The ones I haven't played are in my own wishlist or I own them and just haven't started them yet. I marked the ones with an (X) at the beginning of games I've either played or finished, so they're my personal recommendations.

              • (X) Alien Isolation
              • Silent Hill HD Collection
              • (X) Resident Evil Revelations

              • (X) Ninja Gaiden II
              • (X) Prince of Persia
              • (X) Bayonetta
              • (X) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
              • Catherine
              • Assassin's Creed series
              • (X) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate
              • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

              • Dead or Alive IV
              • (X) Dead or Alive 5
              • Soul Calibur IV
              • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
              • (X) Soul Calibur II (Technically og Xbox, but easily best in series)

              • Lost Odyssey
              • Resonance of Fate
              • (X) Nier
              • Eternal Sonota
              • Blue Dragon
              • (X) Fable: Anniversary
              • Fable II