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‘Goat of Duty’ Now in Second Week of Closed Beta

  • Quake-style shooter gameplay.
  • Deathmatch multiplayer battles for 2-10 goats.
  • A blend of sci-fi and fantasy maps. 


It all started with a freak nuclear accident that gave all goats the necessary intelligence to quickly overthrow their human owners with their powerful rams, high jumps, and ear-blowing bleats. No, wait, that wasn’t it. The goats were intelligent from the very beginning, but since they had no thumbs, they waited patiently for humanity to develop automated robots capable of producing what they needed in order to… No, that doesn’t work either. In an alternate universe, goats are the mightiest warriors of the…

OK, look, we admit it. There’s no lore here. You are a goat. You’re armed to the teeth (well, the horns). There are other goats out there who want to kill you. It’s as simple as that. Now go out there and show ’em what you’ve goat.

So reads the developers’ own description of Goat of Duty, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter that brings Quake-style combat to a cast made entirely of goats. Despite its title clearly referencing Call of Duty, this ungulate shooter invokes a much more old school style of play. Rather than crouching and carefully taking cover, these gun-wielding goats dash and bound through the level, strafing around and leaping over one another as they go for the gib.

I’ve included a gameplay trailer below in which you’ll notice the vertical level design, as well as a variety of weapons, such as machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers, and sniper rifles. There are even some old school power-ups, like an over-health pack that bumps your max hp up to 200/100. I didn’t notice it draining on its own though.

Goat of Duty is currently in closed beta, and though I cannot seem to find much online presence for the game or its developers, they do at least have a Discord where you can ask for more information should you find this sort of thing irresistible. You can also check out the game’s Steam page, where its release date is listed as “Goating Soon.”

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