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‘FrostFall’ Coming This Year

  • Will release on Steam.
  • Developers hard at work on enemy A.I.
  • An action adventure survival simulator.


Developer DRAGO entertainment and publisher Movie Games S.A. are expected to release their upcoming action adventure survival simulation RPG FrostFall sometime in 2020 on PC via Steam. This is a story-driven post apocalyptic title that uses a first person perspective, and will see players endure the rough winter climates of last century’s Russia. In their DevLog, which you can read here, the developers have been focusing as of late on the enemy A.I., specifically on types and reactions to combat.

Even though FrostFall will bombard you with unforgiving and deadly winter climate conditions, the developers also want to surprise the player with its beauty and sunshine. Players will see that the weather and environment is fully dynamic, which means you will see snow cover the environment gradually or thaw based on weather and temperature. When it comes to the survival aspect of this title, it will have all of the major core elements. You will have to deal with thirst, hunger, exhaustion, hypothermia, and find the means to deal with them. Unlike other entries in the genre, these mechanics are designed to be prevalent, but not intrusive.

What you’ll do most in FrostFall is explore the world around you, with the developers finding the right balance between story and exploration. Every nook and cranny is meant to hold a small story, and filled with items to scavenge and/or loot. When it comes to challenges, you have to deal with the environment, wildlife, and dark secrets that lurk in the shadows. Scavenged items play a major role in crafting, and this will help you build and improve items. Players will be able to build bases to store items, adapt existing locations to their needs, and even make use of a mobile base of operations. Other features are as follows:

  • Unique character progression with zombification of the player character.
  • Dynamic environment with fully dynamic weather, daytime and the game world itself. 
  • Story-driven survival with combat and exploration.
  • Non-Intrusive, immersive winter survival mechanics with thirst, hunger, sleep, exhaustion, radiation, hypothermia and diseases. 
  • Skill system with skills being leveled depending on actions you perform.
  • Talents and perks to further develop your character.
  • Scavenging, gathering and crafting.
  • Building system.
  • An upgradeable mobile base of operations able to travel along the many rivers.
  • Rock climbing and scaling of obstacles for more freedom of movement.
  • A full fledged hunting, fishing, camping and cooking system.
  • Non-verbal storytelling in addition to a fully voiced story line.
  • Large variety of gear upgradeable via crafting.

Are you excited for FrostFall? Will you be picking it up? What similar titles are you looking forward to this year? What is the best post-apocalyptic title ever released? For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Bloom: Memories, The Wizards – Dark Times, and Northern Lights. To stay up to date on FrostFall, make sure to follow the developers on YouTube, Facebook, and their official website.