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GameStop Now Offering Full Store Credit for Games Returned Within 48 Hours

  • Only standard edition physical copies eligible.
  • Currently only one game in program.
  • Tax non refundable.

In the wake of the largest loss in the history of the company, Gamestop is coming up with new ways to keep its head above water. One such tactic, recently shared by Cheap Ass Gamer, is the announcement of their new “Guaranteed to Love it” program.

The first and so far only title in this program is Days Gone, the upcoming survival-horror title by SIE Bend Studio. The specifics of the program state that this particular game may only be returned for full credit during the first 48 hours of its arrival to the store, not the date you actually purchased it. Compare this to PlayStation’s new policy of allowing full refunds on any digital game within 14 days of purchase, and “Guaranteed to Love it” is a severely restricted program.

On top of that, Gamestop’s new program only applies to physical copies of the standard edition of the game, and there has been no mention which games will be eligible in the future. I may not be seeing how this new deal is appealing enough to divert potential buyers from digital stores, so I’d be interested in anyone willing to play devil’s advocate in the comments, for curiosity’s sake.

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  1. LOL… no. This does absolutely nothing to encourage me to buy from Gamestop, especially when the Walmart right next door to the local Gamestop will let me return opened, new games for a full refund within the 48 hours after purchase and Steam and PSN has even better return policies for my digital games (though the Walmart thing is purely because I happen to be friends with the store manager and he cuts me a break since we game together). Gamestop is really going to have to step it up to get me to be a customer again.

  2. Richard Garabedian on April 17, 2019 at 4:25 pm said

    This is there turnaround strategy? How would this help anyone? And they still have the gall to ask me if I want insurance on my game disc. What a scam!

  3. The only reason I bought games from Gamestop is that they were one of the few companies that offered Preorder exclusives, now that many do now and most of those have better return policies, there is little reason to choose GameStop over any other retailer.

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