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Game Producer Defends ‘Project Resistance’

  • Matt Walker says branching out is necessary.
  • Game is still a horror experience.
  • Fan concerns exist in large part because of the last two multiplayer spinoffs.


To say CAPCOM’s Project Resistance reveal was met with mixed reception would be a major understatement. After speculation that Project Resistance could be anything from a new mainline Resident Evil to a resurgence of the Resident Evil: Outbreak titles, it was revealed that Project Resistance is actually a 4v1 Asymmetrical experience that exists as a new spinoff in the franchise, set some time before the Raccoon City T-Virus outbreak.

Fans of the series are incredibly wary of spinoff titles, as CAPCOM’s success with the main storyline hasn’t translated as well into side projects. Operation: Raccoon City and Umbrella Corps. were the two latest spinoffs, and the most abysmal experiences of the entire series. Games that were supposed to put us in the role of Umbrella operatives, shedding light on the global corporation that serves as the main antagonistic body for the series, were instead poorly designed and janky messes. Fans are right to be concerned about another spinoff that looks to be shedding light on Umbrella’s experiments.

Producer Matt Walker of CAPCOM doesn’t see it that way, however, and took his thoughts about the upcoming game to Twitter.

Response to the thread of tweets where Matt Walker defended the game, was about as mixed as the reception to the initial announcement, but Walker seems fairly confident that the closed beta coming in October will begin to win hearts and minds, and that its core, while a different sort of Resident Evil experience, is going to be a good one that sufficiently fits the desire for horror.

For those out of the loop, Exclusively Games has covered Project: Resistance a few times since it was initially teased. From the reveal of the first trailer to a breakdown of the first official gameplay footage, the decision for CAPCOM to make a new spinoff title after the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake earlier this year seems like a vote of confidence on their part that this spinoff will be different. All I know for sure is, Exclusively Games loves the Resident Evil franchise through its highs, and watching it recover from its lows has been a rollercoaster. Here’s hoping that Matt Walker isn’t just talking a big game about the quality they’re aiming for.

Based on everything we know so far, what are your feelings on Project Resistance? Will it break the trend of bad spinoffs within the franchise, or do you think it’s already a shambling undead corpse? Let us know down below. If you’re interested in the possibility of getting into the closed beta, registrations are open now at the Project Resistance website.