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‘Gravity Circuit’ Is an Action Packed 2D Platformer Coming to PC

  • Inspired by classics like Mega Man.
  • Melee-focused combat with hidden powers.
  • Fluid animations and satisfying looking gameplay.


Developer Domesticated Ants and publisher Plug In Digital have put their action focused 2D platformer Gravity Circuit on PC via Steam. There’s been no word on when the title will release, and no mention of what other platforms the title could potentially come to. Gravity Circuit is inspired by classic platformers from the NES and SNES era.

Gravity Circuit is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is now home to sentient robots. These beings now find themselves threatened again by an old enemy, as the Virus Army has re-emerged after being defeated decades ago. They’ve crept out of the shadows for one goal, and that’s to completely take over the world. The Guardian Corps have been severely weakened, and they’re left with only one choice. They need to seek out the hero who brought them victory in the previous war long ago.

The Guardian Corps call upon the lone operative Kai, and Kai is the only one who has been able to harness the power of the elusive Gravity Circuit. Players will be the last line of defense for the world, the only force able to stop the Virus Army. Players will get to travel through futuristic enemy controlled locations to put an end to the true tyrant trying to enslave the world. If you’re familiar with Mega Man, and other 80s and 90s classic platformers that defined a generation, you’ll see that Gravity Circuit has been heavily inspired by it.

Animations are fluid, and everything seems to be cranked up to 100. Instead of using projectiles, like the classics, players will use their fists to knock enemies into oblivion. You’ll also be able to grab hold of them for other attacks, and you’ll find plenty of new powers throughout your journey. Other features are as follows:

  • Action packed platforming: By channeling your energy into devastating punches, perform satisfying combos and send foes flying, causing destruction and mayhem in the process!
  • Save the innocent, and power up!: Stages are packed with secrets and innocent civilians alike. Uncover and rescue them, and unlock new powers!
  • Single player campaign with 12 stages: Each with their unique set of mechanics, your platforming and combat skills will be tested against an armada of enemies and bosses!
  • Additional modes: Time trials, challenge levels, and more!
  • Fully featured level editor: Create custom levels with ease in real time, and share them with other players!

Gravity Circuit is currently in development by a small team that is dedicated to delivering an action packed 2D platformer that not only shows its inspirations proud, but also goes out of its way to be different. To stay up to date on Gravity Circuit, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter.

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  1. Nice! Thanks for this indie gem! I think I’ve read about it some time ago, but I’m glad I wishlisted it now on Steam to keep track of it.

    I’m curious how they translated Mega Man’s shooting into punching. That’s quite a big leap of gameplay change! I like it very much! Looks more like Viewtiful Joe now if you ask me, especially with that scarf dangling behind him in the wind. Also I like grappling hooks. Definitely eager to play this! Mega Man was my childhood!

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