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Goodbye Steam Controller

  • Did you order one during the recent Steam Sale?
  • If yes, check your bank statement and email.
  • Goodbye to a most awkward controller.

If you took part in the most recent Steam sale, you’d have noticed that Valve was trying to cram the rather obnoxious Steam controller down your throat for only five dollars. If you’re like me, not even an incredible markdown could ever get you to use that abomination; there’s no point when a keyboard and mouse or an Xbox controller works just fine, not to mention all the other alternative peripherals out there. Anything beyond the two-touchpad monstrosity with an inverted angle grip that makes my hands cramp just looking at it.

If you’re not like me, then there’s a high likelihood that you threw that in your cart because for only five dollars. Even if you hate it, you still got an incredible deal. I can sympathize with that, because I don’t know how many games I pick up and then never get around to just because the deals were too good to pass up. If you bought one, you’re going to want to take a look at the email associated with your Steam account as well as your bank account to see if you’ve been refunded. What a lot of people didn’t seem to realize was the markdown on the Steam Controller was offloading the last of their stock as the product has officially been retired.

Sent the way of Old Yeller, Valve took it out behind the house and put it down it would appear. It was a long time coming and after the discontinuation of the Steam Link really only a matter of time. There were too many orders left to fulfill so those who bought the Steam controller quickly will be able to receive theirs, and for everyone else, you’re going to be getting your money back. Don’t you dare put Abe Lincoln down on a controller like that again, I mean it. Go get a cheap meal for lunch or something.


The discontinuation of the controller comes on the heels of Valve ramping up their investments into VR gaming with the recent announcement of a new Half-Life game for the first time since 2007’s Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Half-Life: Alyx along with VR gaming is Valve’s new pet project for the foreseeable future. Personally, I still don’t know what to think about the sudden and heavy push into VR by Valve. Companies have dabbled in it for several years now with mixed results, and along comes Valve with enough confidence in it that they’re making their next entry in the company’s flagship series a VR exclusive. It’s interesting how even things as simple as discontinuing a product seem to have a deeper connection to the future ahead.

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  1. You sound like people that refuse to learn mouse and keyboard for first person shooters because you are “already comfortable with the controller from console”. Its a new controller paradigm that will get comfortable over time if you give it a chance and has every single controller beat when it comes to customizing your layout. I hope they make a version 2.

  2. I as a proud steam controller user hoped to get one but it had already sold out. I hope they bring out a version 2 as I love this controller and won’t go back to the standard one. If my current one breaks I will be heartbroken. This is such a great controller, is it for everyone? no surely not, it is a tweaker’s dream though with so many configurations it can be used for so many things. It does have a learning curve that is steeper than most people are able to manage but if you persevere it will be the best thing since the 360 controller.

  3. The Steam controller looked pretty terrible, but I tried ordering one for that price. Unfortunately Valve rejected my order after a couple of days since they got more orders than expected. It seems that I’ll stick to regular controllers.

  4. I tried to order one for shits and giggles and it’s still listed as processing. There’s plenty of classic games that are mouse and keyboard only (Fallout, Diablo, Spore, Mass Effect) and I wanted to give it a shot for couch gaming. If it sucks it’s a piece of history or I might resell it later.

  5. I like my Steam controller. Got it back when they had that weird bundle with with some Anime game. Shame they’re discontinuing it, but when the market is as saturated as it is with controllers, it’s an understandable decision.

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