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Grab The Future: New VR Controller Is a Hands-In Experience

  • Teslasuit Glove aims to immerse users more than ever before.
  • Integrated with biometric analysis systems.
  • The Teslasuit Glove will be showcased in Las Vegas next week.

Virtual reality is still very much a niche market. While advancing more than ever before in both gaming and practical uses, it’s just not quite there yet. Sure, there are some standout moments; Boneworks has pushed VR in gaming to its limits and Half-Life: Alyx looks like it wants to push it even further, but in a field still so fresh it’s time for more innovation. Have you heard of the company Teslasuit? Teslasuit is a company so confident in their product that they are named after their advanced bodysuit meant for a more accurate VR simulation. While not available domestically yet, the suit is based around utilizing altered reality and virtual reality programs and by allowing the user to interact far more realistically, as well as receive more realistic feedback through the programs they’re using. Here is a demonstration video below:


Pretty cool stuff isn’t it? But you’ll notice in the video that even the Teslasuit has one very limited part that might break the user away from immersion; the video itself is still utilizing standard types of hand controls for any hands-on interaction the user might experience. This has lead to Teslasuit’s creation of the Teslasuit Glove. CEO of Teslasuit Sergi Nossoff had this to say about the new line of glove: 

“We’ve created the TESLASUIT GLOVE to expand XR training capabilities. The array of integrated features makes our product extremely versatile for a wide range of industries. TESLASUIT GLOVE will hit the market in 2nd hаlf 2020; we have already been transforming the XR industry and now we are empowering the user to do so much more”

The outer part of the glove looks almost claw-like in nature, hooked into the fingertips in an arching manner to the carapace on the back of the hand. The fabric of the glove itself looks very form-fitting to make sure that every movement is precise. Without a demonstration video, it’s hard to determine just how efficient the gloves will be, but hopefully when it’s showcased as CES2020 in Las Vegas next week they’ll have some demonstration footage to show. As previously noted, Teslasuit isn’t available for domestic purchase at this time and I can only assume the same for their gloves. It’s meant for training experiences with various safety and performance programs through various industries. That being said, technology meant for work often ends up being used for recreation as well. 

Look at how the original intention of computers ended up becoming a recreational experience for many, and the same can be said for the initial iterations of VR. This will be no different. While Teslasuit may decide to never make a product available to individual consumers, technology like this is the logical next step in VR gaming and it’s pretty exciting to see. The suit itself is awesome, yes, but the glove design really could be the next big thing. The concept itself looks like they’ve thought of everything, but it’ll be hard to determine just how efficient it is until we see it in action. Could you imagine a VR game where you’re playing with accurately tracking gloves instead of one of those odd VR controllers that are common now? That’s a bar-raising goal if there ever was one.

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